Creative Inspiration: 10 of the Best Bits of Content We Enjoyed this Summer

At Distilled, we’re always sharing the great content we happen to stumble across. That could be as simple as getting excited by the most recent Google doodle, or finding a more engaging graph style on Instagram. We wanted to share some of the very best content that has excited, engaged, or educated us with you too.

1. Nukemap - Alex Wellerstein

This map calculates the effects of the detonation of various real nuclear bombs, which is grimly fascinating.

Source: Nuclear Secrecy

2. International Cat Day Animation - Golden Wolf

The content calendar seems to be filled with more and more silly ‘holidays’, but judging by this animation, International Cat Day is one to be taken very seriously.

Source: Golden Wolf

3. 11th of August Google Doodle - Google

Google Doodle is honouring the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop with an original artwork created by Cey Adams, the iconic graffiti artist. You can change the BPM and use a crossfader on the doodle.

Source: it's Nice That

4. Imagine Peace Book - The Creative Corporation

Using the anniversary of John Lennon's song imagine and it's peaceful lyrics, the website encourages you to comment with your messages of peace in a time when the world feels quite troubled. It aims to inspire everyone to imagine a world full of freedom, friendship, equality, kindness, and understanding.


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5. Finishing the Bottom Half of Portraits - Kiwi

For shoe polish brand Kiwi, Ogilvy Chicago completed the bottom halves of famous paintings. They even held an exhibition to show off the works and weave in mentions of the Kiwi brand and products.

Source: Bored Panda

6. The History of Rock - Ithaca Audio

Having made our own History of Rock in the past for Concert Hotels, we were interested to see Ithaca’s new take on a timeline, using the Facebook template to make a timeline, using real footage and actual quotes from legendary musicians as comments.

Source: Ithaca Audio

7. Love Freebies? Get Them Legally - Harvey Nichols

This might be a few years old, but it keeps popping back up as a really innovative video for Harvey Nichols. It shows real footage of shoplifters caught in the act, with their faces covered by funny animations.

8. I Fought the Law - Olivia Locher

Depicting strange laws with creative photography has made for a charming and educational photo series, shot by Olivia Locher.

Source: Olivia Locher

9. Olympic Bodies: Can You Guess Their Sport? - The New York Times 

Different sports build your body in different ways. This long format piece looks at how Olympic sports change the shape of the human form.

Source: The New York Times

10. Mona Chalabi - Guardian Data Editor

Mona uses photography and illustration to make data a little more light-hearted. Our favourite is this little graph of dog name popularity in NY.

Source: Mona Chalabi

What content have you enjoyed lately? Let us know in the comments. 

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