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  • The Future of News and how we can apply this to broader content strategy

    After attending a lecture at General Assembly on the Future of News, I thought it would benefit SEO consultants, publishers and writers alike to look at some of the ideas and assess how they could be interpreted to benefit broader content creation. This also ties in with a Distilled-level interest... Read more

  • Refining your remarketing, DistilledLive video discussion

    This week’s DistilledLive video takes a look at some of the latest remarketing tools to come out of beta and how you can use these methods within your online strategies. Take a look at the video below as Distilled’s PPC team over in Seattle, Jasmine Aye and Anthony Coraggio, share their... Read more

  • How to Pitch Journalists: Pro Tips from a BuzzFeed Contributor

    Does your blogger outreach campaign consist of sending formal press releases to multiple journalists at once? Or, are you ignoring smaller blogs and Tumblrs and opting to pitch highly authoritative sites instead? Well, guess what? You’re going about it the wrong way. Well, according to the... Read more

  • Thought Google Analytics was all about SEO? Think again.

    Within his recent LinkLove presentation, Will Critchlow talked about this idea of becoming a ‘full stack marketer’ and it’s an idea that resonates here at Distilled and the kind of direction we are working towards as a company. When it comes to being a smarter online marketer, it’s important to... Read more

  • If we only had 9 minutes to talk about Google Analytics, DistilledLive video discussion

    The new Analytics module has just gone live over in DistilledU so what better way to celebrate than with a free DistilledLive video on the very same topic! This week, London consultants Dave Sottimano and Paddy Moogan [there is only one] take you through the topic in lightening speed; 9 minutes, to... Read more

  • Building links and leads: How co-marketing can work for you

    I got to know Liz when we ran a joint webinar with Hubspot a few months ago. Unlike some other efforts we’d made to do joint marketing with different companies, this one went super well. With this in mind, we thought we’d ask her to share some secrets to successful co-marketing with you... Read more

  • Avoiding outreach failure, DistilledLive video discussion

    With the launch of the DistilledU Expert Outreach module this week, who better to talk us through the subject than the team themselves. This week’s video comes from Rob Toledo and James Daugherty, sharing their experiences on how to avoid outreach fails. In this video, the guys talk through... Read more

  • The Content Marketing Show Round Up - May 2013

    Friday saw more than 1000 marketers attending the Content Marketing Show in Logan Hall at the Institute of Education in London. This was my favourite slide of the day - it’s Paul May’s & the photo was taken by Stacey Cavanagh. The wifi password was ‘going underground’ but... Read more

  • Dealing with content beyond the webpage, DistilledLive discussion

    By now, most of us are aware of the idea of responsive design and the sorts of tools you can use to make your website’s layout more mobile friendly. But how do we deal with content in this multi-screen world? In this video, London consultants Hannah Smith and Bridget Randolph talk you through... Read more

  • Who fancies joining us in Paradise?

    On 5 th & 6 th September, we’re bringing our renowned mixture of expert speakers, advanced sessions and invaluable networking opportunities to the sunny West Coast; San Diego to be precise! Summer seems to have been and gone already in the UK, so I, for one, cannot wait to be heading over to the US... Read more

  • SearchLove Boston 2013 - Day One Recap

    It’s that time of year again! Flowers are budding, kids are counting down the days to the end of the school year, and SEOs are flocking to Boston for Distilled’s Spring SearchLove conference. Like years past, we had a killer lineup to kick the conference off. For those who weren’t... Read more

  • Content Marketing DOs and DON’Ts

    While everyone’s definition of content marketing is a little different, the execution side of this marketing channel has much more definitive best practices. Whether you are new to content marketing or just looking for validation that your program is running smoothly, here are some of the... Read more