Escape the Office, Head to SearchLove

Some people think work involves computers, spreadsheets and a thumping headache. To those people, we say relaaax. Our two-day SearchLove conferences get you up to speed with all the industry’s most advanced techniques and ideas. You’ll learn new things, impress the boss and make a ton of industry contacts. In fact, it’ll be like any other two days, except for just a few small changes...

Say hello to your new office:

                        SearchLove San Diego hits Paradise Point this September.

And a slightly bigger screen:

                                     Industry leaders share tips and insights.

                              A single-track setup means you won't miss at thing. 

And how about that 'packed lunch'?

                             Chefs prepare fresh, tasty food for lunch and snacks.

Fancy some London charm? Greet your new door man:

        SearchLove London fills a lovely old brewery near the Barbican.

And get set for a different kind of meeting: 

                     We spend a long time finding the best, most exciting speakers.

Then pause for thought:

                         Professional masseuses work their magic during the breaks.

Time to face the commute home. Or is it?

                      We put on a big party on the first night of each conference.

                            And more laid-back industry drinks on the second.

So, just a standard two days in the office, right?

                            We all like to make new friends and industry contacts.

We'd love to see you at SearchLove San Diego this September, or London in October. What's more, Super Early Bird prices are soon to end on Tuesday 1st July. Grab your ticket now before prices go to Early Bird, saving you a rather nice $200 for San Diego, and £100 for London.

Any questions for us? Just email or get busy in the comments below.

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