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  • X-factor advertising, or how to blow half a million pounds

    In the UK we spend a metric shed load of money or to be more accurate £1.6bn in the first 6 months of 2009 advertising on TV. This weekend is the final of x-factor (similar to American Idol), which is expected to attract an audience of 19 million people. Analysts are predicting the price of... Read more

  • The Perfect Client – Potters Fields Park

    Don’t you just love it when things run smoothly? It becomes clear that a harmonious working relationship, like any relationship, involves input from both parties. Without equal effort from the client, and the team they have hired, business relationships can often deteriorate. Recently at... Read more

  • Google Chrome Plugins for SEO

    Google Chrome is a great web browser in many respects. However, if you’re used to using Firefox, and having a variety of tools accessible through various plugins, it can be a shock to move to such an austere browser. Although forthcoming versions of Chrome may have the ability to add plugins... Read more

  • A cabinet reshuffle of our own.

    This post has turned into a bit of a lengthy post, but should give you some insight into some changes going on at Distilled. Over the last 4 years Will and I have had the challenge and the pleasure of growing Distilled from just the two of us working out of my front room, to where we are today. We... Read more

  • Ten Minute Guide: How-To Become a Wikipedia Pro

    There’s enough that Internet Marketers should know about Wikipedia for me to write a book about using it, and lots that can only be learnt by exploring and interacting with the site. Of course - you don’t have time to mess about reading books, so this guide is intended to give you... Read more

  • How using banner ads can help increase traffic to your site

    Banner ads: no one really likes them. They’re not interesting to create, they look pretty horrible and, quite frankly, they can be very annoying. So why have we just uploaded a new banner ad to promote our Reputation Monitor? These annoying little flashing ads really grab peoples’... Read more

  • My Reputation Management Presentation from Think Visbibility

    Over the weekend I spoke at Think Visibility, a good fun one day conference in Leeds. You can read my review over on SEOmoz. Below is my presentation for anyone who missed it. Reputation Management - Tom Critchlow’s Talk from Think Visibility Publish at Scribd or explore others: Presentations... Read more

  • Converting Controversial Conversations into Conversions.

    A couple of words collided for me the other day. The first was conversation, which Ciaran wrote about recently, arguing eloquently that the word is being horribly misused by marketers. The second was controversy, which has, for a long time, been discussed ( and implemented ) all over the place as... Read more

  • Launching Linkbait is like organising a party

    Know what today is? iiiiitttt’s.... Analogy Friday! Tomorrow night, the Distilled crew is coming to my house for a party. It’s called Boardgames and Beverages. Rocking. While I stayed up all last night decorating personalised menus and filing the party bags with appropriately luxurious... Read more

  • Social Media Impersonation

    I have recently seen a number of well-known people on twitter being impersonated by people who set up cheeky accounts with: - the same profile picture- the same full name- the same username ending with an underscore (username_) When you get an email saying they are following you, it comes in the... Read more

  • The Five Second Test usability tool

    The five second test is a simple usability test that helps you measure the effectiveness of your user interfaces. Distilled have been using this tool to discover what users notice most about our website. The tool works by flashing up a screen shot of the particular web page for 5 seconds-(can you... Read more

  • Four SEMMY*’s And A Silence (with an 4 x award nominated cast)

    An intrepid troupe of online adventurers journey through the Internet in search of search engine success, linkjuice love and traffic satisfaction. Bill Murray: Will Critchlow (Director of Distilled) Woody Allen: Duncan Morris (Director of Distilled) Brad Pitt: Tom Critchlow (Head of Search)... Read more