DistilledLive is back in London on Thursday 22nd June

DistilledLive is back in London with our second meetup in 2017, this time taking a deep dive into e-commerce.

Join us for 3 actionable talks from the Distilled team and Richard Shove, Head of SEO at Notonthehighstreet.com. Enjoy an evening of learning, interesting discussion and friendly networking. Post meetup, we’ll be at the Tanner & Co. until late.

Tickets are £10, and we only have about 50 available. Click the big button below to get yours.


Why are tickets £10?

As we’re very limited for space in our London office, and can only accommodate 50 guests, we’re charging £10 simply to guarantee attendance, which will mean an enjoyable and practical evening for everyone who comes along. Don’t forget: your ticket includes food and drink before the talks start, and drinks at Tanner & Co. afterwards.

An evening of learning and discussion

Starting with a welcome reception at 6:30 pm, the first of our three talks will get underway at 7 pm and the last talk will finish at 8:30 pm. There’ll be time for a Q&A after every talk. Then, after some food and refreshments, we’ll be heading to the Tanner & Co. at 9 pm until around 11 pm. You’ll learn a bunch of immediately actionable tips and tricks, and have plenty of opportunity for a bit of friendly networking with the Distilled team and other meetup attendees.

Who’s speaking?

Richard Shove, Head of SEO at Notonthehighstreet.com

Maximising teamwork across agency and inhouse teams - Having crossed over from agency to inhouse in recent times, Richard will be discussing his experiences and lessons from both sides of the fence. Agency / inhouse relationships are not always easy and with a shift towards building inhouse resource, it’s more important than ever to work effectively. This means collaborative thinking and getting sh*t done.

Stephan Solomonidis, Distilled Consultant

You need a faster website: practical site speed for e-commerce- A faster website used to be a nice-to-havealways just a little less important than tweaking a title tag or call-to-action. But there are 3.4 billion internet users now, and a whole generation growing up with the mobile phone as their main device. Five-second load times and poor connections are still the norm for many users, even as their spending continues to move online. Google has a vision of how this will play out—a competitive and lucrative race where the best, fastest, most seamless user experience wins. So it’s no longer enough to apply a few tactics—we have to get obsessive about speed. Stephan will talk about practical ways to take advantage of this opportunity now, potentially years before your competitors take it seriously.

Dominic Woodman,

Start testing everything - Digital marketing sold itself on the promise of measuring everything. In CRO and PPC, it’s the way things have always been done. SEO? Not so much. For too long we've relied on hand waving and approximate measures of search visibility. It's been hard to calculate the effect of SEO and we've struggled to get buy in to push our changes through. But SEO split testing is finally taking off: the big guys—Amazon, Pinterest, Etsy—have been pioneering it and we've been doing plenty of it at Distilled with our split testing platform.


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