Searchlove Conference

London - 15th & 16th October, 2018

Power up your skills and thinking over two days. Industry leaders will reveal exactly how to stay at the cutting edge of online marketing. From analytics and optimization, to content and paid promotions, all the crucial topics are covered. You’ll be joining search marketers from across the world at this London event, where the most ambitious minds of the community meet amongst the buzz of the tech capital.

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SearchLove jump started my career and changed the way we do online marketing. Anyone who works in this industry needs to be there.Chase Richards, Kaplan International.

Previous sessions

Check out some clips of industry leaders speaking at previous SearchLove conferences.

Will Critchlow
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Features & Benefits

  • Every session takes place in the same room. That means no difficult decisions and no rushing around between presentations.

    Single track

  • Get feedback on your website at a site clinic.

    Keynote style sessions

  • Our in-house team looks after every detail: fresh food prepared with local ingredients, rock-solid wi-fi and that chilled beer when you're finished for the day.

    Thoughtful planning

Topics & Schedule

Day 1 – Monday 16th October

  • 09:10
    Link Building Case Studies, Myths and Fails
    Paddy Moogan
    Link building still matters a lot, but it has changed greatly since the days of comment spamming and article submissions. But how much has it actually changed in recent years and is it something you should actively do? Paddy will share real link building case studies, including where it's worked, where it's failed and what you can learn from this. He will also share his biggest fail and the stupidest thing he has ever done for a link.
  • 09:50
    Beyond the Reach of Keyword Targeting: The Evolution of Paid Media
    Samantha Noble
    Biddable Moments
    The Paid Media landscape has evolved significantly in the past five years; we have moved away from pure keyword targeting, are more focused on audience development, and above all, paid ads are now taking up more real estate within the SERP and social media platforms. Throughout her talk, Samantha will take you on a deep dive into the diverse offering that we have available to us today across the core platforms. You'll leave this session with a greater understanding of the endless opportunities paid media brings.
  • 10:30
    Reverse-Engineering Google's Research on What Searchers are Looking for
    Rob Bucci
    STAT Search Analytics
    The SERP is the front-end to Google's multibillion dollar consumer research machine. They know what searchers want. In this data-heavy talk, Rob will teach you how to uncover what Google already knows about what web searchers are looking for. Using this knowledge, you can deliver the right content to the right searchers at the right time, every time.
  • 11:40
    Conquer Your Toughest Analytics Challenges and Level-Up Your Marketing
    Mike Arnesen
    Let's face it - being able to track and analyse your top pages, bounce rates, form submissions, and the like is pretty low-level stuff. It's almost 2018, so it's time to increase your Google Tag Manager proficiency to get the most of your Analytics configuration. In this session, Mike will geek out on GTM, show you how to track progress through forms and pinpoint friction points, explain how to set up user interactions to fire virtual page views for more granular intelligence, fix cross and sub domain tracking issues, and more.
  • 12:20
    Go East, Innovators: Strategies From Asia the Rest of the World Needs to Adopt
    Purna Virji
    When it comes to tech innovation, we’re not in Silicon Valley anymore, Toto. Driven by demographics, domestic trends, and government-supported talent, Asian markets are generating so many successful cutting-edge innovations that the West can only look on in awe. Or can it? In this session, Purna will explore why Asia Pacific is such a hotbed of innovation, which innovations we need to sit up and pay attention to, and how we can apply them to our businesses to increase engagement, conversions, and ultimately, revenue.
  • 14:00
    The New Era of Visual Marketing
    Jes Scholz
    For the first time since television, we are adding a new layer of experience to marketing with immersive 360 images and videos, but the importance of visuals is not only key for social engagement. Image SEO is witnessing a re-emergence due to not only Google, but also Facebook and Amazon, leveraging image recognition in user journeys. Learn what smart brands have done to make use these new visual technologies and get practical tips on how you can join their ranks.
  • 14:40
    Mobile-First Preparedness: What We've Learned From Crawling the Top 1 Million Websites
    Jon Myers
    Everyone's been talking about mobile-first all year long, but with 2018 looming, are you prepared for it? By now you’ve probably heard of the Majestic Million report and we thought we'd have a little fun and crawl it! Jon will show how many of the world’s largest sites are shaping up for Google's mobile-first Index. His talk will give an analytical overview of all key mobile aspects, such as site configuration, AMP, fetch time, mobile navigation, crawl depth, content differences, and mobile/desktop differences. Google offers best practice, but we will show you the data on how well the top sites are adjusting to mobile-first indexation.
  • 15:50
    Social Content Masterclass: Platform Specificity
    David Levin
    That Lot
    A huge factor in making social media work for you is an understanding of platforms and the creation of social content that is right for those platforms. As Creative Director at social agency That Lot, David creatively drives the day-to-day social output for clients such as Channel 4, B&Q, HSBC, and Jamie Oliver, for whom one of the core focuses is platform specificity. In his talk, David will talk through examples of platform-specific content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with tips on how to approach particular types of content on those platforms. As part of the agency behind such social feeds as ‘Have I Got News For You’, expect some laughs as well as social inspiration.
  • 16:30
    Content Distribution: How To Give Your Content More Life
    Ross Simmonds
    Ross will be discussing the search trends forcing marketers to think differently about their content strategy and efforts. Combining strategic advice with actionable takeaways, Ross will highlight why it's no longer enough to just have 'great' content and the important role that distribution plays in the mix.

