DistilledLive is Back in London on Thursday 2nd February

It’s been a while, but DistilledLive meetups are back in London. We’re holding our first meetup of 2017 (with many more in the pipeline), right here in our London HQ on Wednesday 2nd February. If you’re in need a kick-start to your digital marketing year, then this is perfect for you, as you’ll be treated to three actionable talks and friendly networking.

Tickets are £10, and we only have about 40 available. Click the big button below to get yours.


Why are tickets £10?

As we’re very limited for space in our London office, and can only accommodate 40 marketers, we’re charging £10 simply to guarantee attendance, which will mean an enjoyable and practical evening for everyone who comes along.

An evening of learning and discussion

Starting with a welcome reception at 6:30 pm, the first of our three talks will get underway at 7 pm and the last talk will finish at 8:30 pm. There’ll be time for a Q&A after every talk. Then, after some food and refreshments, we’ll be heading to the Tanner & Co. at 9 pm until around 11 pm. You’ll learn a bunch of immediately actionable tips and tricks, and have plenty of opportunity for a bit of friendly networking with the Distilled team and other meetup attendees.

Who’s speaking?

Zee Hoffmann Jones, Distilled Consultant

A love letter to testing: going beyond best practices: SEO started as a field where testing (albeit manually) was the focus of everyone's best guesses. Since then, as we see more "best practices" make their way through blogs we follow, it's hard to know who really knows their stuff and who doesn't. Zee Hoffmann Jones will present a case study where trusting and testing her hypothesis gave insights that contradicted the "best practices" out there, and provided real value to her client.

Sam Nemzer, Distilled Consultant

Proving the first few things you learnt about SEO right (or wrong): When we first started learning SEO, there were a few things that were presented to us as unquestionable truths. Sam Nemzer will take you through his attempts to prove whether we should accept the received wisdom, or throw it out completely.

Kirsty Hulse, Manyminds Founder

Low(er) risk link building for 2017 and beyond: Should the SEO industry still be putting their energy into gaining links? Kirsty will dig into how we can create a diversified set of objectives (links included) without loads of time and resources. Kirsty will end with a few key tactics to get this all up-and-running.

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