• Self-Care Strategies for the Workplace

    In an ever competitive workforce, the pressure to be constantly available and online is at an all time high. Even in companies like Distilled that offer flexible working and champion a 35 hour work week, the pressure to yield huge results and increase productivity is greater than ever. And if... Read more

  • Adding FAQ Schema: SEO Split Testing Lessons from DistilledODN

    As much as we raise alarm about the constant change in Google SERPs, us SEOs love new things with FAQ schema being the latest example. Some are reporting how much they love it, others are saying they’re losing clicks because of it. Here’s a handful of the Twitter buzz: Naturally, we wanted to test... Read more

  • PPC & SEO Synergy Part 3: Ad Copy Testing & QS Correlation with Page Speed

    Part 3 includes two more synergy ideas, together with a downloadable checklist that you can start using internally. Before reading the post below, I recommend you check part one here and part two here. The two synergy ideas covered in this post will be focused on the following subjects: PPC ad copy... Read more

  • We’ve Doubled the Sensitivity of our SEO Split-Testing Platform

    Since you’re reading this on the Distilled blog, you probably know Distilled has an SEO split-testing platform, DistilledODN. One of the important features of the platform is taking care of the statistics and measurement automatically. Any time you set up a test, the platform will automatically:... Read more

  • How to Make a Histogram Using Google Sheets

    You’ve probably summarized data with a single number, like an average. For instance, the median is an average. It tells you what number is in the middle of your data if you sorted the numbers from smallest to largest. Averages tell you nothing about how the numbers are spread out. Think about the... Read more

  • What Is the MECE Principle?

    MECE stands for mutually exclusive, comprehensively exhaustive. It is a framework for solving complicated problems. When you apply it to a problem, you break that problem into subproblems that are mutually exclusive (they don’t overlap) and comprehensively exhaustive (they cover all possibilities). Read more

  • What is Content Strategy?

    Imagine you’re the first hire to the customer service team in a VC-backed startup. Every week you gain customers, and some of those customers need support. Your job is to manage these requests. Hiring a team would allow you to triage the increasing number of issues. It would also mean managing... Read more

  • What is a Ranking Factor?

    I decided to write this for a couple of reasons. One is that I’ve seen a lot of potentially misleading Tweets on the subject recently (naming no names!), and the other is that it’s related to another pet peeve of mine, about ranking factor studies. A ranking factor is a variable that a search... Read more

  • How to Do Change Detection with Screaming Frog and Google Sheets

    I made a Google Sheet that does change detection for you based on two Screaming Frog crawls. I’ll tell you why that’s important. Two problems frequently come up for SEOs, regardless of if we’re in-house or external. Knowing when someone else has made key changes to the site... Read more

  • How to Use Screaming Frog: A Beginner’s Guide

    If you are new to search engine optimization (SEO) or coming across your first time using Screaming Frog, this post is for you! A common issue I noticed while interning at Distilled was the significant amount of trouble interns had setting up and navigating the tools we use for SEO. While trying to... Read more

  • SearchLove Community Speakers 2019: Applications Now Open

    It’s crazy to think that a year has passed since we launched the SearchLove community speaker project. Since then we’ve worked alongside 9 relatively new speakers from Birmingham (UK), Leeds, Belfast, Boston and San Diego, and then had the pleasure of seeing them deliver amazing presentations to... Read more

  • The Two Types of Influencers Every Brand Should Collaborate With

    Influencer marketing spending is predicted to increase in 2019, with 17% of companies spending over half their marketing budget on this tactic. Although there’s been a lot of controversies recently around influencers, especially as it pertains to the fake follower phenomenon, these budget increases... Read more