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  • The effect of news on stock prices: AAPL

    For public companies, the stock price is one facet of their reputation that is very easily tracked. Following on from a number of conversations I’ve had recently, I have become more and more interested in the effect off news (and gossip and buzz) on share prices. At some point, I hope to be... Read more

  • Reputation Wars - British Airways vs Virgin Atlantic

    It’s been a while, but I am pleased to give you the next in the series of Reputation Wars, where we take two big brand names and compare their online reputation. I have changed the format from the last one, which was our comparison of McDonald’s and Burger King because this time... Read more

  • How to use analytics software for reputation monitoring

    We’ve been writing quite a lot about other topics recently and I thought it was time for a return to our core topic of reputation monitoring and management. Much of reputation management is (or should be) a pre-emptive process - the best results are attainable if you start the process before... Read more

  • SEOmoz talk about online reputation monitoring and management

    A couple of quick links for a Saturday morning - both to SEOmoz who have been writing and talking about online reputation monitoring and management: - Whiteboard Friday video all about how to stay on top of your reputation online and find out what people are saying about you- When to respond - Jane... Read more

  • Free copy of Avinash’s book - Web Analytics in an Hour a Day

    Many of you will have heard of Avinash Kaushik ‘s book Web Analytics in an Hour a Day. Avinash is the analytics guru who recently moved from an in-house role at Intuit to Google Analytics. He is a brilliant writer and anyone who is in any way interested in getting more out of their website... Read more

  • 3 Reasons why Reputation Monitoring is like Insurance

    Daniel over at Reputation Advisor slightly beat me to the punch earlier this week with his excellent article about why you should keep a reputation manager on a retainer. In the article he compares Reputation Monitoring with Insurance. I have had this article in my draft posts for a while now, just... Read more

  • Facebook - Who’s doing your SEO?

    Ok, so although I came a little late to the whole Facebook phenomenon I have recently been dragged into the whole thing lovingly embraced the concept. I was browsing through the various settings however and I noticed that there is an option under your public profile to allow your public listing to... Read more

  • Some reputations are worth billions of dollars

    Business Week reports on an in-depth study into the effects on company share prices of their reputation. The headlines are quite impressive; Coca-Cola would be worth an extra $4 billion if their reputation was as good as Pepsi’s. Walmart’s share price could be nearly 5% higher if their... Read more

  • London-based reputation management:’s not silent

    Our compatriots, relatively near-neighbours and genius online music people, have been generating a bit of online controversy over the last few days by not taking part in the savenetradio day of silence which is designed to highlight the dangers to online radio of a change in US licensing... Read more

  • Your company reputation is on the line every time you blog

    Matt Cutts has written an interesting post on the Google Sicko controversy where he has some great advice on company blogging with respect to your own and your company’s reputation. First, some background. A googler wrote a piece on the Google Health blog (aimed at healthcare advertisers)... Read more

  • Paris Lohan in drunken cellulite shocker

    Something a bit light-hearted for a Friday evening. A little while back, Rand at SEOmoz wrote about the headline-writing lessons to be learnt from reading trashy magazines (I think, though I can’t seem to find the post now). We’re talking here about such distinguished titles as: - heat... Read more

  • Political reputation management

    I just read Kelvin’s post on Marketing Pilgrim about Gordon Brown’s reputation management. Worth a read. We have toyed with doing a reputation wars between two politicians, but we need to improve our tools a little bit first. At the moment, reputation monitor is slightly better suited... Read more