What We Learned in July - The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

While not on the same level as Microsoft's $26billion purchase of LinkedIn, this month's news is dominated by Verizon's multi-billion dollar acquisition of Yahoo. There is also the usual array of news from Google, including more AMP developments. Instagram also gets in this month's biggest stories, with its newest feature, aptly named 'Stories'.

The biggest stories from July

Yahoo! sold to Verizon for $4.8billion

The ailing internet powerhouse Yahoo! has been sold to Verizon in a deal worth $4.8billion. The deal includes almost the entirety of Yahoo!’s product lines, including its search capabilities, Flickr and Tumblr. The question for the SEO industry is whether Verizon is now in the search game, or whether Yahoo! has left it forever. It also means Verizon will now have advertising deals with Google and Microsoft.

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How did Dollar Shave Club reach a $1billion valuation?

Dollar Shave Club was recently sold to Unilever for $1billion. The question is, with Gillette’s seeming lockdown on the razor market, how did the company earn such a high valuation. Stratechery dives into the story behind its amazing growth, proving how to grow a brand in a post-TV world.

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Facebook launches SnapChat-esque Instagram Stories

In a move that’s an obvious attempt to compete with SnapChat, Instagram has released its new Stories feature, which is aimed at urging users to share the ‘imperfect’ moments between the curated perfection that most people try to achieve with their feed. The posts only last 24 hours and you can adorn photos with drawings, text and effects.

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AMP is rolling out to all mobile results

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project has been gaining traction for some time now. The search engine giant has now given publishers and online brands the strongest signal yet that AMP is here to stay and worth investing time and effort in - it is now planning to show AMP links everywhere in its mobile search results.

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Google launches new natural language parsing API

With the intelligent personal assistant revolution in full swing, Google has now released the beta of its Cloud Natural Language API, which gives developers access to its sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis.

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Twitter making it easier to get a blue tick

For years, there has been no way to apply for a ‘verified’ account on Twitter, and getting the little blue tick was a sign that you were of serious public interest. While the ‘public interest’ part still applies, anyone can now apply for a verified account on Twitter using their new online process.

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Reddit will allow advertisers to sponsor user posts

Reddit has long been seen as a notoriously difficult social platform to advertise on, as users are acutely aware of ‘being advertised to’. However, Reddit has also slowly shifted to allowing greater opportunities for advertisers on the site. The latest feature will allow advertisers to sponsor a post (with the poster’s consent), gifting the user a premium account in the process.

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Distilled News

We’ve now announced the full lineup for SearchLove London, which you can see here. It’s our best lineup yet for the two-day conference. Early bird tickets are now also on sale for our San Diego conference.

On the Distilled blog, Consultant Tim Allen has created a comprehensive Google Analytics audit checklist,  while CEO Will Critchlow has been discussing how to write more effective business documents. Following on from our Drum Search Award wins, Senior Designer Leonie Wharton has put down the ground rules for crafting award-winning content.

In a busy month of writing, Tim has also been discussing the future of e-commerce on the Moz Blog, while fellow Consultant Jeremy Gottlieb has shared his most useful tips for mastering SEO in Excel.

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