Searchlove Conference

Philadelphia - June 20th & 21st 2022

Power up your skills over two days, with cutting-edge digital marketing presentations.

From analytics and optimization, to content and paid promotions, all the crucial topics are covered.

You must be COVID-19 vaccinated to attend this conference.

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Topics & Schedule

Day 1 – Monday 20th June

  • 09:00
    Emcee & Welcome
    Will Critchlow
  • 09:30
    My 10 Consulting "Power Questions"
    Wil Reynolds
    SEER Interactive
    We study how to speak, we get rewarded for speaking on stages, but how much time do we spend studying how to ask questions? I was outsold by a company that outsourced all their SEO overseas. It was a moment that made me ask...why - vs saying "those clients don't get it" - it was that self reflection that lead to my fascination with learning how to ask better questions. In this presentation I'll give you my 10 favorite questions, how they have made me better at sales, coaching my team, and consulting with my clients.
  • 10:10
    Topics, Taxonomies, and Tabaxis: Navigating Entities in SERP
    Jamie Indigo
    Our lives are digital. Search impacts everyday life from health to wealth to public safety news. Google is pushing to provide users with fact-oriented SERPs. To succeed in SEO, you need to focus on creating content that is factual and useful. In this session, we'll look at Google's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which documents all known objects, people, places, and concepts. After an exploration of how it works, we'll examine a hands on strategy for optimizing and creating content. Finally, we'll look at the future of SERPs Attendees be warned: This is going to get nerdy.
  • 11:15
    Get sh*t done: How to make friends & show results with SEO strategy
    Travis Tallent
    Using an SEO Strategy Framework based on first-hand experimentation, you'll leave this keynote ready to build process into your SEO strategy so you're able to get buy-in from execs, team members, and successfully tackle projects that yield results.
  • 11:55
    Merging Product Management & SEO: Where Search Engines & User Delight Converge
    Leslie To
    Product Management & SEO can sometimes have diametrically opposed goals - PMs care deeply about building features & products quickly whereas SEOs care deeply about building search-friendly sites slowly & incrementally. Especially in a vertical where things are constantly changing (I'm talking about SEO and Crypto), how do you balance product needs against SEO requirements? What if you're building a feature no one's even looking for yet? And how can you possibly predict how (and what) users will search if the keywords they're searching for don't even exist yet? And how do you win over Product and convince them to build YOUR SEO feature? Let's talk about it!
  • 13:35
    5 Ways SEO can be much more Short Term through Reactive Marketing
    Carrie Rose
    Rise at Seven
    In this talk, Carrie will bust the myth that SEO is a long term game, and share 5 ways in which SEO can be short term through reactive marketing, tracking consumer search behaviour live and how to impact rankings at speed by tying PR, content and reactive search behaviour together. She will cover the importance of Google news, and how PR is becoming a central part of SEO for building immediate trust and authority. She will explain 2 case studies of creating pos 1 rankings by jumping on changes in search demand and how to keep rankings long term.
  • 14:15
    Search, Sale, Ring Ring and Kerching - Exploring the Metrics that Matter in Local SEO
    Claire Carlile
    As marketers, local ranking reports are useful for tracking our clients' organic visibility, as well as that of their competitors. But do they give us the insight we need to truly understand how our local SEO efforts are contributing to a client’s bottom line? Do they tell us which parts of the Google Business Profile are driving conversions? Do they provide the evidence we need to secure additional budget or resources for our local SEO work? Spoiler alert: no, they don't! In this talk, Claire dives into the local SEO metrics that’ll finally help you do all of these things and more.
  • 15:00
    What Syndicating 4,000+ Stories Revealed About the Content that Publishers Love
    Amanda Milligan
    In this session, I’ll discuss the elements of our most successful content. You’ll be able to take these insights and tweak your content marketing approach to earn more brand coverage (and thus brand authority and links). At the end of the session, you'll better understand what makes content interesting to journalists and how you can incorporate the learnings into your own SEO and content strategies.
  • 16:05
    Every Best Practice You’ve Learned for E-commerce SEO is Wrong
    Mike King
    Effective SEO is a combination of art and science, yet, for many marketers, it's a series of checklists and best practices. However, for e-commerce, if you rely solely on those best practices, you will often find yourself losing out to sites that eschew them entirely. In this talk, you'll learn which best practices are worth ignoring, don't hold up for e-commerce sites, and how you can always work at the cutting edge to drive the best results.
  • 16:45
    What You Don't Know About Your Audience is Killing Your Marketing
    Rand Fishkin
    Where do your customers discover they have the problem you solve? How do they go about researching it? When, whether, and how do they decide to buy? We all know that the buyer's journey is long, complex, and multi-channel, yet most of our marketing reflects only the few, easily-researchable tactics (search keywords, ad placements, etc). In this presentation, Rand's going to blow that process wide open with a path anyone can follow to understand pre-purchase behavior: the influence map. Come for the tactical tips and practical tools, stay for the strategic approach that will give you a massive advantage over your narrowly-optimizing competitors.

