• SEO Insights on Salesforce Community Cloud Behavior

    The Salesforce Community Cloud is a content management system (CMS) specialized for support or community-focused websites. It is a powerful CMS that allows brands like NASA, Ancestry, PlayStation, Intel, and many others to share information in a concise and organized way for their communities. A... Read more

  • What You Can Do With a Free SEMrush Account

    Building your SEO toolkit is generally dictated by two things: your budget and your goals. This makes test-driving tools and platforms an ideal way to figure out which platforms provide the features that you need most, and lets you determine just how much you have to invest in tools to access them.... Read more

  • Content Audit Template

    See the template Say a SaaS company hires you as a content marketer. They’re in the People Operations space, and your mandate is to kickstart their thought leadership program. Your employer has plenty of smart people designing software, and many of them have already written articles in their area... Read more

  • SearchLove is coming to New York in 2020

    This year our east coast SearchLove conference is heading to a new home & a new city. 2020 will see SearchLove move just over 200 miles south to New York City. We’ve been hosting conferences in Boston for the last 9 years and it’s a city that holds a special place in our hearts (and our history).... Read more

  • Five Golden Rules for SEO Beginners - Tips From Distilled

    They say learning SEO is like learning a new language. With such a skill, comes hours of pouring over educational materials and practising it until it comes with ease. But if you don’t learn the skill with the guidance of a teacher or the right resources, you can end up with holes in your knowledge... Read more

  • How Do I Make My Site Rank For a Keyword?

    In my experience, the most common reasons a website doesn’t rank for a specific keyword are: The site isn’t actually relevant There isn’t any single page which actually uses that keyword There are too many pages which use that keyword. It’s true that a site might not rank... Read more

  • Free web-based robots.txt parser based on Google’s open source C++ parser

    The punchline: I’ve been playing around with a toy project recently and have deployed it as a free web-based tool for checking how Google will parse your robots.txt files, given that their own online tool does not replicate actual Googlebot behaviour. Check it out at realrobotstxt.com. While... Read more

  • Introducing the SEO A/B Testing Whitepaper

    Just over four years ago, we broke the news that we were working on the early stages of what would become DistilledODN. Back then we wanted to help clients get changes implemented faster by separating marketing / SEO-driven changes from the engineering backlog. Not only that, we wanted to help... Read more

  • SearchLove San Diego 2020: Community Speaker Applications Now Open

    Are you looking to secure your first speaking gig? Maybe you’ve done a couple of local meetups and are looking to share your knowledge in front of a bigger audience. Well good news, applications for community speaker sessions for SearchLove San Diego 2020 are now open! Not sure what our community... Read more

  • Crawl Budget Optimisation Through Log File Analysis

    Log file analysis is one of those tasks you might not do often - due to data availability & time constraints - but that can provide insights you wouldn’t be able to discover otherwise, particularly for large sites. If you’ve never done a log analysis or are unsure what exactly to look for and where... Read more

  • What is Content Marketing?

    In 2013, Nabisco won the internet with a single tweet. That year, the Super Bowl famously suffered a power outage. Between the time the lights went out and then were brought back, their Oreo team managed to create a promotional image, write copy, and then tweet it. Power out? No problem.... Read more

  • Five Ways to Make Your Workload Less Stressful

    Your email inbox is overflowing, you’ve got a day full of meetings, you didn’t finish that research yesterday, and you’ve got that presentation due in two days. Sound familiar? I’ve had a few of these days, so set about finding ways to manage my workload better. The overarching approach to... Read more