What We Learned in February 2017: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

It might be the shortest month, but there’s been a great deal happening in both the tech world and at Distilled in February. Snap Inc. has gone public, Uber is stumbling and Google’s latest algorithm update is making waves. At Distilled, SearchLove San Diego has flown by in a blur of cutting edge advice and tactics, while we’ve been busy writing on the Distilled blog, too.

Industry News

Analysis - Google’s February 2017 algorithm update

On February 7, Google rolled out a major update to their algorithm which looks to have had a significant effect on core rankings. Early signs point to the update affecting the way the algorithm measures ‘quality’, and has made big ranking changes to a number of sites. GSQi digs deeper into the details of the changes.

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Is Snap going the way of Twitter?

Snap Inc., the company behind the hugely popular SnapChat app, is now a publicly traded company. And despite its recent success and high growth, a lot of questions are being asked of the brand. Will it be the next Twitter or the next Facebook? It may have labelled itself a camera company, but it will definitely be seen as a social media company.

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Uber progress hits the brakes

It’s been a bad month for the ride-hailing service, primarily due to the multiple discrimination accusations that have surfaced. Things were made worse when ex-Googler and SVP Engineering Amit Singhal left under a cloud. Susan J. Fowler’s account of working for Uber in the engineering team paints a worrying picture.

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Google AMP bug is messing up Google Analytics

While Google AMP’s influence in the SERPs is growing (it’s now even showing up outside of search results), it’s causing a headache for GA users. The main issue is that a unique visitor can be counted up to four times when AMP is part of the equation, and Google has admitted it has no easy fix for this.

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DMOZ is shutting down

DMOZ: The Open Directory Project will shut down permanently on 14th March, marking the end of a time when humans, rather than machines, ranked websites. Founded in 1998, the same year as Google, it initially represented an alternative to the Yahoo Directory. However, as machine ranking became more and more prevalent, DMOZ slowly faded into obscurity.

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Google 'Ad' labels continue to become more subtle

Since 2013, when Google started marking adverts with ‘Ad’ labels, the label has morphed from a comparatively large yellow label to a small green label. The search engine giant has taken another step towards blending adverts with organic results by giving the label a white background, and only a green outline to distinguish it.

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Distilled news

DistilledODN is the way to go if you want to implement SEO split testing on a large scale, but Dom Woodman has written a blog post showing you how to try it out for yourself using a completely free tool. Also on the Distilled blog, Tom Critchlow has written about the big change in Google’s carousel layout, and Sergey Stefoglo has explored the ways small businesses can embrace their ability to be agile.

SearchLove San Diego 2017 in review

In what turned out to be our biggest SearchLove San Diego event ever, we saw 20 amazing speakers give us their best advice and tips. And it paid off, with attendees rating 95% of speaker ratings being good, excellent and outstanding.  Distilled’s own Tom Capper, Vicke Cheung and Will Critchlow all took to the stage in San Diego. You can see the rest of the slide decks here.

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