Day 2 – Tuesday 17th October

  • 09:30
    10 Steps to Make Power BI Help You Bust Silos in Search and With the C-suite
    Wil Reynolds
    SEER Interactive
    Let's be honest, SEOs, when is the last time you tore through a search query report? And PPC folks, when is the last time you sought the impact of rich snippets on CTRs and CPCs? In this presentation, Wil will show 10 ways you can use Power BI to visualise your way to explaining to the C-suite how various parts of search integrate and affect one another.
  • 10:10
    A Competitive Analysis that Saved $337,000
    Zee Hoffmann Jones
    In order to edge out your competition - even in search engine rank - you need to know a) who your competition is, b) what their business and marketing strategies are (and aren’t), and c) how audiences respond to them. We’ll walk through: 1) how Distilled performs its competitive analyses (we’ll even give our handy-dandy spreadsheet away for free), 2) what kind of actionable insights a great analysis can give you, and 3) when it’s worth it to go toe-to-toe with your competitors and when it’s a better idea to run off with a new approach.
  • 11:20
    The Campaign Flop: What to do When Your Content Fails
    Kirsty Hulse
    It's the nature of the work we do that some content sticks...and some doesn't. Kirsty will provide tips and recommendations on what to do when your content doesn't achieve the results you were expecting; how to manage stakeholders, secure budget after a campaign fail, and how to breathe new life into flopped campaigns.
  • 12:00
    The Day After Tomorrow: When Ad Blockers Stop all Analytics Platforms
    Samuel Scott
    Global Marketing Speaker
    Ad blockers are hurting not only advertisers - they block the front-end scripts of many analytics platforms as well. In this presentation, global marketing speaker and The Drum columnist Samuel Scott will explore the reasons for the rise of ad blocking, explain which blockers affect what analytics and martech tools, and recommend the actions that digital marketers can take moving forward.
  • 13:40
    From Website to Web-App: Fantastic Optimisations and Where to Find Them
    Emily Grossman
    App-like websites can improve page speed and user engagement, but they also rely heavily on JavaScript and JS frameworks that can make many ‘SEO basics’ more technically complex. Emily will walk you through often-missed tactics to make web-apps indexable, optimised, and performant on mobile devices.
  • 14:20
    Digital Witness: Tales From the Charity Frontlines
    Cheri Percy
    Nonsense London
    We’re all well-versed in the realms of digital transformation when it comes to businesses and brands, but what can we learn from our third-sector friends? Cheri will share her experiences working with nationwide charity Breast Cancer Care. She will showcase the tactics they used to get quick wins from social testing and to boost conversion rates. She’ll also prove that a digital culture means more than just Slack; why it matters and how you can start seeing the change, fast.
  • 15:30
    The Why and How of Creating Video Content for Search
    Justin Briggs
    This detailed session will teach you tricks of the trade for producing video for your search-focused content marketing strategy. You’ll learn about the current state of video SEO, including the YouTube search algorithm, ideas for scaling your video strategy while reducing costs, and get practical hands-on tips for producing your own videos.
  • 16:10
    Seeing the Future: How to Tell the Impact of a Change Before You Make it
    Will Critchlow
    It is often hard and expensive to make major changes to your website and many businesses demand forecasts, predictions, and business cases to prioritise them. Will is going to present tools and approaches for figuring out whether a change is worthwhile before you make it - including ways of thinking about on-page, content quality, usage data impacts, and what happens when you change your internal linking structure.
The best part of the entire event is making friends with so many of the amazing people in our industry. Mackenzie Fogelson, Mack Web.

