• Introducing the SEO A/B Testing Whitepaper

    Just over four years ago, we broke the news that we were working on the early stages of what would become DistilledODN. Back then we wanted to help clients get changes implemented faster by separating marketing / SEO-driven changes from the engineering backlog. Not only that, we wanted to help... Read more

  • SearchLove San Diego 2020: Community Speaker Applications Now Open

    Are you looking to secure your first speaking gig? Maybe you’ve done a couple of local meetups and are looking to share your knowledge in front of a bigger audience. Well good news, applications for community speaker sessions for SearchLove San Diego 2020 are now open! Not sure what our community... Read more

  • A Journey Through SEO Testing with ODN

    If you asked a UX professional whether adding upsell items to a checkout process results in more sales or more abandoned carts, they’d tell you to test it — second guessing users is seen as foolish. Yet for many companies, SEO has no testing at all, just endless reams of best practice and... Read more

  • Crawl Budget Optimisation Through Log File Analysis

    Log file analysis is one of those tasks you might not do often - due to data availability & time constraints - but that can provide insights you wouldn’t be able to discover otherwise, particularly for large sites. If you’ve never done a log analysis or are unsure what exactly to look for and where... Read more

  • What is Content Marketing?

    In 2013, Nabisco won the internet with a single tweet. That year, the Super Bowl famously suffered a power outage. Between the time the lights went out and then were brought back, their Oreo team managed to create a promotional image, write copy, and then tweet it. Power out? No problem.... Read more

  • Five Ways to Make Your Workload Less Stressful

    Your email inbox is overflowing, you’ve got a day full of meetings, you didn’t finish that research yesterday, and you’ve got that presentation due in two days. Sound familiar? I’ve had a few of these days, so set about finding ways to manage my workload better. The overarching approach to... Read more

  • SearchLove London 2019: The Great Big Round Up

    On 14th and 15th October, we made our annual visit to The Brewery in London for our UK edition of SearchLove. This year’s conference was our most successful yet, not only in terms of the number of folks attending but also with regard to the high calibre of speakers who joined us over the jam-packed... Read more

  • Google’s Robots.txt Parser is Misbehaving

    The newly-released open source robots.txt parser is not, as Google claims, the same as the production Googlebot parsing code. In addition, we have found cases where each of the official resources disagrees with the others. As a result, there is currently no way of knowing how the real Googlebot... Read more

  • Emotional Intelligence at Work: Why I’m Trying to be Less Empathetic

    If you aren’t yet familiar with the concept of Emotional Intelligence (also known as emotional quotient or EQ), it’s probably time to take note. In his book Emotional Intelligence NY Times science writer Daniel Goleman argued that it wasn’t, as previously thought, IQ that guaranteed business... Read more

  • Removing SEO Text: SEO Split Testing Lessons from DistilledODN

    Across most verticals, websites commonly will have text below the fold that predominantly exists to target search engines, not users. We’ve all seen it and we all know hardly anybody reads it other than Googlebot. Unsurprisingly, John Mueller has previously advised against including this kind of... Read more

  • What Google’s Star Rating Rich Snippet Changes Mean for You

    On Monday this week, Google announced that they would be changing their treatment of star rating rich snippets in search results. We already know that Google wasn’t happy with how star rating rich snippets (like those pictured above) were being used in the wild. “Structured data penalties” have... Read more

  • Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit

    Technical SEO is the discipline responsible for determining whether the implementation of a website is reducing the organic search traffic coming to that site, and then fixing those implementation problems. A technical audit uncovers such issues. Read more