• 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Local and Small Businesses

    Let me start off by saying that digital marketing for local and small businesses does not need to be difficult. Many of the companies I’ve worked with in the past see it as a daunting task that is going to take too much time, money and a team of people to do. Sometimes they are right, but a... Read more

  • Creative Inspiration: Content We Enjoyed this Spring

    Every brand should have an event calendar; you should know when anniversaries, yearly celebrations and public holidays are taking place so that you can leverage them to your advantage. At Distilled, the team have a broad range of passions and interests, which means the types of content we share... Read more

  • Finding a Happy Medium: Should You Use Medium for Your company’s Content?

    You’ve likely read an article on Medium before, even if you didn’t notice the green “M” hanging out in the corner of your screen. The platform houses tons of popular content created by both its users and publications alike. A place for thoughtful, long-form, niche and technical content, it's not surprising that everyone from CEOs to freelance journalists posts there regularly. Increasingly, businesses and publications have been using this platform for their content distribution. With all that in mind, is Medium the right way for your business to reach new readers? Read more

  • Common CRO Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

    There are so many intricacies to Conversion Rate Optimization and UX testing, it’s easy to feel like you’re on information overload. There are tons of metrics you can compare, various reports you can dive into, a plethora of ways to form hypotheses and implement tests, several platforms for testing... Read more

  • 5 reasons to attend SearchLove Boston 2018

    This June 7th & 8th we are hitting up Boston for our annual East Coast conference, and we can’t wait! Not only do we love hosting in this fantastic city, but this year we’re also hosting in a super new venue; The Revere Hotel in downtown Boston. If you were following along on our #searchlove... Read more

  • What We Learned in March 2018: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

    March has possibly been the toughest month for Facebook since it was created 14 years ago. Whistleblowers revealed how the social media giant had shared data with Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics firm behind successful presidential and Brexit campaigns. The data they gathered was then used... Read more

  • SearchLove San Diego 2018 Round Up

    2018 was our fifth year in San Diego for SearchLove and what a blast it was. This year we hit a couple of personal milestones: selling our 5,000th SearchLove ticket and San Diego was completely sold out for the third year in a row. SearchLove San Diego 2018 saw 200 people in one room from all over... Read more

  • Google Data Studio Tutorial

    Google Data Studio is a communication tool. It brings together data you store in several places so you can visualize it on one screen. The goal of using Data Studio is to become a data communicator, not a data plumber. There are several Data Studio beginner’s guides in the wild. I’ve created this... Read more

  • What mathematics can teach us about email marketing?

    This is a guest post from Christian Højbo Møller. Christian is educationally an economist but has spent most of his time being a marketer. Although he is specialized in SEO, he has been working with Owned Media as a discipline for many years. He is very data-driven and has an excellent head for... Read more

  • How to Present a Recommendation

    A follow-up to How to use the MECE framework. My first consulting success was down to pure luck. If I had been collaborating with any other client, it would’ve gone the other way. The point of contact was a woman handling digital marketing for a SaaS startup. She was a direct communicator — an... Read more

  • Six Optimization Tips to Get More YouTube Views

    YouTube is known for its entertainment value: on YouTube, you can find a video for everything. However, the popular platform is more than a source of entertainment. YouTube has become the second largest search engine behind Google itself. Processing over 3 billion searches a month, YouTube search... Read more

  • Common Pitfalls of E-Commerce SEO: Duplicate Content

    Duplicate content is one of the most common SEO pitfalls that many e-commerce sites struggle with. And with the growth of a business riding partially on organic success, both regular assessment and proactive SEO work are imperative to give the business its best chance to succeed. Having spent a few... Read more