Networking Events

After a busy time learning, unwind at our lunches and parties. We create lots of opportunities for you to better get to know your community.

  • VIP Dinner

    Dine in style with the SearchLove speakers at this intimate gathering. Small groups will enjoy fine cuisine and drinks at an exclusive restaurant while asking the experts for advice and tips. VIP ticket holders only.

  • Searchlove Party

    We love to party! Join us at Amber Bar straight after sessions end on Monday. A vibrant atmosphere awaits just a short walk away. Lots of food and a generous drinks tab will keep energy levels high as everyone parties at this cool venue.

  • Industry drinks

    It's not over yet. At this second evening's event, attendees are joined by local industry professionals for a few more drinks and a chance to re-cap the two days.

SearchLove is the can't miss search event of the year. David Wilson.

Conference Venue

The Brewery

Dating back to 1750, the London Brewery combines historic charm with modern comfort in its present role as a conference venue. Rock solid Wi-Fi will keep delegates online, as they place their laptops on the desks in the classroom-style setting.

Location: 52 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD

Registration opens at 8am on Monday 16th October.


Make the most of your time at SearchLove by staying right next door to the conference venue. We have a discounted rate with The Montcalm - London City. Reservation requests can be emailed to or by calling 0207 479 2233 and quoting reference: DIST161017.

The rates:

Sunday 15th October: £165+vat per room, including breakfast and Wi-Fi

Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th October: £215+vat per room, per night, including breakfast and Wi-Fi

Please note: The above rates are subject to availability and they end on September 15th 2017. 


We also have a HotelMap setup which displays all the hotels in the area and the rates available.

At the networking events I spoke directly to industry leaders who listened to my problems and gave me concrete solutions to take back to the office. MyIrishJeweler.

Is this for me?

  • In-house SEOs

    • Meet your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest actionable techniques to use back in the office
    • Widen your field of knowledge on a diverse range of topics
    The whole vibe is amazing! You get the latest trends, tips and cases from speakers who actually want to speak openly about search, and not just show off their success. It is the single most inspirational event I have ever attended. Morten Bergestad.
  • Agency SEOs

    • Be inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest techniques to use back in the office
    • Get to know your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Widen your field of knowledge across a diverse range of topics
    Relevant topics, fact based analysis, real-life examples and engaging speakers gave sound advice and really reminded me why I love SEO. I'll definitely be back next year. James Bavington, StrategiQ.
  • Marketing Managers

    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn how to integrate marketing campaigns for optimum effect
    • Hear about predictions and future trends in search
    • Share experiences and ideas with other people in the industry
    Expect to be entertained, educated and instilled with confidence either that you are doing the right things or knowing exactly what to do to improve.  Katherine Dawson, Owner & Creative Director of Strategy Digital.
  • Business Owners

    • Get to grips with all the latest skills and techniques
    • Be inspired by success stories from a diverse range of companies
    • Ask questions to industry leaders who run businesses
    • Spend focused time on the most relevant topics
    Distilled events cut through all of the industry hype to focus on sensible and practical advice that I can use in my business right now. Ade Lewis, Teapot Creative.