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What Q features women in sequin dresses, revolving sports cars, and an audience ready to pass out from the excitement of being on camera? Quiz shows, of course!

Here at Distilled, we love to test our knowledge of online marketing. That’s why we’ve been rolling out some shiny new features for our online university, DistilledU. After completing a module, you can challenge your increased brain power with a multiple-choice test. Okay, so they’re not quite game shows. You have to clap your own correct answers and provide your own bow tie. But you do get to put your results up on a scoreboard to compare with your teammates. Ding ding!

With a love of testing in mind, here’s a list of our favourite quizzes and tests from around the web:

Test yourself on SEO

Exactly how mighty are your SEO-skills? Thanks to Moz, we can find out once and for all with this 15 minute test.

Get mathematical

Partial to solving the odd computational problem? Project Euler invites maths-enthusiasts to scratch their head at a list of challenges.

Explore the exotic

If, like mine, your mind is a little boggled right now, here’s some light relief. This fun little travel quiz asks you to identity destinations from a choice of two. Can you tell the difference between The Shard and Ryugyong Hotel? Know what Shanghai’s Tianshan Tea Market looks like? Pit your wits while travelling the globe.

Find your political compass

What kind of political company do you keep? Taking around 3-5 minutes, this test is designed to give you a better idea of where you stand politically.

Guess the language

Think you’ve got an ear for languages? Try the Great Language Game. You’ll be played audio snippets from a range of 80 including Swahili, Dutch, Fijian, Greek and Czech.

FireShot Screen Capture #081 - 'The Great Language Game' - greatlanguagegame_com.jpg

JavaScript under pressure

UsVsTh3m do a shed-load of quizzes. Brits may well have enjoyed their How Northern Are You? quiz, for example. Meanwhile, this little gem gets bonus points for including a wee konami code easter egg: You Can't JavaScript Under Pressure.

Do it yourself

As Napoleon once said, “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”. Though I’m not sure he was talking about online quizzes, the point probably still stands. Introducing Sporcle! This website helps you put together your own questions on a topic of choice. There are tons of user-generated quizzes already on here covering all sorts of areas. Ever wondered how many body parts have three letters? Hmm, no, me neither. Well, how about naming the US presidents? Have a go, I dare ya.

Someone even made a quiz based on one of our creative pieces: The Vocal Ranges of the World’s Greatest Singers.

And there you have it – our list of favourite quizzes. (Right about now cash should be falling from the ceiling. Ahh, life should be more like game shows.) If you fancy trying your hand at our DistilledU modules and tests, sign up for a free account here.

So what about you? Got any tests or quizzes you love? Share ‘em in the comments below.

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