• An introduction to HTTP/2 for SEOs

    In the mid 90s there was a famous incident where an email administrator at a US University fielded a phone call from a professor who was complaining his department could only send emails 500 miles. The professor explained that whenever they tried to email anyone farther away their emails failed... Read more

  • Help us find the next search industry rising star for SearchLove San Diego 2019

    After the success of running community speaker sessions at SearchLove London we are delighted to be bringing them to our American conferences, starting with SearchLove San Diego in March 2019. Our community speaker sessions are 20 minutes long, presented by relatively new speakers, who we support... Read more

  • Creative Inspiration: Content We Enjoyed this Autumn

    Autumn’s roundup focuses on making the mundane memorable. Whether it’s weather-watching, logging into a website, or scrolling endlessly through a long form, we are used to norms. Login forms are dull, grey boxes, a cursor is an arrow, and weather predictions are told with satellite images – it’s... Read more

  • How to rank for head terms

    Over the last few years, my mental model for what does and doesn’t rank has changed significantly, and this is especially true for head terms - competitive, high volume, “big money” keywords like “car insurance”, “laptops”, “flights”, and so on. This post is based on a bunch of real-world... Read more

  • Win before you begin - creative checklist for success

    Part of my role as Manager of the Creative team at Distilled is to ensure that both we, and the clients we work with, are set up for mutual success. That’s why I decided to make the ‘Creative one pager’, this is something I send to all new clients to inform them of what to expect from Distilled... Read more

  • How to Pitch to Journalists - the do’s and don’ts

    If you’ve ever pitched anything to a journalist, you’re probably familiar with the sinking feeling that comes with a failed or unanswered email pitch. In my time working in PR, I’ve written countless emails to journalists. From the good (instant, enthusiastic responses), the bad (no replies after... Read more

  • Top 11 Perks of Being a Distilled Intern

    This post was written by Arpun Bhuhi and Tammy Yu. The two spent their summers interning in the London and Seattle office, respectively. Arpun and Tammy have chosen to continue their digital marketing journey as analysts at Distilled. To aspiring digital marketers and SEOs, the Distilled digital... Read more

  • Tips for social media competitor analysis: Let’s stop talking about follower count

    This year, Hootsuite announced that 3.196 billion people are now active social media users. That is 42% of all the people on earth. In the UK, that percentage climbs to 66% and it’s 71% in the US. Even with recent data protection scandals, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn... Read more

  • 3 SEO Split Tests You Should Try

    Yes, split testing for SEO is a thing, and a powerful one at that. In How Split Testing Is Changing Consulting, Will sums up why high priority SEO changes linger in developer backlogs, and how we’re addressing these issues with our ODN platform that allows us to test and roll out these... Read more

  • Creative Inspiration: Content We Enjoyed this Summer

    As we bid farewell to the glorious 35-degree-days of summer, and brace ourselves for the inevitable autumn chill, here’s a look back at the creative content that tickled us this summer. One of the reasons why I love writing these posts each quarter is because, if nothing else, it helps me and the... Read more

  • Announcing Full-Funnel Testing - testing SEO and CRO at the same time

    Until now it’s not been possible to measure the impact of SEO and CRO at the same time. Today we’re proud to announce a new feature of Distilled’s Optimisation Delivery Network that we’re calling full funnel testing. Our ODN platform launched with a focus on SEO testing. You have probably thought... Read more

  • How to Make a Histogram using Google Sheets

    You’ve probably summarized data with a number — like an average. For instance, the median is an average. It tells you what number is at the middle of your data, if you were to sort all the numbers from smallest to biggest. But an average says nothing about how those numbers are spread out. Think... Read more