Back to the Brewery: SearchLove Sessions Now Live!

There’s a whole lot in store this coming autumn at SearchLove London. So grab a cuppa and comfy chair, then feast your eyes on what to expect this October 27th and 28th.

We'll be returning to the magnificent surroundings of The Brewery in the City of London for two jam-packed days of marketing. In case you missed it, check out the speaker lineup over here. Our annual London conference sees hundreds of smart marketers descend on the capital, excited for the latest insights into search and the broader world of online marketing. If you want to be 'in the know' then register your place, we always sell out, so don’t miss being amongst the smartest minds in the industry.

(The specific scheduling has not yet been confirmed, but we’ll let you know as soon as it has been.)

Bulletproofing Your Local Search Presence for 2015 and Beyond - with David Mihm

Google has shaken its local search results more in 2014 than any year since the 10-pack was first introduced--not just algorithmically, but visually. In a takeaway-packed presentation, Moz’s Local expert David will take you through what you need to prepare for on this side of the pond based on the U.S. rollout of the “Pigeon” update, new Google Maps, and mobile search results.

The Measurement Behind Your Integrated Marketing Strategy - with Mackenzie Fogelson

Everyone involved in brand building has encountered the problem of unrealistic performance expectations: too much expected, too soon. This seems especially true with online measures; after all, if it can be distributed at the speed of light, shouldn’t results arrive just as fast? Measuring and communicating the value of your integrated marketing strategy, then, presents a formidable challenge.

Mack will discuss how to approach integrated marketing measurement so that you can earn the trust of your boss or client – from correlating goals to the right metrics, to finding the right key performance indicators, to putting the focus on the bigger picture your data is drawing.

Putting the X into Content - with Molly Flatt

Content marketing is the social media buzzword of the year. 74% of brands plan to increase their spend on content marketing this year, and millions of dollars of venture capital are being ploughed into start-ups such as Contently and Kapost. But for every content king such as Coca-Cola or Red Bull, there are hundreds of marketers across the globe creating meaningless digital white noise.

Molly will examine what valuable branded content really means. She’ll then offer practical tips on how brands can shift their perspective – by focusing on consumers, reinstating silence, and finding the sweet spot between entertainment and utility – in order to bring the content back to ‘content’.

The Threat of Mobile - with Will Critchlow

Our focus on responsive websites and our fascination with app store rankings may be blinding us to the real threats and opportunities of the mobile revolution. In particular, as Google continues to ratchet up its mobile-first approach to design and Facebook looks more and more like a mobile channel, what should we be changing in our campaigns and strategies?

Becoming a Digital Superhero - with Ade Lewis

Whilst there are often big differences between working freelance, in-house or as part of an agency, we all face a common set of challenges: how to form lasting relationships with clients, how to learn from our successes, and how to handle things when they go wrong. Ade has actionable tips, tools and takeaways to help us all become digital superheroes.

The Landing Page Manifesto - with Oli Gardner

In the only landing page session you'll need to attend this year, Oli will deliver the 10 commandments of high-converting landing pages. You’ll see how to use contextual design and the psychology of conversion to build search marketing experiences that elevate your brand as well as your conversion rates. Watch as Oli tears bad experiences into a bloody mess before reconstructing them with a little conversion love.

Get More from your Content: Embrace your Inner Geek - with Matt Beswick

For many, there is a real fear when it comes to the more technical side of Search, but don’t worry – Matt is on a mission to help you embrace the geekery without (too much) pain. From data analysis to web scraping and APIs, you’ll learn how to kick-start your ideation process, build better content, and get more from your outreach. He’s even promised to throw in a few freebies, too!

Running Promotional Campaigns: The Good, Bad and Ugly - with Iain Haywood

Competitions and giveaways can be powerful campaign tools in their own right, but are often overlooked as an added extra; packaged into a general campaign or media buy. This presentation will cover areas like planning, delivery, marketing, prizes and compliance with examples of where marketers can make strategic gains and reduce exposure to associated risks, like fraud, logistical problems, and PR blowback.

Are Your Google Analytics Reports Pretty Little Liars? - with Annie Cushing

It can be easy to be fooled by complicated data. But don’t fret, Google Analytics expert Annie is here to show us how to ensure we’re making wise data-driven decisions. Hear about some of the worst mistakes companies make, and how we can avoid these in our own analytics.

