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  • What Might Be Next For (not provided)

    On May 7th, Mozilla announced that Aurora (Firefox’s public beta) is beginning to roll out their HTTPS-by-default Google search behavior. It won’t be long before this is default in Firefox. As their announcement states, the user will be none the wiser (save for that tiny ‘s’... Read more

  • SEO isn’t a Technical Problem, it’s a People Problem

    This post was prompted by a book I recently read - The Secrets of Consulting by Gerald M. Weinberg; I don’t want to talk too much about the book here, but I’d recommend you read it either if you are a consultant yourself (online marketing or otherwise) or if you hire consultants.... Read more

  • Getting to exceptional: free SEO strategy reviews

    At our recent Linklove conference (did you see that the videos are now on sale? ) I talked about the challenges of getting to exceptional but the extreme rewards available online for those that make it. You can check out my full slidedeck below. As part of the thinking I had to do in order to pull... Read more

  • Penguin Pain and Forward Planning

    Another Google update has landed.... Penguin! This update has been designed to target web spam and focuses on questionable tactics like link schemes, keyword stuffing, cloaking and misleading redirects. Algorithm changes have been coming in thick and fast from Google over recent months. These... Read more

  • Google Updates, 19th April 2012

    Over the last week, Google has been testing what appear to be some significant algorithm changes, which have cause significant changes in ranking for a variety of sites. There are some facts and opinion below, but first I want to make sure you have some tangible actions. Check to see if... Read more

  • A JS Bookmarklet To Instantly Check Page Traffic

    This post is short, simple and useful. A common situation I find myself in - you’re reviewing a site and you land on a page and you think to yourself “I wonder how much traffic this page gets and I wonder where it comes from?” so you have to open up Google Analytics, filter... Read more

  • What Bloggers Are Saying About Your PR Pitch

    Every PR person hopes for the day when they get the glorious email saying “yes, I’m going to write about your client.” But as any blogger can tell you, most pitches aren’t even opened, let alone read. In an effort to get a bigger picture around my personal outreach, I spoke... Read more

  • Being Effective in Big Business SEO Auditing [Guest Post]

    **Note from John - This is a guest post by James Carson, Digital Marketing Manager at Bauer Media. He works on content strategy and SEO on a number of high trafficked sites including heatworld and Grazia Daily. In my career I’ve worked for in-house for three businesses with staff numbering in the... Read more

  • Link Building Tip: Make More Fools Days

    TL;DR: Pick a few months and spend at least as much time as companies like Clorox and Google spent on April Fools Day 2012 to create ideas to get your customer’s attention. Funny or not, act on those ideas and build them to create links! The two hardest parts of link building are content... Read more

  • How to Find and Keep Great Writers for Your Blog

    As a web marketer you’re probably already familiar with the concept guest blogging. This “content for links” strategy works so well because both parties are receiving something truly valuable. As the writer of the article you receive a link to your domain from a trusted source... Read more

  • Combining the HTML5 History API and the Canonical Tag for Improved Tracking

    As an active web user I’m always getting emails along these lines: It’s frustrating. Because the URL that Will’s trying to email me is actually pretty short but because of the Google Analytics tracking parameters attached to the URL it becomes bloated. Every time I see this I cry... Read more

  • Creating an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing

    Distilled strongly believes in content marketing, and that the time for content marketing is now. We’ve written recently about some specific types of content that brands can produce and publish, and I now want to share thoughts about the topics that you can cover on your blog or elsewhere on... Read more