Favorite Tools for an Organized Salesperson

Throughout my time working with the Distilled team, leads and clients, I have picked up a few favorite tools that have saved me time, kept me on track, and organized my work life. I thought I would share a few with our community in the hope that some of these tools can help your sales team work more efficiently. 

Photo credit: Mene Tekel, Flickr

1. Cirrus Insights for Gmail: If Salesforce and Gmail had a baby

For quickly adding and updating leads in our Salesforce records, I use Cirrus Insight for Gmail. The Gmail plugin integrates Salesforce with my inbox and allows me to add new leads or update any existing accounts directly through Gmail. In addition, the tool gives me the ability to track/save emails to Salesforce leads or accounts in a few simple clicks.

This little gem has been a lifesaver for me! Since adding it to my Gmail account, I always know that my leads and accounts are up to date with all of the information my team would want to know.

2. Boomerang: My inbox’s best friend

Working in sales, I always have a large number of unread messages when I come into the office each morning. To help organize the messages and make sure my leads/clients are receiving the attention they need, I use the Gmail plugin Boomerang.

With this tool, you can write an email and schedule a time for it to be automatically sent out, or take out messages from your inbox and have them sent to you at a later time.  This latter feature is also very useful as you can have messages sent back to you only if the other party doesn’t reply, ensuring I don’t miss or forget to come back to anything. This super useful tool helps me to my prioritize messages and prepare follow up messages with our clients/leads in my downtime.

3. Rapportive: My mini detective

With each lead that comes into the Seattle office, I like to conduct some quick preliminary research to understand a bit more about our points of contact, where they are located, and their background. Typically, this process would take some time digging through LinkedIn and other sources. However, with the Gmail plugin, Rapportive, I am able to easily obtain an interactive social media profile for the contact on the sidebar of my inbox. I love this tool because it is quick, effective and does not slow down my email.

4. Join.me: The conference line of my dreams

In my time working for agencies, I have used my fair share of screen sharing conference lines for calls with clients and team members.  I have seen how a bad conference line can disrupt productivity and considerably slow momentum.  One of my favorite conference line / screen sharing providers is Join.me. Unlike other tools, Join.me has created an easy to use platform for both the presenter and viewer with no confusing downloads or pins.  In pitches, it is easy for my team to open new sessions, switch presenters and share screen access – all of which allows for a seamless presentation.

5. EchoSign: Sign here, please

I hate fax machines and scanners. The less paper I have to use, the better! So naturally, when I was told that we were moving onto an electronic signature software, I was overjoyed! Once the EchoSign software was synced with my Gmail account, I quickly caught onto its easy to use interface. I have seen business close at a faster rate than before as we are able to get our contracts into the final decision maker’s hands immediately after contracts are drafted.

6. Conspire: My networking assistant

Is your sales team interested in working with a particular company? Are you looking to get an introduction? Conspire may be able to help you leverage your business connections through your email to get that ‘in’ you’ve been looking for! Conspire is a powerful email app that analyzes your email data to recognize the strongest path of connection in your extended network to any person or company you may be interested in speaking with.

Not only has this tool been used for lead generation and business development at Distilled, but it can be used for outreach teams to make new blogger and public relations connections for clients.  

7. Munchery or Postmates: For when my tummy is grumbling, but I'm in the middle of a project

When deadlines need to be met and I’ve already had pizza two nights in a row, I turn to one of my many food delivery apps for something new. Two of my favorite apps to use in Seattle include Munchery and Postmates. Munchery allows customers to pick from a small menu of meals created by local chefs. The meals are delivered to your door chilled with simple heating instructions. Postmates gives you the ability to connect with couriers around town. These couriers can pick up orders from any restaurant with pick up service and have the food delivered to your door hot. These apps can be used to buy a meal for yourself, or for a team when they are working hard to help you finish up a proposal.


So, what about you? Got any tools or tricks you’d care to share with us? Please do so in the comments below. 

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