Virtual Campfire: Girlguiding Social Strategies - with Jo Kerr

Girlguiding is arguably the UK’s largest offline social network, and is currently undergoing a perception-busting digital transformation. Find out how the Girlguiding digital team uses social to champion the voices of girls and young women, share inspirational content, and engage with over half a million members.

Data Driven SEO - with David Sottimano

From past experiences with data, Dave knows relying on our gut can be a mistake. Instead, we need to take comfort in the validation of solid data to ensure we’re making profitable decisions. Sharing real client examples, Dave will run through the essential steps: how to decide on a hypothesis, create conditions, and gather data.

Existential Crisis Management (the Musings of a Content Strategist) - with Hannah Smith

It's not just search and technology that's evolving – consumers' expectations are too. In Europe and the US, consumers would not care if 92% of brands disappeared. To flourish in the future, brands need to stand for something. Hannah will share her thoughts and experiences on how to figure out what to stand for and create a meaningful brand.

Turbocharging your WordPress Website - with Jono Alderson

A technical tour de force of tips, tricks and practical guides on how to squeeze every possible bit of performance from your WordPress site. Jono will myth-bust performance issues and security worries; demonstrate the ultimate performance combination of hosting configurations, plugin combinations and technical SEO; and give you the tools you need to outperform the competition.

Building a Brand with Online Video - with Phil Nottingham

In a world where the biggest brands are built online, significant ad spend from TV and media is moving to online video, where – as Phil will demonstrate – technical marketers can dominate. Phil is going to be taking a detailed look at how to use video marketing, specifically YouTube, to build up a strong brand identity that creates trust and improves brand signals to ensure you drive more qualified, valuable traffic to your website.

Google Analytics Evangelist - Justin Cutroni

Exact details TBC

What the Flash Crash & Black Boxes can Teach us about the Future of Search - with Kelvin Newman 

May 6th, 2010 the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged about 1000 points only to recover those losses within minutes – this was the Flash Crash. No catastrophes or physical events caused this swing, it was the black boxes of stock market algorithms. Black boxes a lot like Google's. How do we prepare for the future when even Google doesn't know how its algorithm works?

Cracking the SEO Code for 2015: Tactics to Love vs. Leave - with Rand Fishkin

It's all changed – from how people use the web, to how Google ranks pages, to what resonates with influencers. Not surprisingly, the tactics marketers employ need to change, too. But tragically, many of us are stuck in a rut, eeking out the last few drops of fuel from efforts that are dying or dead. What's even worse – the cutting edge practices that are producing remarkable returns heavily benefit early adopters, and if we're not in those groups, we could find ourselves way behind in the years to come. In this presentation, Moz founder Rand will dive deep into what really works to drive traffic, rankings, branding, and conversions (and what's better left in the scrap heap of yesteryear).

Marketing in Your Sleep: How to Build Links, Engagement, Mentions, and Shares with Big Content - with Wil Reynolds

We keep pushing ourselves (and our clients) to do more #RCS. Wil is going to talk through some of his learnings on this journey, sharing expertise on how to get the big ideas, pitch them, and track their impact. In case you’re lucky enough for your big content to get picked up by influencers and journalists, Wil is going to cover how to keep up momentum after the launch. He’ll share actual data from his own #RCS efforts, showing you how the "long tail" of building content focused on helping people will get you everything you need, while you are sleeping. Wouldn't that be nice?

And that's a wrap! Sounds fantastic doesn't it? 

If you’ve been to a SearchLove London conference before, you’ll know that the crowd likes to enjoy a beverage or two after an intensive day of learning. So we’ll, of course, be putting on an aweomse party on the Monday night, and then partnering with our friends at LondonSEO for industry drinks on the Tuesday night. We’re currently on the hunt for a suitable sponsor – if anyone would like to partner with us, drop me a line at 

Aside from the 18 sessions, plus a few bonus slots, you can look forward to lunchtime topic tables, site clinics with our consultants, and a well-earned back massage in the break. And if you can stretch the budget a little further, why not nab a seat at our VIP dinner (the night before the conference with all of our super speakers)?

I hope to welcome you to SearchLove London!

Psst... The current early bird rate of £799+VAT is set to expire in a couple of weeks so get in there quick!

Got any questions? Feel free to leave a comment under this post or emails us at Or go ahead and grab that ticket.

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