Searchlove Conference

San Diego - March 13 & 14 2023

Power up your skills over two days, with cutting edge digital marketing presentations. From analytics and optimization, to content and paid promotions, all the crucial topics are covered.


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  • The 3 C's of Digital PR and Link Building in 2023 - creativity, commerciality, clicks
    Carrie Rose
    Rise at Seven
    In this talk, Carrie will cover her thoughts on link building and digital PR in 2023 and the metrics you should all care about that delivers commercial value for a business. With case studies and content, she will talk through ways in which you can build links where less = more, showing just 2 links which drove top positions for a 63K a month keyword and their strategic approach to achieving it. She will demonstrate how you can build high authority links into money pages (the holy grail) that generate high volume traffic also. You should walk away knowing what makes a good digital PR and link building strategy.
  • The End of Marketing Attribution
    Rand Fishkin
    For 20 years, marketers have been able to attribute most online conversions to the channel (and sometimes even the exact tactic) that sent them. But, those days are ending. In this presentation, Rand will show what's happening to the web in government policy, privacy changes, tech shifts, and the incentives of major traffic & ad platforms to cause this shift, and how marketers can respond. You'll learn: -How to measure those hard-to-measure channels and tactics -Get workarounds for big tech's attempts to hide referral data -Learn ways to avoid throwing money at ads for conversions that would have happened anyway -Explore tactics that are hard to attribute, but undeniably powerful (and often far higher ROI than classic ad tactics)
  • How an SEO can get a seat at the YouTube / TikTok strategy table
    Wil Reynolds
    SEER Interactive
    3.7 Million videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, over a Billion TikTok videos are viewed every day, meaning our customers are consuming answers to queries on TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube and other places NOT on Google.. As more people move to these sites to get answers to their questions, what does that mean for the value / ROI of SEO and what can an SEO professional do to get a seat and help shape strategy at the next TikTok meeting? That's what you're going to get, strategies to show your value in a world where content made with cameras is all the buzz, and we're still optimizing written content."
  • You Had Me at SEO: 4 Keys to Getting Executive Buy-In
    Daniel Russell
    Go Fish Digital
    This session is all about how to talk to CEOs about SEO. How to talk turkey, move the needle and make hay, so to speak. We digital marketers talk a different language than most of the c-suite. And the harsh truth is that much of our terminology and beloved acronyms they just don’t care about. But there’s a way to break through! Join Daniel as he translates CEO talk and provides the keys to winning over your leadership team by explaining (1) what CEOs already know about SEO, (2) what numbers they care about, (3) how to reorient your SEO process into a business process, and (4) how to make the leadership care.
  • Transforming Analytics Data Into Useful Marketing Insights with Looker Studio
    Dana DiTomaso
    Kick Point
    Wouldn't it be great to have a report that's actually actionable? A report where you can immediately see where your resources should be prioritized, and where you're wasting your time? Lots of analytics providers promise this, but the result is usually yet another page views and sessions by channel report. We can do better. In this talk, Dana will walk you through combining data sources in Looker Studio to build insightful and actionable dashboards.
  • Finding Your Way To SEO & Content Success: A Framework
    Ross Simmonds
    Let's cut to the chase -> There are a million ways to win online today. You can create amazing scalable landing pages. You can create a backlink empire. You can create a bunch of pillar assets and clusters. The options are endless. But, how do you determine what is the best investment for your brand to make to generate organic traffic? Ross will share a framework that will help guide your thinking along with some tactical techniques and case studies you can steal.
  • How to generate 8 million SEO test ideas
    Will Critchlow
