5 reasons to attend SearchLove Boston 2018

This June 7th & 8th we are hitting up Boston for our annual East Coast conference, and we can’t wait! Not only do we love hosting in this fantastic city, but this year we’re also hosting in a super new venue; The Revere Hotel in downtown Boston.  If you were following along on our #searchlove Twitter hashtag for our recent San Diego conference, you’ll know that the speakers we put on the SearchLove stage are top of their game and will ensure you leave the conference with a ton of new knowledge and ideas to take your business to the next level.

You can still get a ticket for just under $1000 - the classic all-access pass costs $999 - and you get access to the whole conference, lunch, snacks and drinks, as well as the after-show parties on both nights. If you need a few more reasons as to why you should be there, then look no further…

1.  The data speaks for itself

  • In 2017, 90% of our attendees across all three SearchLove conferences said they would recommend attending SearchLove to a friend or colleague.
  • Across all three 2017 conferences, our top three rated speakers averaged a 95% positive rating (outstanding + excellent) on their sessions.
  • One of the confirmed Boston speakers received a 100% positive rating at SearchLove San Diego 2018.

2. Our speakers deliver

Here at Distilled, we push ourselves to be better presenters all the time. We run our ideas by our teammates, we do a number of rehearsals and run-throughs of our decks and we take all the feedback on board.

We don’t just do this ourselves though, we ask the same of our speakers. We know what our speakers are going to present on stage because we’ve worked closely with them on the content and offered feedback during the deck building process. Our speakers really want to be at the top of the rating board. All of this means that they deliver. You will walk away full of ideas and feel inspired.

You can expect the following topics and more(!) to be covered:

For up to date session information & times head to the SearchLove Boston page.

3. You are attending a first of its kind

This will be our first year hosting at The Revere in downtown Boston and the events team are very excited to reveal what’s in store. Moving to a new venue allows us to provide all of our delegates additional desk space throughout the conference, leaving room for that ever important coffee supply. At The Revere, you can look forward to our own dedicated building with separate meeting and break space. You’ll never have to leave the venue; the VIP dinner, networking party and industry drinks will all be taking place on site, meaning no waiting for morning and evening shuttle buses and an ultimate amount of time can be dedicated to networking with your fellow attendees and speakers alike. 

4. You can get personalized advice

We know its a big ask to use your team’s budget and take 2 days out of the office, so we want you to feel like it's worthwhile. As well as all the sessions, chances to ask the speakers questions, hanging out with peers, we also offer you the chance to get 1 on 1  advice, tactics and guidance specifically for you or your company.

Site clinics offer the opportunity for a private session with one of the expert Distilled consulting team to discuss any aspect of your business or website, any area where you need advice be it on technical issues, content strategy or your conversion process. We’ll give you expert advice for you to take back to the office and your team and get to work on, straight after SearchLove. Why not book one of our site clinics once you’ve bought your ticket. Just drop an email to the events team to arrange.

But not only that, we also have our lunchtime topic tables. Select a topic of interest during registration on the first day and have the chance to converse and ask questions to your peers and expert consultant, all whilst enjoying a freshly prepared lunch.

5. Our aim is to be the most welcoming conference in our industry

We’re always striving to do better with our conferences by addressing industry criticism plus specific SearchLove criticism. That’s one of the reasons we’ve moved venues this year to bring you better facilities, tastier food and an overall upgraded experience. However, there are wider issues that we have been focusing on. This year we are really proud to say that we’ll have at least a 50/50 female to male ratio of speakers on the Boston stage. We’re currently rolling out a new scheme whereby we’ll partner with other companies around our industry to increase the opportunities for under-represented groups within our industry and bring them to our conference which we hope to announce soon.

Plus, we’re still pushing hard the visibility of our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is something that we ensure our staff, speakers, sponsors and attendees all know about either before or as soon as the conference commences. We believe in making SearchLove a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.

We hope to see you at SearchLove Boston 2018!

More details can be found in our FAQ section here.

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