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After scratching our heads over how to write this page, we sent a company-wide email asking the team what attracted them to Distilled. The replies were really great, so we decided to build a page from these, instead of the usual company spiel.

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Jess Champion

“I never imagined working in the corporate world, but what drew me to Distilled is the culture of care and the importance the company places on its employees. People here matter and it shows. So much so that although I left to develop my career, I couldn't stay away and here I am for a second stint three years later!”

Jess Champion, VP, London

Sergey Stefoglo

“How much other people I looked up to in the industry talked about Distilled… and pretty much all the benefits and work-life balance.”

Sergey Stefoglo, VP Seattle

Sally Poundall

“Managers care about employees, both professionally and personally, good work life balance, and able to put a stamp on your role and make decisions from the start.”

Sally Poundall, Consultant

Arpun Bhuhi

“The focus on personal development through the internship and beyond. SEO and digital marketing was, at the time I was applying, a new world for me and knowing that I had the opportunity to learn and challenge myself but also mould my career to what I enjoy was promising.”

Arpun Bhuhi, Analyst

Tim Allen

“Distilled presented the first opportunity for me to pursue a career rather than just a job.”

Tim Allen, Marketing Manager

Tammy Yu

“I could clearly tell what things Distilled valued most by how they methodically embedded those values into the interview experience. As an intern, I got to participate in, and even host weekly team training sessions to develop and improve new skills. The internship was a great way to see what working at Distilled is like. Turns out, I LOVED IT!”

Tammy Yu, Analyst

Zee Hoffman Jones

“Distilled is a people-first company. Above all else, we care about each other as humans. Each one of my colleagues (regardless of hierarchy) lifts each other up in their daily work as well as for their careers. Not to mention we all get to do cool, challenging work from our very first days. It’s a unique place, and I’m excited to come to work every day.”

Zee Hoffman Jones, Team Lead

Grace Frohlich

“While researching SEO companies, I came across Distilled through a search award site for "best places to work". Throughout the process, it became apparent that it's a company that genuinely cares about the employee happiness. I could tell just by speaking with current employees. I feel so lucky to be a team member here!”

Grace Frohlich, Analyst


“I was attracted to Distilled because the core beliefs resonate with me, and because I had seen really useful and informative guest posts from Distilled on other sites like Moz. I like that employees are encouraged to write articles under their own name, not just ghostwrite for C-level execs. I also think it's really cool that Distlled puts on its own conference. I think the culture of always encouraging people to learn, grow, and share is amazing, and I really liked everyone that I interviewed with, which was also a big deciding factor. I had a really awesome team at my old agency, so I was a little nervous about moving to a new company, but everyone here at the New York office is fantastic.”

Sarah, Consultant

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They’re filled with our wickedly agile teams who excel at making big things happen. We love sharing knowledge, too. Our teams speak at conferences around the world and write for some of the best blogs out there.

And some great perks

  • Happiness budget

    Personal allowance (£600/$850) to spend on things that make you more productive at work such as a laptop upgrade, a new chair or a training course

  • Healthcare

    Subsidized private healthcare and life insurance (UK)

    Fantastic health insurance package including medical, dental, vision, life cover and prescriptions (US)

  • Holidays

    25 Days annual leave plus 8 bank holidays (UK)

    20 Days paid time-off, 6 national holidays and 5 sick days per year (US)

  • 5% matching

    Pension (UK)

    401K (US)

  • A Kindle

    This new starter gift comes pre-loaded with books

  • Subsidized perks

    Gym membership

    Metrocard (US)

  • Flexible working

    The flexibility to work from home

  • Snacks and drinks

    Company-funded every Friday. Personalized cake or treat on your birthday

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