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  • Social Media Impersonation

    I have recently seen a number of well-known people on twitter being impersonated by people who set up cheeky accounts with: - the same profile picture- the same full name- the same username ending with an underscore (username_) When you get an email saying they are following you, it comes in the... Read more

  • The Five Second Test usability tool

    The five second test is a simple usability test that helps you measure the effectiveness of your user interfaces. Distilled have been using this tool to discover what users notice most about our website. The tool works by flashing up a screen shot of the particular web page for 5 seconds-(can you... Read more

  • Four SEMMY*’s And A Silence (with an 4 x award nominated cast)

    An intrepid troupe of online adventurers journey through the Internet in search of search engine success, linkjuice love and traffic satisfaction. Bill Murray: Will Critchlow (Director of Distilled) Woody Allen: Duncan Morris (Director of Distilled) Brad Pitt: Tom Critchlow (Head of Search)... Read more

  • Inspiration away from the computer

    Hello, I am Leonie the designer here at Distilled, I wanted to share how I gather inspiration at the beginning of a project, and also to ask how you get yours. There is only so much inspiration I can gather from staring at my computer screen. Sometimes I hit a wall and it becomes clear that a... Read more

  • Practical Tips for Online Reputation Management: #1 - Hide your referer keywords

    Executive Summary: You can configure Firefox to hide your referer string (aka: referrer string), which - amongst other benefits - helps to mask any suggestive Google searches you may have done to probe a site. When analysing other websites from an Online Reputation perspective, I usually want to... Read more

  • Christmas Greetings from Distilled

    Here at Distilled we have just had much merriment writing a poem to go on the Christmas (e) card we have just sent out to our clients. Given the recent upgrade to our reputation monitoring tool we wanted to tie the poem into that. After much hilarity the following was what we came up with. With... Read more

  • The last talk of Courvoisier on our blog (for a bit at least)

    This video that included a (brief) interview I did at the Courvoisier Future 500 party last week intrigued me because it mentioned that Courvoisier spent over £1m in the first year on this whole social / online / offline / PR strategy. An interesting number. I wonder what results they have seen?... Read more

  • Converting the Believers: an ebook from usability expert Dr Pete

    We have interviewed Dr Pete from Strategic Website Usability consultants usereffect before. We originally got to know Pete via SEOmoz and had the pleasure of finally meeting him in person in Seattle over the summer. He has been hard at work recently putting together usereffect’s first... Read more

  • Have Google Adwords Shot Themselves In The Foot?

    Sometimes being able to see things in fine detail is unpleasant- particularly when it comes in the form of a sudden revelation. Every now and then you get that kind of shock in PPC data, when the serene progress of an account has to be re-evaluated in an instant because of a new discovery. This is... Read more

  • Distilled in The Telegraph: Top 10 SEO Tips

    I have actually started the long-overdue update post to cover all the stuff that has been going on here at Distilled (including growing to 13 of us in the now-slightly-crowded office). Before I finish that off and get back to the main task of writing about search engines and things, some more... Read more

  • Conversion Rate Experts - The tricks of the trade

    Following on from my previous conversion rate posts, I’ve been checking out the suggestions made by our friends The Conversion Rate Experts - who always have good advice for turning visitors into paying customers. They have recently redesigned their website, and - from this designer’s... Read more

  • Searching for your next customer? They’re on Twitter.

    This post is about Twitter, so for the benefit of those are not yet addicted - here’s a brief overview of the service. Although Twitter has been around for years, and has been growing steadily over that time, one feature they never really implemented was Search. If you wanted to find out who... Read more