Searchlove Conference

Boston - 3rd and 4th May 2016

Join some of the world’s leading thinkers in online marketing for two days of ideas and inspiration. This conference will discuss the latest in search, analytics, content creation, optimising your website, paid promotions and more.

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Previous sessions

Check out some clips of industry leaders speaking at previous SearchLove conferences.

Will Critchlow
Adria Saracino
Rand Fishkin

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Features & Benefits

  • All sessions take place in a single room. We organise it this way so that you won't miss any of our carefully chosen speakers.

    Single track

  • There will be plenty of chances to get to know your industry peers. Enjoy presentations inside the intimate conference room before socialising at our relaxed parties.

    Industry contacts

  • Fantastic food and reliable Wi-Fi are must-haves in our book. The conference is run by our dedicated events team who strive to make every year better than the last.

    Thoughtful planning

  • Get feedback on your website at our site clinic. Ask questions and share personal experiences with Distilled experts at topic tables.

    One-on-one time with a consultant

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Topics & Schedule

Day 1 – Tuesday 3rd May

  • 09:10
    Moving From Inspiration to Perspiration
    Wil Reynolds
    SEER Interactive
    Conferences often bring us great speakers who inspire and lift your spirits, but then Monday comes. The notes get stored in a drawer, or in the depths of Evernote. This presentation will help you prioritize what we learn and how to change your habits to make these things a part of how we do our jobs. Wil will share struggles with scaling process at Seer, and what he's doing about it, specifically in how to pitch ideas. Seer is seeing more buy-in with its new system and Will is going to share the learnings with you.
  • 09:55
    The Search Marketer's Toolkit for Google Tag Manager
    Simo Ahava
    Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool for implementing web analytics and digital advertising tracking codes on a website. In fact, it lets you add pretty much any arbitrary JavaScript code you choose, meaning it has the power to destroy and construct in equal amounts. In this talk, one of the foremost experts on Google Tag Manager, Simo, will walk you through what he considers the essential steps a search marketer should take when implementing a web analytics tracking plan. He'll get you started with an overview of the importance of data collection customization, before revealing a veritable survival kit of search marketing analytics goodness, including working with website metadata (both extraction and injection), how to measure content engagement, using content groupings for data widening, and wrapping up with an overview on how to access the data in Google Analytics. This session is a must for anyone interested in measuring the worth of their marketing efforts.
  • 11:00
    Incorporate 'PR Thinking' Into Your Content Initiatives
    Britt Klontz
    For the most successful digital initiatives, 90% of the work is completed before the campaign actually launches, but what should that work be? Britt will show a "behind the scenes" look at successful campaigns, to emphasize the value of incorporating "PR thinking" all the way from the conception of an idea to the execution. This session will focus on the value of media relations and how you can create PR-shaped content that is not only tailored to your brand's message, but also designed to catch the attention of journalists and their captive audiences.
  • 11:45
    Illuminating Consumer Intent without old-fashioned SEO tactics
    Marcus Tober
    SEOs have historically focussed on tactics rather than strategy, for one important reason: search engines weren’t as sophisticated as they are now, so a tactical approach could be very successful. That's all changed significantly, with machine learning, marketers now face a multitude of new challenges to be successful in search. The days of simple ranking factors are over. Marcus' session will cover data-driven methods to illuminate consumer intention and content relevance, along with many new insights that can be used to create content that is more relevant and successful.
  • 13:30
    Mobile Jedi Mind Tricks: Master the Multi-Screen Universe
    Emily Grossman
    May the mobile force be with you! There have been some big changes in mobile SEO, and the tactics that helped you yesterday may be as useless as a Stormtrooper’s blaster tomorrow. Instead, tap into the secret and subversive force of mobile marketing. From app indexing to mobile-friendliness, to predictive search and AMP, this session will explain the new skills that are required to be a mobile marketing hero.
  • 14:15
    X Marks the Spot: A Treasure Map for Local Search Success
    Greg Gifford
    Finding a local business online is no longer as easy as following a simple map to the big X; local search is changing at an incredible pace, and the ranking factors are becoming more and more complicated. In this session, Greg will explain how Local Search has changed in the last year, then walk through the most important current ranking factors. He'll explain exactly how to optimize both on-site and off-site signals to help your website gain more visibility in local searches, using detailed examples.
  • 15:00
    Developer Thinking for SEOs
    Mike King
    Despite the huge shift to content marketing in recent years, the technical end of SEO has gotten increasingly complex and our tools are not keeping pace. As SEOs, we must develop strong working knowledge of the optimal usage of technology to get implementations accomplished. In this talk, Mike will walk through case studies, the impact of different technical implementations, and how to pull together small solutions when nothing on the shelf works for your needs.
  • 16:15
    The Measure of a Marketer's Worth
    Rand Fishkin
    Web marketers have thousands of tactics to choose from, almost all of which can be measured, benchmarked and tracked over time. However, we too often invest in work that doesn't line up to the metrics we care about. We're tasked with work that's supposed to hit numbers, yet lack the connection between that work and those goals. In this high-level presentation, Rand will explore several analogies that illuminate a path to measuring all the way through, from work to metrics to goals.

