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  • David Brent, Meet Clippy the Paperclip (How to create a mascot)

    Mascots are all the rage these days. A large gang of fluffy characters is slowly taking over the internet, popping up on our screens with their goggling eyes and goofy grins. Apart from a mild distaste for overly cutesy things, I applaud this trend. A mascot provides a fun and memorable way for a... Read more

  • Don’t get stuck in a content rut, this week’s DistilledLive video

    When you realise something works in the online world, it’s easy to keep at it and get stuck in a content rut. For this week’s DistilledLive, Jess and Britt maximise the perks of being in the same office (and time zone) by taking a look beyond competitor’s borders when it comes to approaching your... Read more

  • If You Want to be in The Media, Become Media-Worthy

    Gone are the days of producing infographics just for the sake of creating linkbait. With the insane amount of brilliant content that is being shared on the Internet, you have to be more strategic than ever to create a campaign that has a chance of being successful. Of course, you can’t ever... Read more

  • Flying in the face of ‘good’ grammar

    With such an emphasis on great content these days, companies may be keen to tighten up their use of grammar. But before pledging allegiance to every grammatical rule going, it’s worth thinking about the ways in which you use language for a given effect. I think we can all agree that we need... Read more

  • Don’t Silo Me, Bro: Integrating Content Strategy Across Disciplines

    Sometimes I resent the term “content strategy”. The reason is it brings with it limitations. Humans are known to use labels as a way to make sense of the world, but this systematic bucketing comes with consequences. Essentially this “categorical perception” can make it... Read more

  • 18 Speakers, Two Days...One SearchLove

    Now that the excitement of SearchLove London is behind us, we thought we’d console ourselves with a few of our favourite stories and snippets from the action-packed two days. It was wonderful to see attendees from across Europe and beyond fill The Brewery, all eager to hear about the most advanced... Read more

  • A Window into Brandopolis

    With the construction of our cityscape coming to a close, who better to talk us through the multimedia report than the writer herself, Lydia Laurenson. Take a look at the video as Lydia talks you through the four key pillars of Brandopolis and what you can expect ahead of its launch this Wednesday... Read more

  • 7 Game Changing Marketing Campaigns

    As a marketer you’re responsible for changing the game. Every day you have the opportunity to dream up and execute a marketing initiative that could re-shape your business and re-define your career. And that’s damned exciting. And it’s also kinda scary. Because it’s hard. This post isn’t a classic... Read more

  • A leap of faith and the willingness to fail: Early adoption stories from SAP and Dell

    This post comes from Lydia Laurenson who has been working with us on the forthcoming big brand industry report. In the upcoming Brandopolis report about the content strategies at top brands, I have a section on Early Adoption Stories — tales of brands that managed to jump on a given content... Read more

  • How Starbucks can enter the Third Space online

    While Starbucks isn’t a client of ours, we think it’s a fascinating brand. On the surface, Starbucks appears to have all the components required to “future proof” its success: a massive social media following and customer base; a consistent, global coffee experience; and an in depth knowledge of... Read more

  • Honda’s fan love and how community is the most important asset to your brand

    Another look into the forthcoming industry report, Brandopolis (set to land in a few weeks time) this post comes from Lydia Laurenson once more as she catches up with the Creative Social Media Director at RPA, J. Barbush. “Social media is something that people live, versus something they need... Read more

  • How to Train a Content Team to Have a Singular Brand Voice

    If you’ve delved into the realm of content marketing or created a content team, you’ve likely come across the term “brand voice.” You’ve probably also run into sources that argue how important brand voice is—and they’re right. Nailing down your brand’s story and voice is vital to your content... Read more