    Figuring out what to test is a different skill than doing a regular SEO audit. At SearchPilot, the team has experience of generating test ideas for many websites across loads of industries. In this presentation, Will is going to share tools, tips, and techniques for coming up with ideas as well as showing you how he thinks about different kinds of test results.
  • The Legacy Mindset: How to shape your vision, make your mark and leave the world inspired
    Tiffany DaSilva
    Are you ready to break free from the status quo and create a legacy that truly matters? Tiffany's high-energy and thought-provoking session will help you answer the question of 'who do I want to be known for?' and 'what moments do I want to experience?', all while giving you the tools to align your actions with your newfound understanding of your legacy. This session is perfect for you if: -You feel stuck in the goals of today and want to live a more meaningful life -You're ready to break out of your comfort zone and think bigger -You're ready to gain a fresh perspective on what legacy means to you and how to make it a reality.
  • TBC
    Mike King
  • Can You Outrun the Algorithm
    Dr. Pete Meyers
    In 2021, Google launched 4,366 changes to search -- nearly 12 per day! That doesn't even count the impact of Machine Learning, which is literally reshaping Google search in real-time. How can you possibly keep pace with the algorithm? Join Dr. Pete to learn how to stop chasing the algorithm, see the bigger patterns, and future-proof your SEO.
  • Why you need a cross-functional marketing/product strategy ... and how to actually create one
    Lisa Schneider
  • Joining Forces at the Intersection of SEO and CRO
    Jake Bohall
    Hive Digital Inc.
    Join Jake Bohall, SEO veteran, as he shares strategies he used to leverage conversion rate testing to “convince” a client to implement high-priority SEO tasks. In this session you will: -Learn how to use SEO as leverage to implement CRO (and vice-versa) -Discover how to better balance headlines for improved rankings and revenue -Utilize the buyer's journey to develop strategies that blend conversion best practices and SEO best practices to ensure the organic traffic you attract generates the conversions you want
  • Ant-Man's Tactical Guide to Local SEO
    Greg Gifford
    COVID changed the way that customers shop, but most businesses and marketers haven't changed their strategies or tactics. In this action-packed session, Greg will explain the difference between traditional SEO and Local SEO, with specifics on how Local SEO has changed over the last few years. You will learn which signals influence local visibility and exactly how to optimize those signals. He'll also walk through the big changes to Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business), including the switch from the old GMB dashboard to the new in-search editing experience. He'll also share helpful data from a massive research project with over 6.1 million data points on over 8000 Google Business Profiles.
  • Low-Hanging Fruit SEO: A Framework to Easily Identify SEO Opportunities At Scale To Maximize Impact
    Aleyda Solis
    How to set a framework to identify high impact/low effort actions to prioritize in any SEO process to see results faster What are the most common scenarios to find SEO low hanging fruit to prioritize in execution, and how to easily identify them at scale, from leveraging search features, improving search result snippet, to fixing content cannibalization issues. SEO tools to use to automate the identification of SEO low hanging fruit opportunities.
  • Say no to link spam: How to build non-spammy links
    Debbie Chew
    Link building can help sites grow organically, but many find it inherently spammy. Even Google considers certain link building tactics as link schemes, so how do businesses get backlinks in a non-spammy way? In this talk, Debbie will cover how to develop the right mindset and what non-spammy tactics get quality links.
  • The countdown to GA4
    Krista Seiden
    KS Digital
    Universal Analytics is still set to be deprecated on July 1, 2023 for all properties using the free version (and July 1, 2024 for 360 properties). GA4 has come a long way since we last met, so let's review. In this session, Krista will run through some of the highlights released in GA4 in the past year, show off some cool features that will hopefully make the transition a little less painful, and speculate as to what may or may not be accomplished before UA is sunset for a majority of users.
  • Emcee
    Travis Tallent
    Emcee - Brainlabs
SearchLove jump started my career and changed the way we do online marketing. Anyone who works in this industry needs to be there.Chase Richards, Kaplan International.