Day 2 – Tuesday 21st June

  • 09:05
    The State of E-A-T in 2022
    Lily Ray
    Amsive Digital
    E-A-T (expertise, authority and trust) has been a hot topic in the SEO industry for the past years, although Google has continued to be somewhat cryptic about how exactly it works. Learn about tried & true methods of implementing E-A-T best practices, how to analyze E-A-T and the role E-A-T currently plays in the SERPs.
  • 09:45
    Into the Great Unknown
    Noah Learner
    Two Octobers
    Creating content is hard, and that’s when we have data we can lean into. What happens when we have no data? New Site? New Vertical? New Topic Area? In this talk we'll go beyond keyword research to explore how to build topic maps, and internal linking maps (that align with Google's understanding) to help you conquer NEW SERPS and win more budget from stakeholders along the way.
  • 10:55
    The Next Frontier of Search: Social Search Engines
    Rachel Vandernick
    The Vander Group
    The days are gone of social/search silos. With search engines rushing to make deals with [or trying to!] Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/TikTok to include social content in search results, social content has never had more value to search than now. Understanding how social fits into the user journey and path to purchase is critical, as well as understanding how each algorithm surfaces content to aid discovery of new users. Both SEM and social marketing have increasing overlap from time spent on site, perceived authority, advertising opportunities and goals of direct user acquisition and conversion. There is an immense opportunity to beef up search results with social content is ripe for the taking if you know what you're doing.
  • 11:35
    Deliver more with less - How paid social can augment your search strategy
    Zaryn Sidhu
    Best-in-class performance marketers look for synergies between channels & platforms, across paid and organic strategies, yet when it comes to paid social and search, it’s not evident how to connect those two threads, which is why this session explores how your search programs can benefit from Paid Social activity, and how to measure that impact.
  • 13:15
    The Future of Search: Exploring Apple's 'upcoming' Search Engine
    Tom Anthony
  • 13:55
    Preparing for Google Analytics 4: Taking a Bite into the Future of Data
    Colleen Harris
    Sincro Digital
    The one consistent in digital marketing is consistent change. Between algorithms and tools, there’s something new every day we have to react to. Google changed up their strategy with the release of Google Analytics 4. Their release comes with time to upgrade and learn their new tool but only if you start taking advantage of it now. This session, preparing your website data for Google Analytics 4, is a practical look at getting started in GA4. You’ll see the major differences between Universal Google Analytics and GA4, tools to update data in GA4, plus a strategy on how anyone can start to feel comfortable in GA4 today!
  • 15:00
    The Science of Persuasion
    Andi Jarvis
    Eximo Marketing
  • 15:40
    How Google's Money Motivations are Driving Four Significant Changes to Search
    Daniel Russell
    Go Fish Digital
    Hey Google, is it “Don’t Be Evil” or “Make as Much Money as Possible”? We talk so often about the What of SEO evolution that we sometimes forget about the Why. In this session, we’ll create a financial lens to analyze SEO and explore how Google's money motivations are driving four significant changes to search. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to tell if the algorithm was actually updated to make the search engine better or just to increase profitability, and how to adapt your strategies for the future.
SearchLove is still the best conference event the industry has to offer. Fantastic time, great speakers and amazing networking events. Nathan Turner, iPullRank

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Features & Benefits

  • Every session takes place in the same room. That means no difficult decisions and no rushing around between presentations.

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Conference Venue

The Logan Philadelphia, Curio Collection by Hilton

The hotel is in the heart of Logan Square downtown, steps from The Franklin Institute and Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The conference is set up in a classroom-style setting with every delegate getting desk space, access to power points & that all-important wifi.


Make the most of your time at SearchLove by staying on-site at The Logan Philadelphia.

Our discounted room rate is $234 per night plus taxes. You can purchase hotel nights directly through us when you purchase your conference ticket.

SearchLove is a great, intimate conference with top-notch speakers who are available to answer questions, or just generally chat. This was my second year, and I'll be returning for a third for sure. Amazing content for SEO professionals, whether working for an agency or in-house! Stephen Cribben, Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD

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Not at all, people of all experience levels are welcome. We do pitch our sessions at an advanced level to make sure the content is new and inspiring. However, if there is something that you are unclear on, please come and chat to one of our team or a fellow delegate during the breaks. We’re a friendly bunch!
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On day 1, registration opens at 8am, and the first session starts at 9am. The last session finishes at around 5.30pm followed by our networking party. On day 2, the first session starts at 9.15am, and the last session finishes at around 5pm followed by our industry drinks.
Are refreshments provided?
Very much so! A delicious lunch is provided to all delegates, as well as a light breakfast, plus coffee, tea and snacks throughout the day.
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Yes, there are lots of networking opportunities throughout the two days: during the breaks, at the party and industry drinks, as well as the VIP dinner. We also try to schedule a Q&A with the speaker after each presentation.
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Yes, it’s for everyone. We cover a wide variety of topics and areas. Read more in the ‘Is this for me?’ section on each conference’s promotional page.
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Yes, we film all of our conferences and you can purchase a video ticket in the tickets section. Alternatively, if you’re a paid member of DistilledU, you will receive all of our conference videos for free.
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