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  • Never Forgotten (Online)

    So last night I made my BBC Newsnight debut discussing Reputation Management and the impact of the new European Union strategy for dealing with personal data online. See it here on the BBC iplayer In addition to getting a wonderful mention of Distilled on the BBC, I also managed to explain some of... Read more

  • How to Stand Out Online: Leave the Joneses Alone

    One of the first things any good SEO does when reviewing a site and developing a strategy is competitive research. Looking at the competition can spur ideas in link building and content creation. In addition, when a client embarks on a new venture with their site, we always recommend looking at... Read more

  • Dynamic Competitor Analysis - a4uexpo London Presentation by Sam Crocker

    Right, so I don’t know quite how I would liveblog my own presentation but I did think it was worth sharing my slide deck with folks. So here it is! A4U Preso I covered off competitor analysis with a focus on a few advanced tricks rather than focussing on the wider set of competitor analysis... Read more

  • Richard Baxter - Information & Site Architecture - a4uexpo Live Blogging

    Right, apologies for not covering the pre-lunch session with Will (beyond on Twitter a bit), I was feeling the tax a bit on covering these sessions but by popular demand I’ll cover another one off here and Will should be covering one in the next timeslot. Rich Baxter of SEOGadget kicks us off... Read more

  • Negative SEO - Nightmares Come True

    Dave kicked off this session with a huge disclaimer. He points out that all of this stuff is extremely unethical and more often than not is seriously illegal. You should not do any of these things, you should use this knowledge to protect yourself and you will go to jail if you try to do any of... Read more

  • Dave Naylor “The Three Pillars of SEO (Advanced) - a4u Live Blogging

    Good morning guys! Here is our first bit of liveblogging from the #a4uExpo here in London. We’ll be bringing as much info to you as we can over the course of the day and welcome any feedback or thoughts in the comments! Our first post is about a presentation from Dave Naylor of Bronco SEO.... Read more

  • PRO Seminar 2010: Autumn’s must attend SEO event in London

    As autumn quickly descends over London, and summer is becoming a long-distant memory, it’s time to fill up your calendar to prevent the dark evenings casting a gloomy cloud over you. There is no better event to hold the melancholy nights at bay than our very own PRO Seminar held in... Read more

  • 5 Laws That Fuel Your Procrastination

    Do you ever set out to do a task, and 3 hours later you’ve done just about everything else except the thing you originally set out to do? Join the club. I’ve found myself having a number of conversations recently about productivity. And a quick search online revealed a shed-load of time management... Read more

  • Turning Technical Mistakes into Human Relations

    Sometimes things just break. In this day and age, servers crash, websites are hacked, and new programs go haywire. At its worst, hackers can get access to private client information. It is moments like these when a company is truly tested. So many try to cover up mistakes, sweep them under the rug... Read more

  • Facebook Places - Implied Consent?

    Good morning! I Just wanted to update you all on the wonderful new feature over at Facebook- Facebook Places. Facebook Places clearly has potential- massive user base, loads of opportunity for geo-targeted specials (as has been masterfully created by Foursquare, Gowalla and other products).... Read more

  • Getting Over the Speaking Jitters

    Had anyone told me when I was getting into high school that I would be speaking at marketing conferences in New York and London, I’d laugh in your face. That would be after turning bright red. So I still turn bright red today (it’s part of being pale) but I am much more calm when it... Read more

  • Are You A Victim Of Inception?

    Has Someone Been Planting Ideas In Your Head And Making Them Seem Like Your Own? Are You Sure? This season’s blockbuster, Inception, is set in the future where it’s possible for people to enter shared dreams and uncover their deepest secrets, in a process known as extraction. However, the challenge... Read more