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  • User-generated adverts: a good idea?

    Yet another gem out of the Microsoft seminar - I think the example is probably relatively widely-known, but I hadn’t come across it before because it is US-centric. Chevy recently solicited their customers to submit ideas for a new advert for their Tahoe SUV. They set up a site where users... Read more

  • Guest post: The Truth Will Out

    And now for something a little different. I met Crispian Cuss and his colleague Nick Archer recently after an introduction by a friend. They run Pittacus - specialising in advising companies about threats to their reputations. In their words: > Pittacus has a simple proposition: to help... Read more

  • Just links? Boring...

    So, I said before that I wasn’t going to make a habit of link posts. Well, that was before we got burgled and I ran out of time to write a proper post. So, with no lolcats in sight: - Jennifer Laycock at Search Engine Guide on Don’t Just Manage Your Reputation, Respond to your... Read more

  • - Charity Search Engine Crowned Website of the Year 2008 have just been named “Best search & find” website of the year for 2008. For all 200,000 UK charities Everyclick represents an easy way to generate additional income, increase supporter engagement and access innovative online fundraising facilities without any upfront... Read more

  • Some more great reputation management from Google

    I wrote yesterday about problems I was having with Google website optimizer. Within hours, I had received a personal email from the product manager for website optimizer at Google asking if I was still having problems and if I could help him reproduce them in order to look into it. This is perfect... Read more

  • The great book giveaway: free copies of Avinash’s book

    It was just over a month ago that I wrote about our book giveaway - where we promised to give away two copies of Avinash ‘s book ( Web Analytics in an Hour a Day. As I wrote on the 3rd August: > we are offering a couple of free copies of Avinash’s book to lucky Reputation Monitor subscribers.... Read more

  • Facebook Public Profiles Actually To Become Public?

    Ok, so assuming that you’ve kept abreast of my recent posts about Facebook public profiles (and you’re not sick of reading about Facebook) read on! (if I keep up at this rate I’ll overtake Andy Beal as unofficial facebook rumour blog! ) I logged into facebook this morning (as... Read more

  • Facebook Has a Google Penalty?

    So a few weeks ago I ran a little experiment where I allowed my facebook public profile to be indexed by the search engines, I dropped a few links to it (from this blog and from my Sphinn profile) and then watched it outrank my profile page on the Distilled site. I was shocked by how quickly it... Read more

  • How much revenue will Youtube make from adverts?

    I found a very entertaining story while catching up with my reading on searchengineland. While estimating the impact on Google’s revenues from introducing overlay advertising on Youtube videos, Mary Meeker, superstar analyst at Morgan Stanley, made a mistake in failing to account for CPM... Read more

  • 10 Reasons Why I’m Attending ManchesterSEOGeekFest

    Well top 10 lists seem to be even more in fashion than they usually are so it’s about time I did one I reckon. If you haven’t already heard about the SEO Meetup going down in Manchester on the 14th/15th September than you’re probably not an SEO geek. I, however, have heard about... Read more

  • How to Become a nobody, participate in our poll and become a statistic.

    Reputation Monitor has been live now for almost 6 months and while we’ve been toiling away making changes, updating the interface, improving the feed etc it’s been a while since we actually released a whole new upgrade. We were brainstorming in the office about the best way to take the... Read more

  • Exposed: guess who has been polishing their Wikipedia entries?

    Whilst browsing the web (read procrastinating) I came across this story about a new website designed to tie Wikipedia edits back to the company that made them. The website created was created by Virgil Griffith who says he created WikiScanner “To create a cornucopia of minor public relations... Read more