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  • Online reviews: How to improve conversion rates without changing your site

    We’ve just come across an article from Joost about making your reputation management look natural. It’s a good point and one that we thought was worth summarising here: The essential point is that someone doing a search for a company or brand is probably looking for one of two things:... Read more

  • Helps you work, rest and get fat?

    I did a search for ‘mars bar’ while doing some research for a reporter the other day and I noticed that the second result at Google is wikipedia, with a 2nd, indented result about deep fried mars bars (also at wikipedia). I think this poses interesting questions from a reputation... Read more

  • Competitive reputation monitoring

    We’ve written before about the how to improve your online reputation as well as what we called aggressive reputation management where you attempt to rank for your competitors’ brands. There is another use for reputation monitoring, however, which is to gain competitive intelligence.... Read more

  • How a simple mistake can cost your company $30,000

    Have you ever made a mistake that cost your company $30,000? I suspect for most of us the answer is no, or at least we think the answer is no. What if the mistake was something that you didn’t even notice was a mistake. I was browsing through the power 150 top marketing blogs, and stumbled... Read more

  • Using Reputation Monitor As A Link Building Tool

    Recently I have been doing a lot of link-building for our clients, partly because it’s my job and partly because I just love SEO (all fanmail to my usual address please;-) ) but mainly because I’ve recently come up with an alternative use for our very own Reputation Monitor which allows... Read more

  • UK PR firms fail to track online media coverage.

    The majority of UK PR companies are failing to identify potential negative blog posts, and aren’t able to protect their online reputation and brand. A study carried out by Distilled - the creators of Reputation Monitor, a media monitoring tool, found that only 2 of the 100 PR companies found... Read more

  • Reputation Monitor gets snippets

    Over the last week or so I have been very busy updating reputation monitor. The changes that have gone live today are: - Snippets - Both the rss feed and the results page have had snippets added. * - Robots.txt - The reputation monitor “spider” now obeys robots.txt- Improved scheduling... Read more

  • Aggressive Reputation Management

    ##...Or: How to take advantage of competitors who aren’t monitoring their reputation Ok, so here’s the deal. You’ve got your brand, it’s kicking ass online and everyone loves you (or at least no-one can find that site with all the bad reviews). You’re monitoring your... Read more

  • We want to help Innocent drinks out

    There has been a bit of a furore about the recent deal between Innocent Drinks and McDonalds. You can read about it in their own words on the Innocent blog and the follow up, but the short summary is that Innocent, a company renowned for their ethics, are running a trial of offering their smoothies... Read more

  • Big brands waste the exposure of the FA Cup final

    On Sunday I sat through one of the dullest FA Cup finals I have seen for a while, whilst watching the cricket on cricinfo. For those who don’t know the FA Cup is probably the most famous knock out competition in the world. This year was the first time it had been held at the new Wembley... Read more

  • Find your name, win prizes worth over £200 (including Champagne!)

    Cutting straight to the point - we don’t believe that enough companies are tracking what is being said about them online, to counter this we are offering a free month of an agency account (worth £200) for our online media monitoring tool - reputation monitor to the following 100 UK PR... Read more

  • Top 10 strategies to improve your online reputation

    > A great brand can take months, if not years, and millions of dollars to build. It should be the thing you hold most precious. It can be destroyed in hours by a blogger upset with your company. Andy Beal A company’s brand and reputation will live or die by what is said about it online. By... Read more