• DA is the Wrong Metric for Reporting on Link-Building

    Moz's Domain Authority has become an industry staple for reporting on link-building efforts - but it makes little sense in that context. In this post, Tom Capper explains why, and outlines some alternatives. Read more

  • One-Button Games and the Rise of the Mobile Web

    One-button games — where the player just taps/holds with the right timing to play—have been around almost as long as gaming itself, and in the early 2000s formed a popular genre of online Flash game. But it was the rise of mobile from 2007 onwards that really put the focus on simple controls; it’s... Read more

  • 7 Tips for Structured Data on E-commerce Sites

    BEFORE READING: If you’re unfamiliar with JSON-LD, check out this article to learn more about the structured data format and why we prefer it. Overall, JSON-LD is much more flexible and scalable in comparison to microdata. Rather than having to add and edit microdata spread throughout the HTML of a... Read more

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns: Winter 2018 Edition

    It feels like the time has come for the Distilled Winter 2018 creative content round-up, which must mean – spring is on its way! So, without further ado… A world of languages - Alberto Lucas Lopez At school, the languages lessons offered to me were either French or German. Some more... Read more

  • The Easiest Tool for Testing Page Speed - PageSpeed Insights API

    In November 2018, Google released an updated PageSpeed Insights API, which provides performance reports from both lab and field data on a page. Using the PageSpeed Insights API, we can test multiple URLs at once to get a better idea of our site’s overall performance and identify areas of our site... Read more

  • How to Estimate the Total Available Organic Search Traffic for a Website

    Whether you’re expanding an existing business into a new market, bringing out a new product range, or building a brand new website from scratch, a key question you’ll need to answer is how much organic search traffic is reasonable to expect, and what the ceiling on that number might be. It’s also... Read more

  • Press Packs: Getting on the good side of journalists

    In our creative link-building campaigns, the role of a designer at Distilled extends beyond that of just designing the campaign page itself. Among the list of our other responsibilities, a lesser-known task on our to-do list is creating and compiling a press pack of assets. Press packs contain the... Read more

  • Working with Freelancer Sites

    At Distilled we have become a dab hand at creating photo stories. Ones which take you on a journey around the world comparing different human facets that give us an interesting insight into different cultures. In the past we have looked at: The view out of people’s windows for electronic motor for... Read more

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager has come a long way since its release in 2012. Throughout the years, the interface terminology has changed, and additional features have been added that make it much easier to use. Tim Allen ’s previous post on “ Getting to Grips with Google Tag Manager ” gives a great... Read more

  • SEO Practices: Search Engines Around the World

    There is plenty of information and data out there about Google and its dominance as a search engine. But what about if your business is in China? What if you want to optimise for Russia or even that 21% of the USA that doesn’t use Google? SEO practices and search engine dominance will... Read more

  • Backlinks: How to Analyse Competitors

    I’ve recently worked on a backlink audit that also focused on competitor’s backlink profiles. The results helped my client create a long-term strategy for obtaining backlinks from additional authoritative domains. I put together a list of steps that will be useful if you also are thinking to... Read more

  • How to Get the Most out of PageRank and Boost Rankings

    There are 100s of signals that help Google understand and rank content and one signal in particular, PageRank, is often not fully taken advantage of on large scale websites. Harnessing PageRank can provide the boost you need to gain traction in search results once you’ve covered some of the... Read more