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  • Google Adwords Editor 7.0 Released (& Bug Found)

    I recently installed the new Adwords Editor 7.0 and thought I’d share my thoughts and first experiences of it with you. Although there is plenty to like about the upgrade, there is also one big problem that you need to keep your eye on. First the pros; First page bid estimates: AdWords Editor... Read more

  • Google’s ploy to boost search traffic & Interflora sue M&S for brand bidding

    There have been a couple of interesting developments in paid search in the last week. The first was that Google are planning to run their own ads linking to Google search results for a variety of high value keywords such as credit cards – and they are going to run them on the content network. They... Read more

  • Combining search and display advertising

    We have been working recently with some of our long-term clients to expand their online advertising from PPC into PPC + online display. For some reason, it seems to be something that quite a lot of prospects have been more interested in recently when I have been out and about meeting people. I can... Read more

  • Google To Lift Ban on Gambling PPC Advertising in the UK - Tomorrow!

    Google have announced that they are relaxing their ban on gambling advertising in England, Scotland & Wales from tomorrow. Companies that are registered with the Gambling Commision or within the European Economic Area can now advertise to UK users, allowing a number of non-UK companies such as... Read more

  • World Vision PPC Competition –Result

    First of all, a big thank you to everyone who entered the competition. The response was excellent and you can be sure that your efforts will have been of real benefit in assisting World Vision in their Relief work. After the cull last month, we were left with four adverts battling it out for top... Read more

  • Myanmar Cyclone PPC Competition update

    Sorry for the delay with the competition, we had a few little troubles (all to do with linking to a page that solicits funds and getting tax-exempt status for it) but it’s running now and we have an update on progress. And then there were four... Brandishing a tool to gauge statistical... Read more

  • Live Blogging the Team Building Day - 9.45am

    Distilled team building day (also known as “needs to be PPCeen to be believed” - blame Lucy) is officially underway. We’ve all been in since silly-o-clock (7.30am) and breakfast has been had. If you’re following along at home check out our photos on flickr Back to the task... Read more

  • Big players want to avoid TM bidding (but that’s no surprise)

    So we are now into our first week of the new regime. Google is now allowing UK advertisers to bid on trademark-protected keywords. Although there might be a few teething troubles, it is definitely up and running. Last week one of our clients (who sells, among other things, a CD and DVD that... Read more

  • Google losing all incentives to keep cost of PPC down?

    I am not an economist, so I don’t know a lot about Giffen goods, but the quick write-up at Datawocky asking whether search marketing is a Giffen good explains the concept of a good where demand increases as prices increases: > The classic example is staple foods such as rice, wheat, and... Read more

  • New AdWords policy: um, Google, I think you mean ‘domain’, not ‘URL’

    Google has a new policy that all AdWords display URLs must match destination URLs. I think they must be confusing ‘domain’ with ‘URL’. The guidelines say: > In line with our existing policy, we will continue to require that your ad’s Display URL matches its Destination... Read more

  • How does search engine result highlighting work?

    Tom has written about the treatment of IT / it in the search engines before (it is hard for search engines to distinguish between ‘it’ and ‘IT’ when searchers never capitalise things correctly!). Since one of our clients provides IT support, we spend quite a lot of time... Read more

  • PPC lesson from Kenny Rogers and some advanced maths

    > You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run Kenny Rogers Sometimes, when you are running a PPC campaign, you find a keyword, ad group (or even a campaign!) that has low volume. So low that you can go a while without any conversions.... Read more