Creative Inspiration: Content We Enjoyed this Autumn

Autumn’s roundup focuses on making the mundane memorable. Whether it’s weather-watching, logging into a website, or scrolling endlessly through a long form, we are used to norms. Login forms are dull, grey boxes, a cursor is an arrow, and weather predictions are told with satellite images – it’s what we are used to. This roundup looks at how the ordinary has been reimagined with little touches that make you look twice.

UX reimagined

Charlie vs the world - Do the Green Thing

The cursor reimagined. This scrolling piece uses some very fitting visual imagery. Discussing the carbon footprint of a cocaine habit, a white line links one piece of content to the next. As you scroll you find out the carbon equivalent of various amounts of cocaine, which are astounding! 50g is the same as buying 56 new iPhones and throwing them in a river. My favourite touch here though is the cursor, which is a nose!

Animated Login Avatar - Daris Senneff

Login fields reimagined. Darin Senneff has created an animated SVG login avatar. Login forms are so dull. The bane of my life, in fact! Anything that can make this less laborious should be considered if it does not throw up UX issues. Fewer fields, conversational intro text, colour, password managers, and in this case a little guy who seems to react when your details are entered. Smiling when you enter your email address, and comically covering his eyes so as not to peek when you enter your password.

Logo Eyes - Creative Boom

Logo reimagined. We have all seen logos animate, or become smaller and perhaps more simplified as you scroll down a page, but Creative Boom, have been more inventive. The ‘OO’ in the word ‘boom’ animate – turning into a set of eyes which move into the centre of the page, the eyes follow the cursor position as you scroll.

T-Rex Dinosaur game - Google Chrome

Offline mode reimagined. When Chrome fails it used to launch a little one button game (of which we are big fans at Distilled: Brexit bus game, Emergency stop game). In the game, you use the spacebar to jump, and the dinosaur dies when you come into contact with a cactus. The way the dinosaurs eyes bulge out here is my favourite part. I got to 560 points, and no, I haven’t spent the last half hour playing it…

Onsite content reimagined

About Us Page - Cornett

Identity reimagined. About pages can be hard, there are certainly some questionable ones out there. Not everyone likes having their photo taken, and unless you have a studio, it can be hard to maintain consistent backgrounds and lighting. But what is an about us page trying to show? That the people behind the company are human, smart, approachable, and someone you would want to collaborate with. We build relationships based on connections. Cornett’s about page is a square product montage of things that are important in those people’s lives – showing their passions, fashions, and identities, not through a photo of their face but with objects that mean something to them.

The Dangers of Storm Surge - The Weather Channel

Weather predictions reimagined. It can be hard to imagine what changes in the weather will feel like, especially dramatic ones. We are used to seeing aerial satellite shots of swirling storms approaching – showing the direction, speed and perhaps to some extent the ferocity of a storm – but it doesn’t explain what it will feel like on the ground. The Weather Channel, used a virtual reality studio to do just that. Gigantic walls of water circling the presenters, showing just how high the water could come. This realism, I would hope, enticed people in risk areas to evacuate without hesitation.

Media reimagined

Sounds from the world - NY Times

Podcasts reimagined. This piece could easily have worked as a podcast; it is after all about sound. But there is something about sound paired with amazing photography that shapes a different experience that sound alone, or video (sound with moving image) could not create. The scrolling mechanism also allows time for pause and reflection, and like reading a book over watching a film, the lack of movement leaves some of the story to the imagination.

My favourite snippet from this piece is the noise that city rats make, they’ve even captured rat laugher! To do this, the frequency of sound that rats make had to be lowered to the human vocal range so we can hear it.

Money Reimagined

Notable Women - Google

Bank notes reimagined. Distilled created a piece on this theme, called Dead Men on Dollar Bills, which highlighted that 85% of the world’s banknotes have men on them.  We imagined how notes would look with inspirational female figures on, including Emmeline Pankhurst and J.K. Rowling. Google has taken this a step further making, 100 notes featuring women, along with the story of why they deserve to be commended.

Products reimagined

Halloween Instagram posts - Lush

Bath bombs reimagined.  The holidays are the perfect time to launch a product range with a twist. Lush cosmetics turned their bath bombs into googly eyes! There is undoubtedly something chilling about these unblinking balls all gazing mindlessly.

Data reimagined

Midterm Election Candidates Diversity - NY Times

Graphs reimagined. We often have internal battles here at Distilled about the clearest and most creative way of showing data. Clear and creative often feeling like they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, with the clearest usually being the humble bar graph, and arguably not the most creative  This piece, however, succeeds in telling a simple story in an interesting way. Animating small multiples to show percentages communicates the diversity in the recent midterm elections. The cut-out heads enable us to see the 26 lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender candidates. As the piece zooms out, it shows us how the share of candidates who are white men, at 58%, is the lowest in the past four elections!

What content have you enjoyed lately? Let us know in the comments.

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