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  • It’s 9 o’ clock. Do you know where your ads are?

    Google keeps quite a bit of information under wraps. We advertisers play Google’s game in hopes of obtaining the ultimate payoff: The Conversion. We cleverly sculpt ads to end with punctuation in the first description line so IF our ad ranks for the top 3 places it will appear next to the title.... Read more

  • Google Bounce Rates: The Untold Story

    Background for the post: I recently took (and passed, yay!) the Google Analytics certification exam. Like a good SEO, I read and watched all of the training material. Part way through, they discuss bounce rates. It occurred to me that many people get bounce rates wrong, the definition that is. The... Read more

  • Transitioning Your Yahoo! Search Marketing Account to MSN AdCenter

    It’s funny, I’ve always considered the Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN’s AdCenter PPC networks a royal pain. Even with Google’s AdWords controlling roughly 80% of the paid clicks coming into my clients’ sites, I still managed to spend probably less than 5% of my time... Read more

  • The Wonderful World of Wonder Wheel

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, PPC and SEO need to get along. Why? There are such awesome tools on each side that can benefit the other. Not to mention the wealth of information from one that can feed results in the other. Case and point today is a tool that has not been... Read more

  • Killer PPC Account Reviews

    The Distilled Crew in London was busy last week at conferences, A4uexpo and SMX Advanced London to be exact. But the US team was doing the same. I presented at Search Exchange in Charlotte, NC last week. I promised the attendees my slides and a bonus PDF, and so you guys get them too. This... Read more

  • Measuring the effectiveness of branding

    Google have produced a new metric for judging the effectiveness of content network campaigns – the ‘ view-through conversion ’. I think that this is an excellent addition to the marketer’s toolkit but it comes with a word or two of warning. The essence of this new metric is that you now get a... Read more

  • Google Analytics now reports untagged adwords traffic as direct traffic

    We recently had a spike in traffic for one of our clients that we couldn’t explain. The spike appeared in organic traffic when we excluded their main keyword but we couldn’t find out what the source of this traffic was. As we couldn’t quite get to the bottom of it, we decided that... Read more

  • A letter to my 2007 self: assorted advice

    Rand recently wrote his 2007 self a letter and asked me and a bunch of other people to do the same. I was struck, reading Rand’s letter, by the degree to which his advice to himself is useful and actionable right now (for himself - and, to a lesser degree, for me and others). I am hoping to... Read more

  • Are Yahoo giving away PPC ads for free?

    We recently noticed that when searching on Yahoo for Distilled a sponsored advert was appearing. The strange thing about this is that we do not run any PPC adverts on Yahoo. We do run some PPC adverts on Google but they are not targeted at branded searches and none of our adverts contain the ad... Read more

  • New Adwords Plusbox Feature Being Tested

    In amongst all the kerfuffle of the searchology news I’ve noticed something else new being tested on adwords. I’m not sure if this is a permanent change for a select number of sites or if it’s the start of a new change but when I search for ‘small dog ‘ in the US I see... Read more

  • Google moves into Behavioural advertising

    We’ve already seen demographic targeting for some time on Google’s content network but now they are taking a step further and offering behaviour-based advertising. By tracking your surfing habits, they will be able to display adverts based on your interests rather than the content of the page that... Read more

  • The Problem with Google’s Broad (Advanced) Match Keywords

    I just read a very interesting blog post from the Rimm-Kaufman Group about the changes that Google had made to Broad match keywords and the resulting effects. In the article they point out how the performance of broad match terms has gone down and that they have been noticing some troubling... Read more