• An Open Letter to YouTube

    Dear YouTube, I’d like to spend more money with you. A lot more money. My clients are spending significant amounts on TV advertising, which is becoming increasingly expensive and the value is hard to quantify. AdWords has been a revelation for our digital media spend. Where once we were stuck to... Read more

  • Why Not All of Your Videos Should Live on YouTube

    We’re going through exciting times in the online marketing world. Technology is moving faster than we’ve ever seen before and shows no signs of slowing down. As discussed in the scope of this post, there are three core areas that are interlinked and are growing at a huge rate: Devices Internet... Read more

  • 7 Steps to a Seamless Shoot

    Successful video projects rarely just happen; in fact, they involve a great deal of planning. And planning is everything! It is the heart and soul of your project and it is a big task. Knowing where to begin with your video project can seem quite overwhelming at first, but a proper pre-production... Read more

  • Online Marketing just got Hands-On with our London Masterclass!

    In case you hadn’t already noticed, we’re pretty passionate about sharing knowledge here at Distilled. We’ve been running SearchLove (and previously LinkLove too) conferences since 2009, plus we regularly discuss new ideas and techniques on our blog and social channels. Then in 2011 we created our... Read more

  • Metrics to Measure YouTube Marketing

    Most marketers don’t know how to quantify the success of YouTube marketing campaigns. Part of this is down to the (currently sub-par) quality of YouTube analytics data, but a wider problem is that businesses often fail to set KPIs before beginning the process of creating and promoting content on... Read more

  • A Beginner’s Guide to TV Advertising

    In the middle of last year, I began the research that would ultimately lead to me giving a presentation at “Distilledathon” (our company conference) about my vision for the future of marketing. I have long believed that the skills our teams have developed - guided by a deep-seated desire to build... Read more

  • SearchLove Boston session announcement...

    The time has come to see who will be sharing what at SearchLove Boston… There are just seven weeks to go until search marketers galore descend on Boston for the annual SearchLove conference. We’ve got world class speakers, an intimate conference venue and an array of in-house SEOs, marketing... Read more

  • Riding the Waves of Digital Disruption, this Week’s DistilledLive Video

    Will is joined by the Chairman of the Board (no, not you Iggy ) John Varney for this week’s DistilledLive video which takes a look at the digital disruption set to hit our screens. Tune into the full video below. You can read along with the video transcript just here. For more insight into the... Read more

  • Hyper-Targeted Audiences, This Week’s DistilledLive Video

    En vogue with our ‘TV month’ here at Distilled, Rob Toledo and Jacob Klein talk us through the changing face of digital content in this week’s DistilledLive video. Where is entertainment going and where do we, as online marketers, fit into this picture? You can read the full... Read more

  • Online Marketing & The Future of Television

    It has been said that one can tell what a person values most by examining how they utilize their spare time. If this is true then we (Americans in particular) place quite a bit of worth on our television shows. You’ve probably seen statistics like these before but last year Nielsen estimated that... Read more

  • Stream, Stream, Stream: A Look at the Current State of TV

    Beatles or Stones? VHS or Betamax? Cable TV or Streaming? What would you say? It is increasingly likely that you will be a ‘streamer’ not a ‘tv-er’, with good reason. Streaming has come a long way in a short time, ‘buffering’ used to be the bleakest of predicaments, stuttering playback and delayed... Read more

  • The Democratization of Video Advertising

    February is a glorious month for television in the US, hosting the legendary Super Bowl, a climactic fusion of modern mass media advertising and entertainment. While I remain a sportsball agnostic Seattle nonfan, as an advertising specialist I’m always excited to see how companies will use the... Read more