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  • The Potential For Viral Marketing (or, How To Watch Videos At Work)

    There’s little that’s more exciting online at the moment than the viral hype surrounding The Dark Knight. It was pure luck that when Emily stuck a post-it on my desk today that said ‘working??’ as I watched the trailer for it, that I could (this time- ahem), reply with... Read more

  • Lies on the Dabs customer service website?

    I don’t normally get annoyed enough that I actually feel compelled into putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys to write about my experience, however Dabs have annoyed me so much over the last week that I simply have to rant. I’m sure we will talk more about it over the coming weeks... Read more

  • Distilled’s Political Week

    For people working in the Online Reputation Management industry, this month has been quite politically focussed - and the same is true for the ORM team here at Distilled, having just launched Online Reputation Management for Politicians. In America, with the Presidential race stumbling into action... Read more

  • Myanmar Cyclone PPC Competition update

    Hi all Many thanks to everyone who entered our Big PPC Competition for the Myanmar Cyclone Appeal with World Vision. The competition is now closed and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. At the moment, we are arranging the ad campaign with World Vision and should have it running fairly... Read more

  • Distilled + SEOmoz = AWESOME

    As I twittered earlier today: > If you read one bit of news today, read this: SEOMoz + Distilled The announcement has just gone out about our really exciting plans for working more closely with our great friends at SEOmoz. We are the first (and only planned) ‘Global Associate’ of SEOmoz... Read more

  • When Politicians Run Adwords Campaigns

    Hi there, I’m Rob, the newest member of the Distilled team. My future blog posts might be a little less frivolous, but - to be honest - we’re probably having more fun than you are today. So, to lighten your day a little, here’s my first post for Distilled. AdWords has become an... Read more

  • Online reputation management for politicians: 7 reasons why it’s so hard

    Politics is moving onto the Internet in force. It is surprising in some ways that it has taken as long as it has for the web to feature heavily in mainstream political campaigns. It can be seen very obviously in the tactics in the US democratic primary and in the recently ended London mayoral... Read more

  • Reputation Management: Because You’re Worth It

    The gender balance has got a little testosterone heavy in the office with our new recruits taking the head count to 6 guys and 3 gals. So I thought a thoroughly gal-orientated blog post might help level the hormones. With the sun’s summer debut last weekend it was time for my ‘spring... Read more

  • How The Times Misplaced 270,000 Links in 6 Lines of Code

    This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time but I recently came across a search which demonstrates the idea perfectly so I decided it was time to put my thoughts down on paper (so to speak). Before I explain - check out this search for [ the times ]: You can see that 5 of the... Read more

  • Twitter for change: The power of Twitter for reputation management

    OK, so twitter may be the worst thing that has happened since the invention of the Internet for productivity in the office (beating Facebook walls by a country mile), but it has its uses. One of these uses is online reputation management. When we are looking at ways of putting across a consistent... Read more

  • Managing Reputation Management’s Reputation

    Reputation management has been hitting the headlines recently for all sorts of reasons. But what kind of reputation has ‘reputation management’ got? Managing the reputation of a company in need (or teaching them how to do it themselves) is an attractive opportunity for those in the SEO... Read more

  • How to get RSS into Excel: Google docs for analysing online buzz

    A lot of search conversation online is about: - online marketing (of one form or another) - often including encouraging more conversations about a client online- reputation monitoring - in real time and looking at both alerts about bad news and information about the spread of good news- reputation... Read more