Day 2 – Wednesday 4th May

  • 09:35
    The Emerging Future of Search
    Will Critchlow
    Will is going to discuss the ways that Distilled believes search is fundamentally changing, including compound queries, implicit search signals, user signals as a ranking factor, the move from keywords to intents, and the drive towards data-driven search.
  • 10:20
    Local SEO: Search Experience Optimization for RankBrain
    Mary Bowling
    Ignitor Digital
    Ranking well is just the beginning of successfully marketing businesses via local search. You then need to attract and engage prospects in order to turn them into customers and to satisfy RankBrain's influence on the algorithms. Mary will show you tactics that will help you to improve your local search experience optimization to attract new leads.
  • 11:30
    How to Automate Your Keyword Research
    Paul Shapiro
    Catalyst, Part of GroupM Connect
    Are you tapping into automation for keyword research? If not, why not? When it comes to SEO, automation is awesome. For starters, it can help free up a lot of time that is normally spent on menial tasks. What’s more, it can also aid deep analysis, and even facilitate innovation. If you are still doing keyword research manually, this is a must-attend session. Paul will show you how to get started with automated keyword research, using some easy-to-use tools. You’ll see first-hand how they can help you uncover valuable insights automatically. Overall, you will walk away with an immediately actionable plan to start automating your keyword research today.
  • 12:15
    Why Content Strategy isn’t Enough
    Mackenzie Fogelson
    There’s no doubt that technological advances have made our world faster, smaller, and more connected. Ironically, many of the relationships between companies and customers couldn’t be further apart. This is because consumers will continue to have access to more - more content, more products, and more choice. Therefore, the need to build meaningful relationships with your customers is not an option, but a requirement. The companies who are willing to invest in this mindset and approach are going to be the ones who win. In this session, Mack will tell you how you can build your business and marketing for the long term by looking beyond a content strategy. She will share how to start, how to implement, and how to win your industry with it.
  • 13:55
    Storytelling: The Secret of Irresistible Marketing
    Kindra Hall
    It's no secret; in marketing, whoever tells the best story wins. The problem? ‘Storytelling’ has surpassed buzzword status and now everyday marketers are missing opportunities to connect with their customers because they simply don't know what a good story is anymore. In this engaging and immediately applicable presentation, strategic storytelling consultant Kindra Hall will reveal specific storytelling strategies to create great content to win customers without a fight.
  • 14:45
    Performance-Driven Design: A Framework for Creating Awesome Email
    Justine Jordan
    Well-designed email drives performance for brands, demanding more clicks and conversions. But many marketers believe that good design requires innate talent, a fancy degree, or technical HTML skills. In fact, anyone can learn performance-driven design concepts that drive strategy and encourage subscribers to take action. In this session, we'll break down the design process, exploring the use of whitespace, content hierarchy, color, images, and more. We'll explain how marketers of any skill level can learn basic design principles, using these foundations as a framework to create effective communications and demand better performance from their email program.
  • 15:45
    Powerful A/B Testing User Insights for SEOs
    Chris Dayley
    Dayley Conversion
    We've all heard that Google is increasingly looking at on-site metrics like bounce rates. It is becoming more important than ever for digital marketers to understand what users want when they get to a site. In this actionable session, Chris will show how A/B testing can reveal powerful insights about your users, as well as easy-to-create tests to improve content creation efforts.
  • 16:30
    Hacking RankBrain: Four Strategies You’ll Need to Survive SEO Judgment Day
    Larry Kim
    RankBrain debuted last year as Google's third most weighted ranking signal and is currently leveraged for obscure long tail queries. However as RankBrain is perfected and refined, it will likely be used on more queries and weighted more heavily, and even displace links and on-page SEO factors as Google’s #1 SEO ranking factor in the distant future: SEO judgement day. This session will reverse engineer how RankBrain actually works, exposing four critical vulnerabilities and share unusual, yet completely white-hat ways to benefit from future Rankbrain updates. The biggest SEO ranking factor shift of all time is underway, moving away from links and keywords towards Rankbrain user engagement signals. Attend this session if you want your rankings to live. Join the resistance today!

