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  • Everything a Marketer Needs to Know Can Be Learned from Journalism

    I became a marketer somewhat by accident. I still remember filling out college applications, answering the fretful, “What do you plan on doing with your life?” question with that annoying confidence only a 17 year old can possess. I knew I would be in magazine journalism. If that... Read more

  • DistilledLive Seattle | e-Commerce in 2013

    With record numbers in online shopping at the end of 2012 and e-commerce experiences only set to improve in 2013, it seemed rather fitting to centre the next #DistilledLive video around such a hot topic. In this third edition, Distilled’s Seattle consultants, Mike Pantoliano and Geoff Kenyon... Read more

  • Internet Trends for Marketers

    Last week I gave a talk entitled Internet Trends for Marketers at our free meet-up in London ( sign up here if you would like to hear about the free meet-ups we run ). Since I’m aware that not everyone can make it to London for a meet-up, I thought I would revisit the same talk in a G+... Read more

  • DistilledLive | Where is Link Building going in 2013?

    Whether it’s these little updates, our regular local MeetUps or our industry leading SearchLove conferences, #DistilledLive covers all our live and interactive content. Before Christmas, Will Critchlow talked you through some of the latest industry news to help keep you abreast of what’s been... Read more

  • Kill It In Content Creation By Knowing Your Customer Conversion Funnel

    All online businesses want links. To get links using content, it seems like an easy equation: epic content = a lot of links. But what exactly does epic content mean? Oftentimes the task of developing epic content is left to creative types; leaving them with little more than the goal of having it... Read more

  • Testing Content Via Different Marketing Channels

    As SEOs, we’re often told the value of having unique, quality content on a site. However, it can be difficult to quantify what that means - is it just ensuring that the content itself isn’t duplicate on your own and other sites? Is it a preventative measure against Panda or future... Read more

  • Positive Outing: Interview with Appliances Online

    In August Kate wrote a great review of the fashion site Modcloth. Continuing on our “outing of awesome companies” trend I wanted to draw attention to some of the great things going on at Appliances Online. Appliances Online does what it says on the tin—it’s a place to buy white... Read more

  • Using Honest Social Proof to Go Viral

    Among my many pet peeves, marketers who make clumsy appeals to science are close to the top. You may, at some point, have read a blog post from a marketer who talks about “social proof” like it’s some kind of Jedi mind trick marketing gurus pull on their customers. Not only does the “psychology of... Read more

  • Shut Up and Be Funny!

    Let’s start things off with a few jokes. Most things that are awful begin with an unidentified wetness. — Scott Simpson (@scottsimpson) September 17, 2010 jesus exiting crypt like kramer entering jerry’s apt — mark leidner (@markleidner) April 8, 2012 How bout a web marketing joke?... Read more

  • Why Content Marketing Pwns Zombies, Bacon & Cats

    As online marketers we know what the internet loves to link to and share. In no particular order it probably looks something like this - zombies, bacon, cats, consipiracy theory, controversy, drama... and erm sex. I spoke recently on this very topic at Think Visibility (incidentally - you can see... Read more

  • Announcing The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing

    Following on from our recent piece on Video Infographics, we are excited to announce the launch of the Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing. To support our belief that every business can leverage video - our interactive guide helps take on the daunting task in easily accessed and saved... Read more

  • Dear CMO. Your Marketing Plan is Broken

    Thanks to @VickeKaravan for help crafting the slidedeck together. We’ve been doing a lot of work recently looking into agile marketing. In the slidedeck above we want to make the case for and show off some worthy examples of how and where agile works in the three areas that we really care... Read more