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  • Link Building Tip: Make More Fools Days

    TL;DR: Pick a few months and spend at least as much time as companies like Clorox and Google spent on April Fools Day 2012 to create ideas to get your customer’s attention. Funny or not, act on those ideas and build them to create links! The two hardest parts of link building are content... Read more

  • How to Find and Keep Great Writers for Your Blog

    As a web marketer you’re probably already familiar with the concept guest blogging. This “content for links” strategy works so well because both parties are receiving something truly valuable. As the writer of the article you receive a link to your domain from a trusted source... Read more

  • Combining the HTML5 History API and the Canonical Tag for Improved Tracking

    As an active web user I’m always getting emails along these lines: It’s frustrating. Because the URL that Will’s trying to email me is actually pretty short but because of the Google Analytics tracking parameters attached to the URL it becomes bloated. Every time I see this I cry... Read more

  • Creating an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing

    Distilled strongly believes in content marketing, and that the time for content marketing is now. We’ve written recently about some specific types of content that brands can produce and publish, and I now want to share thoughts about the topics that you can cover on your blog or elsewhere on... Read more

  • Awesome Examples of How to Use SeoTools for Excel

    Today I’m going to talk about a tool which I use almost every day within my SEO life! I want to put the word out there because this thing has saved me countless hours and helped me to learn about Xpath and get a lot better with Excel. I also want to give people working examples of why this tool is... Read more

  • How to Turn Your PR Team Into SEOs

    At Distilled, we often choose to work directly with our client’s PR team. Why? Because we gain valuable insights into a company’s existing marketing strategy from their PRs. After all, PRs have first-hand knowledge on which campaigns have been successful and which have not. Thus, they... Read more

  • Think You Can’t Go Viral? Bull****

    I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that viral content can do great things for a website, but then why are so few sites doing it well? When talking to businesses about why they aren’t content marketing the same reasons have been coming up time and again. So I have decided... Read more

  • Startup SEO - What SEOs Need to Know

    In the Distilled New York City office, we have a number of startups in our client portfolio. We work with software startups, education startups, and fashion startups. In my experience, doing SEO for a startup is a completely different experience from doing SEO for large corporations, which we do... Read more

  • The Panda Update, 1 Year Later: A Guide to What We Know

    It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow will mark one year since Google launched the first “Panda” algorithm update. Originally impacting 11.8% of US queries, Panda sent SEOs and “Panda-lized” webmasters rushing to find the fix. One year later, we know a lot more about Panda, with several clients... Read more

  • 7 Types of Content to Get Traffic and Links

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently working with clients on their content strategies for 2012. Its something I’ve been keen to evangelise and get them to invest resource into, some clients have been harder than others to convince! I can see why its sometimes a hard thing to buy... Read more

  • The Time For Content Marketing Is Now

    It puzzles me that the SEO industry and the content marketing industries rarely talk to each other. While there is some modest overlap, by and large, the two worlds keep to themselves on blogs, twitter, and even with having separate conferences. This strikes me as a missed opportunity for both... Read more

  • Case Study: A Mysterious Google Search For Fave

    You may recognize me from Twitter or other SEO communities around the web like SEOmoz. If not, nice to meet you! I run Evolving SEO in Massachusetts. Just like to thank Tom Critchlow for offering me the opportunity to guest post on the Distilled site. This is my first guest post ever. I hope I... Read more