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  • Lovefilm Profile Pages, So Close And Yet So Far...

    Dear Lovefilm, Thank you for adding the new feature which allows me to create a profile page on your site. I really like these kinds of features on websites as I love talking about myself (I even google myself from time to time ). The only problem with your service is that the profile pages which... Read more

  • Watch this Space.

    We have just put together a blog for Rosie Millard, a journalist with the Sunday Times who is writing an article about online reputation management. We met up with Rosie this morning when she came to our office to pick our brains. We are looking forward to reading what Rosie writes this Sunday and... Read more

  • Online Reputation Management in Action

    I’ve written about how squeaky-clean my online reputation is before. Unfortunately, Will’s search results are a bit less impressive. While there’s nothing negative there it’s a bit cluttered. Time to change that! Will Critchlow is obviously the well known search marketer and... Read more

  • Sunday Times covers Online Reputation (mentions Distilled)

    The Sunday Times this week has an interesting story about online reputation management, entitled Smeared on the internet? Then call in the cleaners. It covers some interesting ground including Kate Moss’ online reputation (looks like someone has been at work there - no mention of drugs until... Read more

  • Join in and do your bit to get rid of ripoffreport from the SERPS

    As I wrote earlier, is finally getting some serious push-back from people in the reputation management / SEO industry ( Rand, Chris, Andy ). Now SEOmoz have kicked this into over-drive with their heavyweight legal mind, Sarah L. Bird Esq. contributing a piece on the anatomy of a... Read more

  • Online shake-downs: help persuade Google to ban ripoffreport

    Protection rackets used to abound in the offline world. Dodgy blokes coming round to your shop and saying: > Pay us £xx and we’ll make sure nothing ‘happens’ to your windows Or you park your car on a back-street and some kid comes up to you and says: > Alright mister, give us a... Read more

  • Guest post: Damage to reputation is #1 risk to business

    Those of you who have been paying attention might remember a guest post last year from Crispian Cuss of Pittacus - a company specialising in advising companies about threats to their reputations. In their words: > Pittacus has a simple proposition: to help organisations understand their reputation... Read more

  • Reputation 101 - How to protect your brand online

    These days you can bet your bottom dollar that most business transactions are preceeded by some sort of a search on one of the major search engines for your company name. If those results don’t show your company in a positive light, then you are likely losing business. It could be someone... Read more

  • An Online Reputation Management Case Study

    I’m not claiming that below is particularly impressive or difficult but if anyone out there isn’t quite sure how you can use the search engines to protect/control your brand online then here’s a quick example: While this is obviously a very unique search and not a competitive... Read more

  • Amazon Gets Social?

    I’m not really sure if this is news or not but I certainly haven’t seen anyone mention this before (which may be because they’ve been around for ever!) but I recently stumbled across (not stumbled upon - that would be entirely different!) Amazon allowing profile pages to be... Read more

  • New-look Reputation Monitor

    As eagle-eyed readers of yesterday’s post will have already noticed, Reputation Monitor has been undergoing a major facelift (well done, D ) and re-implementation of the front-end in CakePHP. This means it is not only prettier, but easier and more intuitive to use (and faster, though that... Read more

  • Absolute Poker Have A Reputation Management Crisis

    It’s not often that I get to talk about poker on this blog, but a unique opportunity has arisen! Absolute poker have a reputation management crisis. Check out the following screenshot: From a search for absolutepoker. Notice the PPC ad?! That can’t be good for business. And further down... Read more