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  • Welcome to Paradise, SearchLove San Diego 2013 Day Two

    As promised, after an evening of poolside drinks and the sweet refrain of Katy Perry's 'California Girls' whirling round the fire pit (No? Just me then...) we're back at Paradise Point for Day Two of SearchLove San Diego. Expect everything from content pointers as tuneful as poetry to an afternoon... Read more

  • Brandopolis is nigh; the history of content marketing and its future from hereon in

    Brandopolis is coming.... Behind the scenes we’ve been working hard on Brandopolis - our industry report that explores how some of the world’s leading brands make their mark online. The report includes hard won stories from the likes of Honda, Maybelline, Dell and Facebook to name but a few.... Read more

  • Take Me Down To Paradise City, SearchLove San Diego 2013 Day One

    Beautiful blue skies. Palm trees swaying in the light afternoon breeze. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was some sort of holiday. But last week saw over 20 industry experts descend upon sunny San Diego to speak at Distilled’s first West Coast event at Paradise Point. If you made it... Read more

  • What People Think I Do: Blogger Outreach Edition

    If you’ve ever worked in the field of blogger outreach, you know how hard it is to answer the inevitable question that people ask you after you tell them your job title - “so what it is exactly that you do?” Seems easy enough, right? Not exactly. As soon as I’m asked that, a ton of questions pop... Read more

  • Behind all great content lies a great content marketer (and Adria’s handy tips)

    With SearchLove San Diego just around the corner (hello, Paradise!), in the latest DistilledLive video we catch up with Head of Outreach, Adria Saracino ahead of her presentation at this week’s event. For those of you who feel as though your content marketing efforts are failing - be that... Read more

  • How to Stay Motivated and Avoid Work Ruts

    I’ve been a part of Distilled’s Outreach team for nearly two years, and during my time here I’ve built some awesome relationships, worked with some great clients, and had a lot of personal success. I love my managers and my team. My projects are pretty awesome too, BUT every now and then, I find... Read more

  • Midweek Motivation: 16 Brands Getting Creative With Mobile

    It’s Wednesday. And all the high hopes and excitement that marked the start of a new week (and in the UK, the August Bank Holiday) have begun to die down as we realize that we’ve still got a ways to go before the weekend. Here at Distilled, we’re pretty excited about our newest DistilledU module... Read more

  • How Users Consume News Online: Insights from The Reuters Institute Digital News Report

    My last blog post explored the future of news, using ideas and data from a lecture and the Reuters Institute’s Digital New Report 2013. This post examines the report data on a more granular level, and provides actionable insights for consultants, editors and publishers alike, on how they should... Read more

  • Start using Twitter Favourites to your advantage

    Ever wondered what the function of Twitter’s ‘Favourites’ tool is? Can it be useful to you in the long term? Here’s a little look into how to find and start using Favourites, as well as how to use these tweets to build your brand and website content. Described by the Twitter guidelines as ‘a... Read more

  • Because community building isn’t fluffy: enhancing UX, DistilledLive video

    Well, look who we found hanging out at the Mack Web Solutions offices! Whilst our former Seattle consultant Geoff has been off “working remotely”, we thought it made sense for both Geoff and Mack to talk about what they both know best: Community and SEO. Community building isn’t fluffy. Community... Read more

  • How Newsjacking is creating a new buzz in online marketing

    This post is a case study on a Newsjacking from Lyndon Antcliff. Lyndon spoke at this year’s LinkLove London and is a specialist in web content that creates buzz in the form of links, social signals and newspaper mentions. He runs a Newsjacking service helping PR professionals and content creators... Read more

  • Goldman Sachs’ big problem with Twitter

    This post is a teaser for a report that we’re creating on digital strategy at the Interbrand 100 list of top brands. We’ve asked journalist Lydia Laurenson to head the research on this project. If you’ve ever worked on an interesting digital strategy project for a top brand — whether the project... Read more