Is the Internet Making Us Less Sociable?

This week we've ditched our computer screens in favour of real-life interaction at a few events going on at Driftrock's Old Street London pop-up shop. It got us thinking about different forms of interaction and the part the internet plays in all this. What do you think? Is the internet making us less sociable as a society?

"it's unlikely we're having meaningful encounters"

"we're connecting with more people"

Harriet Cummings, Copy Editor

Rosie Scott, Outreach Specialist

Yes! It’s difficult to engage with one another when we’re all constantly staring down at our phones. Okay, maybe we’re on social networks. But does this really count as being sociable? The vast majority of the time people act as silent voyeurs – scrolling through pages without commenting or getting involved in conversations.

The times we do get involved it’s unlikely we’re having meaningful encounters. We’re not that accountable and it’s all too easy to duck out of any conversation that gets difficult (or dull).

Of course it’s different for everyone but I’m always keen to ‘switch off’ every now and then.”

No! I think a lot can be said for the internet making people more sociable – we're connecting with more people in more numbers of ways than ever before. Being sociable doesn't have to mean meeting face-to-face. These days we can tweet, hangout on Skype or G+, and chat constantly on Whatsapp.

Sure, we need to remember to make the effort to see each other in person too but I think the internet allows us to fill in the gaps between meetups brilliantly.

As well as keeping in touch with old friends, the internet has made it easy to meet loads of new people too – Tinder, anyone?!”

Care to meet Rosie, myself and a few other members of our team? Good! Then come along to our speed networking event this Friday (25th April) at Driftrock's Old Street pop-up shop. We'd love to see you there!

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