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  • Kill It In Content Creation By Knowing Your Customer Conversion Funnel

    All online businesses want links. To get links using content, it seems like an easy equation: epic content = a lot of links. But what exactly does epic content mean? Oftentimes the task of developing epic content is left to creative types; leaving them with little more than the goal of having it... Read more

  • SearchLove Boston - Day Two Round up

    Good morning and welcome back to SearchLove Boston. Despite the general consensus that last night’s after party was too awesome (read: too much alcohol), everybody is back ready for another beautiful line-up of speakers, kicking off with probably one of the best local SEO practitioner and his... Read more

  • A responsive new design for the Distilled blog

    You might remember that I wrote a few weeks ago about designing for readability. I wrote that essentially as a brief, and today you get to see the results of Richard Westenra’s hard work since then. In my opinion, he’s done a superb job. I’m very excited for you all to see it.... Read more

  • SearchLove London 2012 | Day Two at The Congress Centre

    Following on from Shelley’s previous post, we hear from day two of SearchLove as it happens in this retrospective live round up post of all the session speakers and topics of the day. So, it’s day two here at The Congress Centre and there’s a few weary heads from last night’s after party [and... Read more

  • Movember Is Here!

    All during the month of November of 2011, many of the Distilled consultants threw away our razors and let our ‘staches grow in the name of men’s health. Some of us were so embarrassed by the end of November that we vowed to never do it again. Last year, we raised $1,044 for men’s... Read more

  • Trusting Your Brand in the Hands of a Marketer

    Before I start bashing non-disclosure agreements, I want to caveat my argument by saying that I completely understand their importance in most instances. If you’re a brand about to launch a major product or feature, you want to be able to control the flow of information surrounding the... Read more

  • The countdown is on to SearchLove 2012...11 days to go!

    This year’s SearchLove conferences are selling out fast and with a stellar line-up of expert speakers, sessions and networking opportunities, it’s not hard to see why! Our best speaker line-up to date - We spend our time scouring the search industry to find the best speakers out there - the ones... Read more

  • #DistilledLive | Content marketing for the web

    In light of the recent popularity of #contentcrush, we thought it only right that we run a #DistilledLive event focussing on one of the hottest search topics of the moment - Content! In fact, our first speaker, Vincent Franklin of Quietroom, was one of the very first examples to be submitted via... Read more

  • Benchmarking your web traffic

    Internet traffic is a funny thing, and sometimes things happen to your traffic you don’t understand. Your industry’s traffic may be growing, and almost certainly includes some seasonality. This post suggests a method to look past the traffic’s trends, and instead tells you if you are beating the... Read more

  • Announcing The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing

    Following on from our recent piece on Video Infographics, we are excited to announce the launch of the Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing. To support our belief that every business can leverage video - our interactive guide helps take on the daunting task in easily accessed and saved... Read more

  • Dear CMO. Your Marketing Plan is Broken

    Thanks to @VickeKaravan for help crafting the slidedeck together. We’ve been doing a lot of work recently looking into agile marketing. In the slidedeck above we want to make the case for and show off some worthy examples of how and where agile works in the three areas that we really care... Read more

  • A New Species: Video Infographics

    Let’s be honest, we can easily get bored reading too much text. And it can be difficult to follow lots of numbers and statistics. To overcome this, we can use illustrations, flowcharts and graphs to make information visually appealing and easier to understand. This is the original appeal of... Read more