10 Years of SearchLove and Rand Fishkin: Free Video Edition

2019 marks 10 years of Distilled hosting conferences. For those that are more recent to our conferences, you’ll know them as SearchLove. For those that have been our friends, attendees, speakers & sponsors for longer,  you might remember the days of LinkLove and ProSEO. One or two might even remember an event in the crypt of a church with only one or two speakers and a couple of dozen delegates from even longer ago. A good number of you might already have your tickets booked to join us in Boston in June.

In that time we have:

  • Had over 200 speakers
  • Hosted thousands of attendees from every continent around the world (except Antarctica)
  • Run our conference in London, San Diego, Boston (and in the past New York and New Orleans)

Making the Best Conference Possible

For each of those conferences, we’re always aiming to select the best speakers we can find, and when they take to the stage the competition is fierce to achieve the best possible speaker score.

At each SearchLove event, we ask our audience to rate each session Outstanding, Excellent, Good, Average or Poor. We then pay the most attention to the percentage of delegates rating a speaker Outstanding or Excellent.

Almost certainly near the top of those rankings, time and time again we see Rand Fishkin, the former co-founder and CEO of Moz, and now CEO at SparkToro.

  1. He has never scored below 80%. Ever. Meaning at least 4 out of every 5 delegates rates his talk outstanding or excellent
  2. Now is a better time than ever to see him speak. He’s coming off a 96.9% in San Diego

Rand Fishkin speaker scores over the last 6 years

Not only is Rand a fantastic speaker, but he has also always been a huge supporter of our conferences, even when he’s not on the stage you’ll see him hanging on the edge of his seat watching our other speakers. Deciding which conference to go to? Here’s Rand’s recommendation:

A look back at the last 5 years of Rand

To celebrate a decade of SearchLove, and the run-up to our Boston conference next month, we’ve decided to give you videos of all of Rand’s sessions from the last 5 years of SearchLove for free. Take a look for yourself at how Rand’s presentations have stood the test of time, and then go and book your place to see him in person at SearchLove Boston.

Sign up to access over 6 hours of Rand Fishkin videos for free.

Where is SearchLove going next?

Our aim is to keep delivering the best conferences we can. In 2019 we have introduced community speaker slots which have helped us identify even more talented speakers such as Andi Jarvis, Luke Carthy, Laura Hogan, Raffa Asquer, Vince Nero, James Corr and Nancy-Lee McLaughlin. And as always we’ll keep inviting back your favorite speakers like Rand.

We want it to keep being the best place to come to learn about all areas of search and digital marketing, and continue to empower people to return to their office, think differently about their work, and feel inspired to go and make a difference in their organisations.

Tickets are already on sale for this year’s Boston and London conference and we are heading back to San Diego in Spring 2020.  We hope to see you there.

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