How to Prioritize SEO Strategy to Get Buy-in & See Results

Author | Travis Tallent - VP, SEO Brainlabs Bio | Travis Tallent is the VP, of SEO at Brainlabs overseeing the SEO product to ensure account teams have the right talent, tools, tech, and process to do their jobs well. Travis lives in Denver, CO, and spends time enjoying nature, playing saxophone in a community band, and volunteering for LGBTQ+ organizations. SEO has changed a lot in a decade. To show value, SEOs used to identify errors on a site... Read more

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    Long-Form Content vs. Short-Form Content: Which Should You Use?

    Author | Amanda Sullivan - SEO Strategist at Brainlabs Bio | Amanda is an SEO Strategist with a B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin. She joined the Brainlabs team in January 2021 after earning a certificate in Digital Marketing where she honed in on her passion for SEO. She... Read more

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    How to Benchmark Your SEO Performance

    An increasingly common request from in-house SEO teams, or digital marketing managers, is for help figuring out how to benchmark their SEO operations. This could be from international managers wanting to compare and contrast individual country-level operations, it could be from senior management... Read more

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    Diagnosing ‘no return tag’ errors in GSC when hreflang, on the surface, looks optimal

    Bio | Annaleis is currently working as an SEO Consultant at Brainlabs. Her experience lies in digital marketing, with a specific focus on search engine optimization (SEO), in developing and executing SEO strategies for a variety of global accounts, in varying industries. She is building her... Read more

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    8 Solid Affiliate Marketing SEO Strategies to Scale Your Organic Traffic

    Author | John Allen - Director, SEO, 8x8 Bio | John Allen is the Director of SEO for 8x8, a leading communication platform with integrated contact center, voice, video, and chat functionality. John is a marketing professional with over 14 years of experience in the field, and an extensive... Read more

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    The Semantic Revolution in SEO & SEM Strategy

    Author | Zach Wales Bio | Zach Wales is a senior strategist in search marketing who has been honing complimentary SEO & SEM strategies for over a decade. He architected the digital marketing department of a full-service agency, HZDG, where his clients included NVR, Inc.; Hilton Hotels; Organic... Read more

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    Zero-Click Searches: What SEOs & Content Marketers Need to Know

    Bio | As an SEO Account Director, Jordan defines Brainlabs’ SEO strategy and drives innovation for our clients. Before joining us, Jordan was the director of SEO & Content at Morgan & Morgan, working with America’s largest personal injury law firm to increase retainers and ensure consistent... Read more

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    5 Important Copywriting Tools Every SEO Pro Needs

    You’re an SEO. You’ve found an incredible keyword gap for your client that their competitors aren’t ranking for. Thrilled, you develop title tag and on-page copy recommendations for your client and are sure that your advice will propel their organic traffic forward. Copywriting tools? For on-page... Read more

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    Is Video Marketing Good for SEO?

    For years marketers have been talking about video in marketing. The rise of video..the importance of video.. everyone should be watching out for video. And they’re right. People are watching more videos than ever, so It’s safe to say that it’s a worthy investment for just about any brand. In fact... Read more

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    Distilled and Brainlabs Have Combined Forces: What’s Next For Us?

    In case you missed it, back in February, Distilled merged with Brainlabs. This was the first step towards a joint vision of creating the agency model of the future: no silos, no departments, just brilliant teams centered around clients, allowing us to deliver best-in-class digital marketing. Now... Read more

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    Tips for Effective SEO Project Management

    Project management and SEO, what do they have to do with each other? Isn’t SEO just about some geeky technical magic that will get your site more traffic? SEO is a relatively young field, which has grown significantly in the last 5-6 years. Most of the people I know who are not very familiar with... Read more

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    E-commerce: What to do when you can’t make deliveries

    Covid-19 is impacting businesses across the world and a lot of industries are taking a hit. E-commerce sites are seeing a particular problem where warehouses and delivery centres are closing and deliveries can no longer be made. If that’s a problem facing you and your business at the moment, read... Read more

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    Why Every SEO Should Be Using Google Sheets Query Function

    Google Sheets allows us SEOs to manipulate data in a multitude of different ways - but Google Sheets combined with the power of SQL (“Structured Query Language” for the uninitiated) takes this to the next level. Not only does the QUERY function enable us to replicate the actions of formulas such as... Read more

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