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  • DistilledU is going free...

    ...for a day, at least! On Wednesday 8th May, we are giving you free access to all text, interactive modules as well as over 80 hours of HD video content in our online training platform. If you’re already a DistilledU trial or paid member- all you need to do is log into DistilledU account and [for... Read more

  • Advanced SEO troubleshooting: Why isn’t this page indexed?

    UPDATED: APRIL 3RD 2013 Some of you seasoned pros will likely find this post of n00b status, but chances are that you’ve made a silly mistake at one point (or two) in your SEO career. This happened to me and a few of my esteemed colleagues, so I decided that it was time for a bit of a... Read more

  • Linkgex: Tool to Get Links to Specific Subsets of Pages

    Recently I have found myself fairly frequently wanting to get links that are linking to a certain sub-section of a website (i.e. links to only certain pages on the domain). Reasons why this might come about: to know how many links my product / job listing / category pages etc. are getting. to find... Read more

  • 4 Signs You Should Invest in SEO Now

    What it is: Sites regularly go through changes but along the way old URLs get left behind. This is normal but if the old URLs were often linked to a huge amount of your ability to rank in Google is pointed at dead end pages where those links can’t pass their value. How you check it: Go to... Read more

  • LinkLove London 2013, Bowler hats and Breweries

    There’s not many search conferences where you will find yourself being greeted by a chipper gent in a bowler hat on entry or that welcomes a spot of Scalectrix at lunch; must be LinkLove! Yet, whilst Will Critchlow went on to confirm in his presentation that this would be the last LinkLove, here at... Read more

  • Why You Should Map Out Your Site’s Information Architecture

    Over the past year, I’ve realized the value of investing a significant amount of time at the beginning of a project to thoroughly understand a client’s site and business. An example of this type of investment is that I’ve started systematically mapping out the information... Read more

  • Mobile sites and search DistilledLive video discussion

    In the last DistilledLive video, we talked through the current hot topic of late, content marketing, with the people who know it best; the Outreach team in Seattle. You can also, check out Adria Saracino’s Hangout on the very same subject if you want to hear more. This week however... Read more

  • Balancing Short-term Authority Gains with a Long-term Content Vision

    On-site/technical SEO still matters. For brands that already enjoy a healthy amount of inbound links, there is usually a good deal of unrealized value in: Solving crawl problems Optimizing site architecture and internal links Managing redirects/canonical tags to consolidate/reclaim existing link... Read more

  • Guide to Site Navigation for SEO

    When SEOs talk about navigation, we tend to stick to the technical side of things: “Make sure that you have internal links to every page on your site.” “Don’t put too many navigation options on a page because you’ll have too many internal links.” “Load your drop down link content before JavaScript... Read more

  • DistilledLive London | A few thoughts on hreflang

    The Seattle office took the reins in the last DistilledLive video as Mike Pantoliano and Geoff Kenyon talked you through where to focus your e-commerce efforts in the coming months, as well as sending kudos to those brands already doing it well. For the latest edition, we thought we’d take... Read more

  • 5 Things a Homemade Rap Video Taught Me About Outreach

    It was the one thing standing between me and the ‘Submit!’ button on my Distilled job application: “ Anything else we should know about you? (this is your opportunity to impress us)” Well, damn it. I had reached the online equivalent of the, “ So tell me more about... Read more

  • Building Relationships

    This isn’t a tactic heavy post. Instead, I want to focus on something more foundational. Effectiveness. Being an effective SEO consultant is about more than knowing SEO and doing the work, it’s about getting things done. Paddy wrote about this in length on his blog. From what I’ve found a lot... Read more