A Closer Look at SearchLove

There are a million reasons why you should attend one of our SearchLove conferences. Not least because we pour our heart and soul into them. I’ve been responsible for the SearchLove series for over five years now. Five years! We’ve gotten pretty good at these little ol’ conferences – we know our venues inside and out, we also know all our suppliers and many of our speakers personally. But that doesn’t mean we’ve begun to rest on our laurels. There have been many sleepless nights over the years worrying about every tiny detail. We really care about how our attendees feel at SearchLove, their experience is everything to us.

Meet the Distilled crew

Fancy joining us this spring? Our next two-day conference arrives in Boston on April 30th. When you arrive at SeachLove Boston you'll be greeted by the Distilled team. We’re not employing agency or venue staff; instead, the Distilled crew will down tools and get stuck in for the two days.

We have Distillers from all offices attending, too – they’re a super friendly and wickedly smart bunch. They’ll answer any questions you have and fix issues, be that where to park your car, finding you a green tea, or telling you what’s wrong with your website! Nothing is too much for our team, so don’t be shy. And the fun starts here.

Ask us for advice on your site

Beyond the general meet and greet, we bring our team along to really add value to your conference experience. They will be joining you at the after-parties where you can chat with them over a beer and some bar games.

Alternatively, if you are looking for some expert advice from the team then I highly recommend our one-to-one site clinics. These need to be booked in advance of the conference which gives time for our consultants to prepare for the session. A questionnaire will be sent to you so you can let us know what area you are looking for advice on, be that technical or on-site issues, link building or content strategy ideas. I’ll assign a suitable team member and they’ll spend one of the break times with you, working through our suggested ideas. There’s no extra fee for this.

Debate with your peers

If you’re looking for more of a group discussion, try out the lunchtime topic tables. A member of Distilled will set the topic for discussion, and you can sign-up for the one that most interests you: a great opportunity to share ideas, gather thoughts from peers, learn from industry experts, or just enjoy hearing other people’s experiences.  

Mark discussing creative ideas during our lunchtime topic tables

Distilled conferences are intimate, personalised and structured in a way so that you can immediately connect with attendees, Distilled staff, and speakers alike.

David Cohen

Don’t miss a beat

Trust me when I say that I spend endless hours uncovering the best possible speakers for our one track line-up. I typically spend anywhere between two and four months working out who will grace the SearchLove stage for each conference.

I’ve been working on the line-up for Boston since November last year. My aim was to bring back a few firm favourites and invite some incredible new talent. I’m often asked how I discover new speakers, and I can tell you there’s no secret sauce. I always keep an eye on what’s being shared on Twitter, what people are getting excited about, what topics are hot, and what I know the SearchLove crowd should be hearing.

Of course, working at Distilled also has its benefits. Here, I’m surrounded by lovable geeks who keep me on top of what’s happening in the wondrous world of search; the creatives constantly share their latest discoveries, and internal email threads are often a source of inspiration. And lastly, our team get invited to speak all over the world: the perfect way for uncovering SearchLove suitables!

With the one track format you won’t miss a thing. Unlike other events where you run around like a headless chicken trying to find the next room only for a steward to tell you it’s full, at SearchLove you're guaranteed a seat, since there’s only one place to be.

Here’s the Boston venue – it looks comfy, right?

We love the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center – the auditorium is designed in such a way that the space feels both dramatic and intimate. Music for speaker walk-ons is put together by our resident muso, Lara (we’ve had people request a link to the soundtrack). We find the music sets the mood as the speaker heads to the stage, ready to deliver their killer opening line.

To help keep you on track for the two days, our wonderful in-house design team put together a beautiful booklet which is a bit of a keepsake really. As well as the schedule, it has interviews with our speakers, key takeaways from the previous SearchLove, and some added bonuses. Just another of those little details that we put time and effort into getting right.

Why not try putting down the laptop for a couple of days, and just soak up the advice, knowledge and expertise from our speakers? We provide some handy little note pads to jot key points down, so you can just relax and listen. Plus, we’ll share all the decks with you after the conference, so you won’t miss a beat.

The speakers – hear from expert industry bods in the know

Dedicated solo sessions give our speakers the chance to dig deep into their knowledge and data, and to share real advice and experiences with you. There are only two sessions throughout the two days where we have more than one speaker onstage. The first takes place at the end of the first day, all our expert speakers take to the stage to give you one extra tip. This session is named Let’s Get Real and no tweeting is allowed – the only way to hear what’s shared is to be there.  

We are covering the following topics this spring:

Search Leadership Tactics

Brand Voice and Paid Search

Mobile Test Results

The Web Marketing Trends of 2015

Back to Basics with Search

Measuring Your Video Performance

Analytics: Performance Measurement and Hypothesis Validation

App Store Optimization

Profitability with Full Funnel Ownership

The Most Undervalued Analytics Reports

Creating Your Digital Strategy

Key Steps for Your Content Strategy

Using Psychology and Neurology to Help Your CRO

The Interaction of Customer Experience and Branding with Search

Long-Term Success for Your Social Strategy

Paid Media Opportunities for Inbound Marketers

Rand will be there. What about you?

The evening events

For some of you, networking is one of the main reasons that you attend conferences. Here at Distilled we consider networking super valuable too, though we’d always say put your education and learning experience as your number one priority.

To aid your networking at SearchLove, we host three evening events. The first (a paid event) is for attendees looking for the VIP experience. The night before the conference commences we bring together our speakers and a small group of delegates to enjoy an evening of fine dining and discussion. Perhaps there’s someone from the speaker line-up who you’re keen to chat with, or maybe you just want to meet some fellow delegates ahead of the conference. Either way, the VIP dinner experience is one of our greats, and it always sells out. (There are only four seats left, be quick!)

Following the first day of the conference we host a fab party. In Boston we’ll be returning to our favourite hangout, The Baseball Tavern. Joe and the team at the tavern always go out of their way to look after our delegates, staff and speakers, and make sure a good night is had by all. A real chance to relax, play out the day’s events with your peers, and build those all important contacts. Of course, we’ll provide the booze and snacks to keep those energy levels up!

At the end of the final day, we partner up with another company to host our ‘Industry Drinks’. The evening is low-key – there’s a tab behind the bar and the night is a chance to catch up with those attendees you missed over the two days. You can even extend the invitation to colleagues or local marketers who didn’t get the chance to attend the conference. The more the merrier!

Here’s a reminder of the event details:

  • Where: Boston, MA – Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School (can’t fail to learn!)

  • When: April 30th and May 1st, registration opens at 8am on the first day. The last session will end around 6pm on the second day.

  • What: Advanced online marketing, new material, new data. Inspiring ideas.

  • Who: Only the best speakers we can find.

  • How much: Early bird price is $899, set to rise in a few weeks to $1099. You can get a discount if you’re a Moz pro perks member!

  • Extras: We host a VIP dinner the night before the conference starts; if you want one-on-one access to the speakers, this is the place to be. $300 extra on your ticket, it’s extremely limited and always sells out.

  • Hotel: We have arranged a preferential room rate with the Marriott Courtyard Boston – 777 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA 02139. This room rate is $219 per night, plus taxes. To book a room here, head to this page: http://bit.ly/1AaPAON, or please call the Marriott reservations team on 1-888-236-2427, mentioning the reference: Distilled Inc - Call in Group.

We’ll be arranging a shuttle bus to and from the hotel and conference venue.

So what are you waiting for? Get registered! Questions and comments are always welcome! Also, if you’re excited to see the full schedule for the two days of SearchLove Boston, keep your eyes peeled as it’s going live next week!

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