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  • 5 Things a Homemade Rap Video Taught Me About Outreach

    It was the one thing standing between me and the ‘Submit!’ button on my Distilled job application: “ Anything else we should know about you? (this is your opportunity to impress us)” Well, damn it. I had reached the online equivalent of the, “ So tell me more about... Read more

  • Building Relationships

    This isn’t a tactic heavy post. Instead, I want to focus on something more foundational. Effectiveness. Being an effective SEO consultant is about more than knowing SEO and doing the work, it’s about getting things done. Paddy wrote about this in length on his blog. From what I’ve found a lot... Read more

  • How to Check if your Hard Earned Links are Still Live

    Today I’ll show you 4 ways you can bulk check if a set of backlinks are still linking to your website; in addition to that, you’ll learn if they use the rel=“nofollow” tag and how to be updated automatically should either of those things ever change. Checking if backlinks are live is... Read more

  • DistilledLive Seattle | e-Commerce in 2013

    With record numbers in online shopping at the end of 2012 and e-commerce experiences only set to improve in 2013, it seemed rather fitting to centre the next #DistilledLive video around such a hot topic. In this third edition, Distilled’s Seattle consultants, Mike Pantoliano and Geoff Kenyon... Read more

  • Change Tracking: Monitor Competitors’ Websites for SEO

    It is relatively standard practice nowadays to do keyword rank checking with tools such as SEOmoz, Authority Labs or Conductor. It just makes sense to us as SEOs to keep an eye on them, whether you are of the school that you should be reporting them to your clients/boss or not. However, we know... Read more

  • DistilledLive | Where is Link Building going in 2013?

    Whether it’s these little updates, our regular local MeetUps or our industry leading SearchLove conferences, #DistilledLive covers all our live and interactive content. Before Christmas, Will Critchlow talked you through some of the latest industry news to help keep you abreast of what’s been... Read more

  • Positive Outing: Max Minzer

    For those in the Seattle marketing community, the odds are pretty good that you have met Max Minzer ( follow on Twitter ) at a local meetup in the past year. He’s almost guaranteed to be the first person to introduce himself to everyone in the room as he is always engaged and interacting with... Read more

  • Using Personal Experience To Qualify Your Outreach

    So, you’ve spent hours slogging through the net for a beautiful list of prospects. You’ve created a great piece of content and have crafted (what you believe is) the perfect pitch that will propel you to supreme internet fame… only instead of fame, you find an inbox full of bloggers asking for... Read more

  • Client Resolutions for 2013

    Happy New Year! This time of year is always fun. Gyms are packed with people fulfilling their new resolutions and the internet is flooded with people making predictions of what the new year will hold. There’s a renewed sense of optimism and rejuvenation after the holidays, which promptly... Read more

  • The No BS Guide to Start Doing SEO at Your Business

    I’ve been fortunate enough to run SEO projects from small startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies and I can tell you from experience it is never easy to begin doing SEO as a business. The reality is that there is so much information out there that for anyone trying to take the first... Read more

  • Why SEOs Should Work with Sales to Obtain/Retain Clients

    When I first started at Distilled in June 2011, I was intrigued to learn from the Sales team on what worked, what was effective, and how to apply it to my consulting in order to boost client relationships, maintain momentum on projects, and always be forward thinking. Currently, Distilled... Read more

  • Your Best Link Building Tool in 2013: Community Manager

    TL;DR: If you want to build your business online for the long term and really win, hire a community manager. A person who is in charge of knowing, understanding, and keeping up with your community. They will be the main link builder in your company, only they’ll do it the right way, the... Read more