Networking Events

After a busy day of learning, unwind at our parties. Meet the people you have been chatting to online, perhaps to discuss a new idea or just enjoy some drinks together.

  • VIP Dinner

    Dine in style with the event speakers at this intimate and exclusive gathering. Small groups will enjoy fine cuisine and drinks at a unique venue while asking the experts for advice and tips. VIP ticket holders only.

  • Searchlove Party

    Join us at The Baseball Tavern where a vibrant atmosphere awaits just a short ride from the conference center. Lots of food and a generous drinks tab thanks to our partner Searchmetrics will keep energy levels high as everyone unwinds at this cool venue.

  • Industry drinks

    These wind-down drinks are held at a chilled-out bar close to the conference venue. Attendees and industry professionals can enjoy another chance to chat over some beers before they leave.

Conference Venue

Joseph B Martin Conference Center

Located within The New Research Building at Harvard Medical School, The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center is the ideal environment for enhancing your learning experience. Rock solid Wi-Fi will keep delegates online while the intimate auditorium is the perfect platform for speakers to share their ideas. 


Make the most of your time and the networking opportunities at SearchLove, by staying at our preferred hotel. Reserve your hotel room using the details below:

Hyatt Regency Cambridge, 575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02319-4896

Room reservations can be made here:

We will provide free shuttle services to and from the hotel, conference center and parties. 

Is this for me?

  • In-house SEOs

    • Meet your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest actionable techniques to use back in the office
    • Widen your field of knowledge on a diverse range of topics
    The whole vibe is amazing! You get the latest trends, tips and cases from speakers who actually want to speak openly about search, and not just show off their success. It is the single most inspirational event I have ever attended. Morten Bergestad.
  • Agency SEOs

    • Be inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest actionable techniques to use back in the office
    • Get to know your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Widen your field of knowledge across a diverse range of topics
    Relevant topics, fact based analysis, real-life examples and engaging speakers gave sound advice and really reminded me why I love SEO. I'll definitely be back next year. James Bavington, Creare Group.
  • Marketing Managers

    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn how to integrate marketing campaigns for optimum effect
    • Hear expert advice on what does and doesn’t work
    • Share experiences and ideas with other people in the industry
    Expect to be entertained, educated and instilled with confidence either that you are doing the right things or knowing exactly what to do to improve.  Katherine Dawson, Owner & Creative Director of Strategy Digital.
  • Business Owners

    • Get to grips with all the latest skills and techniques
    • Be inspired by success stories from a diverse range of companies
    • Meet people who can help you to achieve your aims
    • Ask questions to industry leaders
    Distilled events cut through all of the industry hype to focus on sensible and practical advice that I can use in my business right now. Ade Lewis, Teapot Creative.