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  • Google losing all incentives to keep cost of PPC down?

    I am not an economist, so I don’t know a lot about Giffen goods, but the quick write-up at Datawocky asking whether search marketing is a Giffen good explains the concept of a good where demand increases as prices increases: > The classic example is staple foods such as rice, wheat, and... Read more

  • New AdWords policy: um, Google, I think you mean ‘domain’, not ‘URL’

    Google has a new policy that all AdWords display URLs must match destination URLs. I think they must be confusing ‘domain’ with ‘URL’. The guidelines say: > In line with our existing policy, we will continue to require that your ad’s Display URL matches its Destination... Read more

  • How does search engine result highlighting work?

    Tom has written about the treatment of IT / it in the search engines before (it is hard for search engines to distinguish between ‘it’ and ‘IT’ when searchers never capitalise things correctly!). Since one of our clients provides IT support, we spend quite a lot of time... Read more

  • PPC lesson from Kenny Rogers and some advanced maths

    > You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run Kenny Rogers Sometimes, when you are running a PPC campaign, you find a keyword, ad group (or even a campaign!) that has low volume. So low that you can go a while without any conversions.... Read more

  • Talking about Google rebates in Marketing Week

    I was contacted by Marketing Week for my opinion on the impact of Google announcing that it is to withdraw rebates to agencies (which skew the market in favour of larger advertisers, in my opinion - at least when they are only available above a certain spend). The resulting article is now on the... Read more

  • Microsoft adCenter offers upload from Google

    I’d love to claim that they were taking a lead from us and our adCenter to AdWords converter, but, I suspect that Microsoft have had this in the pipeline for some time. On Wednesday, they announced (among a bunch of other changes) that they have improved their import functionality: > You can... Read more

  • Adwords Finally Allows Date Range Comparison (Hooray!)

    Ever since the new version of Google Analytics came out earlier this year which allowed you to do date range comparisons I have been itching for the day when Adwords would include something similar. Compared to Analytics, the Adwords reporting has been a little bit behind and hadn’t been... Read more

  • The impact of the credit crunch on online advertising

    Our friends at Credit Today asked us to comment for their October edition on the following question: > Globally-speaking, sub-prime lenders have been some of the biggest web advertisers until the credit crunch. How is this lost revenue likely to impact the UK technology/media sectors? It was a... Read more

  • Learning more about advertising travel online

    The main point of the Microsoft event I was at yesterday was around improving travel advertising. We started with a bunch of numbers about how things compare from adCenter to the other players in this space: ##Conversions Across the board, Nielsen Netratings have found that adCenter convert at a... Read more

  • How to advertise travel services on Microsoft AdCenter: Tuesday 16th October

    I’ve just reserved a place to go along to the Microsoft-organised afternoon for people advertising travel products and services on Microsoft AdCenter on Tuesday. Are any of our readers going? One of the reasons I’m interested in going is that we are very excited by some of the things... Read more

  • How to convert a Google AdWords campaign to MSN AdCenter

    You know that classic ThinkGeek t-shirt ‘Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script’? Well I think replacing grunt work with work done by a computer is a fantastic thing. Converting a spreadsheet from the format output by AdWords to the format required by MSN AdCenter... Read more

  • Google website optimizer unavailable: not helpful

    [ Update: the product manager at Google contacted me and the problem does appear to be fixed (whether as a result of that or not, I don’t know). The system also seems to be working pretty well....!] I am trying to get Google website optimizer up and running in order to run a simple A/B split... Read more