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Features & Benefits

  • Every session takes place in the same room. That means no difficult decisions and no rushing around between presentations.

    Single track

  • Get feedback on your website at a site clinic.

    Keynote style sessions

  • Our in-house team looks after every detail: fresh food prepared with local ingredients, rock-solid wi-fi and that chilled beer when you're finished for the day.

    Thoughtful planning

The best part of the entire event is making friends with so many of the amazing people in our industry. Mackenzie Fogelson, Mack Web.

Networking Events

After a busy time learning, unwind at our lunches and parties. Hang out with the people you've been chatting to online and make new contacts.

  • vip-dinner

    VIP Dinner

    Clink glasses with all the speakers at this exclusive gathering. The small group will tuck into gourmet food and wine while talking through any hot topics in online marketing.

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    Searchlove Party

    Glowing fires, evening sun, a beer in your hand. The beach makes for a vibrant party atmosphere where plenty of food and a generous drinks tab will keep us all in high spirits.

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    Industry drinks

    These drinks serve up another chance to speak to anyone you missed the day before. Wind-down and exchange contact details as the waves lap by the marina.

SearchLove is the can't miss search event of the year. David Wilson.

Conference Venue


Kona Kai

Your exclusive entrance to the grand pacific ocean. Based right on the waterfront with views out over the marina. Rock solid Wi-Fi will keep delegates online, as they place their laptops on the desks in the classroom-style setting.



Make the most of your time at SearchLove by staying on site at Kona Kai Resort.

Our discounted room rate is $199 per night plus taxes. You can purchase hotel nights directly through us when you purchase your conference ticket. Or you can use this direct booking link.

An exceptional event, top speakers, up-to-date content and very well organised. David Sayce, Ince & Co.

Is this for me?

  • In-house SEOs

    • Meet your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest actionable techniques to use back in the office
    • Widen your field of knowledge on a diverse range of topics
    The whole vibe is amazing! You get the latest trends, tips and cases from speakers who actually want to speak openly about search, and not just show off their success. It is the single most inspirational event I have ever attended. Morten Bergestad.
  • Agency SEOs

    • Be inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest techniques to use back in the office
    • Get to know your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Widen your field of knowledge across a diverse range of topics
    Relevant topics, fact based analysis, real-life examples and engaging speakers gave sound advice and really reminded me why I love SEO. I'll definitely be back next year. James Bavington, Creare Group.
  • Marketing Managers

    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn how to integrate marketing campaigns for optimum effect
    • Hear about predictions and future trends in search
    • Share experiences and ideas with other people in the industry
    Expect to be entertained, educated and instilled with confidence either that you are doing the right things or knowing exactly what to do to improve.  Katherine Dawson, Owner & Creative Director of Strategy Digital.
  • Business Owners

    • Get to grips with all the latest skills and techniques
    • Be inspired by success stories from a diverse range of companies
    • Ask questions to industry leaders who run businesses
    • Spend focused time on the most relevant topics
    Distilled events cut through all of the industry hype to focus on sensible and practical advice that I can use in my business right now. Ade Lewis, Teapot Creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay via invoice?
We do not offer the option to pay via invoice.
Are there any group discounts?
Yes, we offer buy 4 get 1 free, buy 8 get 2 free, and so on. If these aren’t suitable, please get in touch:
Do I need to be an expert to attend the conference?
Not at all, people of all experience levels are welcome. We do pitch our sessions at an advanced level to make sure the content is new and inspiring. However, if there is something that you are unclear on, please come and chat to one of our team or a fellow delegate during the breaks. We’re a friendly bunch!
Will I receive a paper ticket?
No, we don’t issue any paper tickets for our conferences. Instead, you should receive a confirmation email once you have purchased your ticket(s). Then, when you arrive at registration on the morning of the conference, you will need to come to the desk and collect your lanyard.
What are the timings on the day?
On day 1, registration opens at 8am, and the first session starts at 9am. The last session finishes at around 5.30pm followed by our networking party. On day 2, the first session starts at 9.15am, and the last session finishes at around 5pm followed by our industry drinks.
Are refreshments provided?
Very much so! A delicious lunch is provided to all delegates, as well as a light breakfast, plus coffee, tea and snacks throughout the day.
Will I receive the slides after the conference?
Yes, all the slides are linked to from our live page: This is also where you can provide feedback for our events team and our speakers
Are there opportunities to ask the speakers questions?
Yes, there are lots of networking opportunities throughout the two days: during the breaks, at the party and industry drinks, as well as the VIP dinner. We also try to schedule a Q&A with the speaker after each presentation.
Is this event for me? I am in-house / agency / freelance / a business owner.
Yes, it’s for everyone. We cover a wide variety of topics and areas. Read more in the ‘Is this for me?’ section on each conference’s promotional page.
Will the conference be recorded?
Yes, we film all of our conferences and you can purchase a video ticket in the tickets section.
Can I pitch to speak at the conferences?
You can submit a pitch to speak at SearchLove in 2023 here:
VIP Dinner? Tell me more!
For VIP ticket holders only, the dinner is a fantastic chance to spend time with the conference’s expert speakers. We always choose an up-market venue with a private dining room, delicious food and wine. This is a not-to-miss evening!
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