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  • DistilledLive Catch Up: Responsive Web Design

    Last Monday, our Seattle office held a meet up about responsive design. We were lucky enough to get Matt Fordham, technical director at Wintr, to explain the fundamentals behind responsive design itself, and I made my argument for why responsive is so great for SEO. If you aren’t lucky enough... Read more

  • Midweek Motivation: 16 Brands Getting Creative With Mobile

    It’s Wednesday. And all the high hopes and excitement that marked the start of a new week (and in the UK, the August Bank Holiday) have begun to die down as we realize that we’ve still got a ways to go before the weekend. Here at Distilled, we’re pretty excited about our newest DistilledU module... Read more

  • Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search (and vice versa!)

    When you optimize your website for localized search terms, it’s described as Local SEO. While Local SEO can seem like a somewhat niche topic, it impacts a surprisingly high number of searches. Google data tells us that around 1 out of every 5 searches has local intent. So businesses with a local... Read more

  • 10 Things NOT To Do With Your Mobile Visitors

    Hello, and welcome back to another episode of mobile best practice tips with Bridget! ...After my last couple post s ( here and here ), which were quite technical-heavy, I thought we’d mix things up a bit with a list of my top 10 pet peeves when it comes to the way various sites treat mobile... Read more

  • Dealing with content beyond the webpage, DistilledLive discussion

    By now, most of us are aware of the idea of responsive design and the sorts of tools you can use to make your website’s layout more mobile friendly. But how do we deal with content in this multi-screen world? In this video, London consultants Hannah Smith and Bridget Randolph talk you through... Read more

  • Tracking Mobile Visitors in Google Analytics: A Checklist Guide for Mobile Insights

    It is hardly surprising that “mobile” is becoming such a hot topic among digital marketers: comScore reported that in August 2012, 13% of total internet pageviews (roughly 1 in 8!) were from mobile devices (phones and tablets combined). And these numbers are increasing. Econsultancy’s Christmas... Read more

  • Mobile sites and search DistilledLive video discussion

    In the last DistilledLive video, we talked through the current hot topic of late, content marketing, with the people who know it best; the Outreach team in Seattle. You can also, check out Adria Saracino’s Hangout on the very same subject if you want to hear more. This week however... Read more

  • How the Winners Do Mobile SEO [Guest Post]

    **Note from Stephanie: This is a guest blog post by Bryson Meunier, a Chicago-based SEO and Director of Content Solutions at Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company. His career at Resolution Media has given him the opportunity to help some of the world’s top brands achieve success in... Read more

  • Guide to Google’s New Tablet Search

    Recently in Seattle at Mozcon, Rand showed a slide during his presentation of a new Google search screen that he had recently seen “on a blog”. That evening I was using my iPad instead of my laptop and saw the new search. I tweeted about it, and after hopping on my laptop and testing... Read more

  • Integrating the Social Community in Offline Media

    Imagine my surprise as I was sitting in the Philly airport, reading a copy of Lucky Magazine, that I should come across something I love. It’s an advertisement from Bing. Yes, I said love. It’s a blatant advertisement, and it’s from Bing (stop groaning, they are getting better!).... Read more

  • Launching Linkbait is like organising a party

    Know what today is? iiiiitttt’s.... Analogy Friday! Tomorrow night, the Distilled crew is coming to my house for a party. It’s called Boardgames and Beverages. Rocking. While I stayed up all last night decorating personalised menus and filing the party bags with appropriately luxurious... Read more

  • Mobile news round-up (don’t want to call it weekly yet!)

    Given my over-arching interest in all things mobile (and especially mobile SEO ), I subscribe to a fair few feeds giving me mobile and mobile SEO news and opinion. I am always keen to learn of good ones I don’t know about, so feel free to drop a link in the comments. I currently subscribe to:... Read more