What We Learned in November 2017: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

In our final roundup before Christmas, there’s plenty to talk about from all the main players in the tech and marketing industries. The hottest topic at the moment is undoubtedly net neutrality, set to affect the US but with potential repercussions much further afield.

Net neutrality argument rages on

It’s the current hot-button topic, and while the repeal of net neutrality has few supporters among consumers of the web, it’s worth looking at the issue away from the filter bubbles that social media tends to offer. The latest Moz Whiteboard Friday offers an excellent explainer, complete with SEO and digital marketing repercussions. In addition, Ben Thompson of Stratechery offers a detailed breakdown of how what’s happened so far and how things might pan out.

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The new Firefox is really fast

While still the browser of choice for many, Firefox’s share of users has been steadily declining over the last few years. However, the new version is seriously fast, for many reasons, and maker’s Mozilla will be hoping it will gain ground on the likes Google Chrome and Safari. Mozilla has also broken down just how the new version is so speedy.

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Is your company's Slack sexist?

So many companies, Distilled included, relies on Slack for effective and innovative communication across the business. However, as it becomes a core part of everyday work life, there’s a danger it can start to show sexist tendencies. Leah Fessler explores how this happens and what you can do about it.

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Online news trusted more than most sources

According to a UK survey, online news is the most-trusted medium, coming second behind only TV. It is considered more trustworthy than Facebook, Twitter, radio and print. Additionally, 26% of respondents get the majority of their news from Facebook. For comparison, 45% of Americans use Facebook as a news source.

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Knowledge graph eats featured snippets

The prevalence of featured snippets in search has risen from about 5.5% in November 2015, to 16% in September 2017. Unsurprisingly, this has made them an enticing prospect to try and achieve for many brands. However, there has been a recent drop in searches resulting in a featured snippet. Many of these ‘lost’ featured snippets have been replaced by Knowledge Graph entries.

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Google to clamp down on poor AMP experiences

Having seen its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project take off, Google is now turning its attention to those using the platform in a less-than-ideal way. It is cracking down on publishers providing markedly different experiences when comparing an AMP piece of content to an equivalent non-AMP page. One particularly unwelcome practice is using AMP as a ‘teaser’ page to a piece of content.

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Crawl rates might not work as documented

It’s a commonly held belief in SEO that the crawl rate setting in Google Search Console isn’t designed to increase the rate of crawls, but rather to limit the number of crawls if it’s causing issues (like slowing down your server). Oliver Mason has done some testing on this and found that, in practice, it might not be so straightforward.

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Google Assistant will help you find local home services

As more and more people get comfortable with the idea of using Google Assistant, the search engine giant is busy adding further capabilities. In the latest update, you will now be able to ask for help finding certain services, such as asking Google to find you a plumber. The tradesman and services on offer will have been prescreened by Google.

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Apple hit by embarrassing security flaws

Apple recently launched the latest version of its operating system, called High Sierra. It quickly emerged that any Mac with the update could essentially be taken control of using a blank password. Apple moved quickly to patch the problem, but with that update, many users found they could no longer share files.

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Distilled News

The videos of all the talks at SearchLove London are now available. The easiest way to view them all is to sign up for a full DistilledU account. Meanwhile, tickets for both SearchLove San Diego 2018 and Boston 2018 are available, both with early bird discounts still on offer.

On the Distilled blog, senior designer Vicke Cheung has proposed a case for getting up to speed with design tool, Sketch. NYC Consultant Jeremy Gottlieb has been exploring LinkedIn’s new Demographics feature, with a few ways you can start using it, too. Finally, London analyst Anabella Repond shared her best tips for finding your search competitors.

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