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  • The Panda Update, 1 Year Later: A Guide to What We Know

    It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow will mark one year since Google launched the first “Panda” algorithm update. Originally impacting 11.8% of US queries, Panda sent SEOs and “Panda-lized” webmasters rushing to find the fix. One year later, we know a lot more about Panda, with several clients... Read more

  • 7 Types of Content to Get Traffic and Links

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently working with clients on their content strategies for 2012. Its something I’ve been keen to evangelise and get them to invest resource into, some clients have been harder than others to convince! I can see why its sometimes a hard thing to buy... Read more

  • The Time For Content Marketing Is Now

    It puzzles me that the SEO industry and the content marketing industries rarely talk to each other. While there is some modest overlap, by and large, the two worlds keep to themselves on blogs, twitter, and even with having separate conferences. This strikes me as a missed opportunity for both... Read more

  • Case Study: A Mysterious Google Search For Fave

    You may recognize me from Twitter or other SEO communities around the web like SEOmoz. If not, nice to meet you! I run Evolving SEO in Massachusetts. Just like to thank Tom Critchlow for offering me the opportunity to guest post on the Distilled site. This is my first guest post ever. I hope I... Read more

  • How to do a 5 Step Site Audit

    Sometimes, it can be overwhelming and difficult to look at a new site and know where to start. Do I got straight into the code? Do I navigate around? Should I go straight into their backlink profile. I JUST DON’T KNOW! Although these are all important, they may not give you a high-level... Read more

  • Using Blogrolls to Expand your Link Prospecting Lists

    Note from John at Distilled - This is a guest post from Paul May at Buzzstream. Paul is a friend of Distilled’s and we love their product, so you will see Paul guest posting here on the blog on a more regular basis going forward. One of the most time consuming parts of content-based outreach... Read more

  • Timely Content in a World of Google Freshness

    One of the most common recommendations a web consultant will make to a client is for a site to maintain a blog for generation of quality, on topic, keyword rich content. Anyone reading this article has most likely written more than their share of Top Lists, How tos, and purposefully controversial... Read more

  • 8 Alternative Ways To Use Screaming Frog for SEO

    If you don’t know what Screaming Frog is, (then where have you been!?) It’s a tool that lets you crawl an entire site on demand. But that’s not all it’s good for...I was recently working on a clients site and I found myself turning to the tool more and more for tasks other than the standard crawl... Read more

  • Rules for Outsourcing in Search

    We work with in-house search marketers all the time at Distilled. Many of us have been one at some point, so we understand there is so much to be done and so little time. The first thing many companies want to do is outsource everything possible (read:delegate!), but then why have an in-house... Read more

  • What is Neuromarketing and how does it relate to SEO?

    Short answer is I don’t know, and you’d probably have a hard time explaining it too. I could probably make educated assumptions, but like many of you, I like to see solid proof of concept - less talk, more action. Hopefully I’ve got your attention for the next 10 minutes, so grab... Read more

  • Most Epic Distilled Content of 2011

    2011 has been a phenomenal year for the SEO industry. Here at Distilled, we shipped a lot of work, much more than I would have believed possible. Our company is constantly reminded by our executive team (Will, Duncan, Tom, and Rob) to ship content and projects frequently. This year has been the... Read more

  • The Potential Pitfalls of Competitor Analysis

    I view competitor analysis as something of a necessary evil. You need to do *some* competitor analysis in order to benchmark yourself versus your competitors and shape your strategy moving forward. But I do think that the pitfalls are plentiful, so don your hard hats and safety goggles -... Read more