Distilling Distilled: The New Monthly Newsletter

I’ve recently been on an email binge. I’ve signed up for as many marketing, technology and start-up newsletters as possible, and watched the various iterations from all manner of brands and publishers roll in.

People (often rightly) complain about the spam emails they receive, with the Gmail promotions tab, among others, offering these often well meaning, but ultimately unwanted emails a place to die.

While we’ll never get it 100% right, we try our best here at Distilled to make sure you only get the emails you care about. That’s why, we have a number of different subscriptions, from free training videos to SearchLove information. You can select them all, at which point, you could receive more than one email a week, or select just the one, and you’ll hear from us once a month.

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The best Distilled posts

Useful resources from the rest of the web Free marketing training videos Discounts and promotions for SearchLove and DistilledU Careers with Distilled Much more

Need a bit more detail about what you should expect?

The very best resources Distilled has produced

If you include everything we write on our own blog, our writings on Moz and other industry-renowned publications, slide decks from presentations, case studies and the occasional internal resource we realise should be shared outside of the Distilled bubble, we make a lot of content - sometimes upwards of 15 a month.

In our the new monthly email, you’ll get three or four cherry-picked items that will help upgrade your digital marketing efforts.

Other people’s stuff that deserves to be shared

Once a month we share some of the most important stories from the world of digital with each other and our clients. When you’re busy hitting deadlines and trying to improve your brand or your client’s brand, keeping up with the news will inevitably take a back seat - hence the need for this kind of roundup. We’ve seen the value internally, so we wanted to share it with you too.

SearchLove Discounts and deals

Attended any of our annual conferences before? If so, you’ll know why SearchLove is held three times a year every year. If you haven’t been, check out all the information here. We’ll use the newsletter as an opportunity to share some of the biggest discount and group offers for the conferences.

Free training videos

If you have a DistilledU full account, you can watch all the videos from past SearchLove events. We also share one a month with our free training videos subscription. We’ll also share some of the very best in this new monthly newsletter.

Careers with Distilled

We’re hiring in all three offices at the moment, but we’ll wait until we find the perfect person for the job and for Distilled. You’ll find links to our new openings in the email. If you want to know more about working for Distilled, head here.

Other cool stuff

Sometimes something share-worthy comes along that we know will be useful for the digital marketing world. This is where you’ll find it. We can’t say much more than that, because they are, by nature, unplanned, but they often turn out to be some of the coolest stuff we’ve made.

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