Searchlove Conference

Boston - 7th & 8th June, 2018

Join some of the world’s leading thinkers in online marketing for two days of ideas and inspiration. This conference will discuss the latest in search, analytics, content creation, optimising your website, paid promotions and more.

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Topics & Schedule

Day 1 – Thursday 7th June

  • 09:00
    Introduction to Day One
    Rob Ousbey
    A warm welcome from our emcee Rob Ousbey, Distilled's VP Seattle. Rob will be introducing the speakers and taking questions from the floor after each session.
  • 09:10
    From the Horse’s Mouth: What We Can Learn from Google’s Own Words
    Will Critchlow
    If you pay close enough attention, you can learn all kinds of things from what Google does and doesn’t say in public. From patents to official statements, to comments that Googlers leave on message boards, there is a wealth of information out there that hints at what they really think. In this presentation, Will is going to work through some of the most significant official announcements and the most insight-heavy comments and leaks of Google’s first 20 years. You’ll come away from this presentation not only with a deeper understanding of the search giant, but also with the tools to understand and interpret future statements and leaks.
  • 10:00
    Scaling JSON-LD Using Google Tag Manager
    Ruth Burr Reedy
    Google and Bing now both support semantic markup and structured data via JSON-LD - in fact, Google now recommends JSON-LD as the preferred method for marking up data, for both organic and paid search features. Implementing markup via JSON-LD can be a snap for a small or simple site, but when you’ve got multiple sites, hundreds of locations, or thousands of products, it can still be a slog to implement that JSON-LD statically for each page. In this talk, Ruth will discuss: How to dynamically generate JSON-LD markup for multiple pages with the same basic entity, e.g. Event or Product pages; How to programmatically generate JSON-LD markup for pages across multiple web properties, such as franchisee sites, via one GTM container; How to use GTM as a proto-CMS that will store all our structured data points and use that to dynamically create a JSON-LD script tag; How to leverage a data layer to power both your JSON-LD and web analytics.
  • 11:10
    Beyond the Reach of Keyword Targeting: The Evolution of Paid Media
    Samantha Noble
    Biddable Moments
    The paid media landscape has evolved significantly in the past five years; we have moved away from pure keyword targeting, are more focused on audience development, and above all, paid ads are now taking up more real estate within the SERP and social media platforms. Throughout her talk, Samantha will take you on a deep dive into the diverse offering that we have available to us today across the core platforms. You'll leave this session with a greater understanding of the endless opportunities paid media brings.
  • 11:50
    Newsjacking: How To Add to the Story and Earn Big Links in Real Time
    Ryan Charles
    We live in a world of real-time news and instant responses. As marketers, this gives us more opportunity than ever to become part of a story and earn links. It’s more affordable and less time consuming than you think, and anyone can do it. But using that tool comes with its own risks, special considerations, and unique rewards, as Ryan Charles found out. After years of newsjackings both big and small, his team completely newsjacked the news of the San Diego Chargers NFL franchise relocating to L.A. Learn from Ryan on how to potentially facilitate big, viral moments, how to best manage them when you get one, and how to add to the story without being a “Newsjackass”.
  • 13:35
    An Update from Distilled
    Tom Anthony & Will Critchlow
    As many of you will know, one of Distilled’s significant areas of focus is SEO split testing. In this lively interlude, Tom (VP Product) and Will (CEO) will bring you up to speed on why this has been such a priority for Distilled, the progress we have made and the state of our software platform, and some key results and lessons we have learned.
  • 13:55
    The Ecosystem Effect: How Our Social Voice Boosted Our SEO
    Lisa Schneider
    Merriam Webster
    Many of us think of our SEO and social media teams as having very little that connect each other. But what if successful social media could improve our SEO efforts? This is exactly what Merriam-Webster — the 180-year-old dictionary — did. In her session, Lisa will be walking through how Merriam-Webster used social media to find an authentic, engaging voice and connect with data-driven trends across topics from politics to pop culture. Learn how the result was an ecosystem effect that also drove SEO ranking and CTR success.
  • 14:35
    The Power of Data: 15 Keys to a Successful Content Strategy
    Casie Gillette
    In a world of content overload, standing out has never been more challenging. Good content means creating the right content, for the right people, and delivering it at the right time. Enter data. In this session, we'll dive into the biggest issues facing content marketers and break down the 15 key data points that can help guide your strategy.
  • 15:40
    JavaScript: Looking Past the Hype When the Dust Finally Settles
    Bartosz Góralewicz
    Thanks to his numerous experiments and viral articles, Elephate’s Bartosz Góralewicz has become an authoritative and trusted voice when it comes to JavaScript SEO. At SearchLove Boston, Bartosz is ready to unveil never-before-seen experiments and research to reveal whether or not you can rank with a JS website, if JavaScript crawling and indexing is as good as Google claims, and more. This eye-opening session will change your perception on the state of JavaScript today.
  • 16:20
    Zorg's Tips for Utter Domination Through Local SEO
    Greg Gifford
    Get ready for a Local SEO session like you've never seen before. Greg will start with a "lightning round" of Local SEO updates and actionable tips for content, optimization, Google My Business, citations, and reviews... And then he'll take a deep dive into building local links, with real-world tips and ideas that any business (of any size) can use to build valuable local links. Learn how to think differently about local links, and how to grab tons of amazing links based on things your business or your client is already doing! Greg will also cover two recent massive updates to Google My Business - Google Posts and Google Questions and Answers. Learn how to use Google Posts to gain even more visibility in the local area, and how to quantify and track results properly. Google Q&A rolled out to desktop searches back in January, but hardly anyone knows it's there - which means there are a huge number of unanswered or poorly answered questions for just about every business out there. Learn how Q&A works and how you can optimize your listing's Q&A to help get more conversions without anyone even visiting your site!
  • 17:00
    Let's Get Real
    All Speakers
    All speakers to the stage! One rule: no tweeting whilst you hear all of our speakers give away one awesome tip. The only way to see what’s shared is to be there

Day 2 – Friday 8th June

  • 09:15
    Introduction to Day Two
    Rob Ousbey
    Rob will introduce day two of SearchLove Boston 2018 before we get underway with all of the day's sessions.
  • 09:20
    Social Content Masterclass: Platform Specificity
    David Levin
    That Lot
    Take a journey through the key aspects of social content, explained with the help of the alphabet. Jam-packed full of tips and examples on everything from tone of voice and the importance of platform-specificity to social video, creative engagement, and planned-reactive content, 'The A to Z of Social' is perfect for those looking to raise their game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
  • 10:00
    The Marketer’s Guide to Performance Optimization
    Emily Grossman
    Most marketers know that improving site speed leads to better engagement, conversion rates, and even improved performance in search engines. Still, many marketers don’t get involved in web performance optimization projects, expecting them to be handled entirely by developers. In this talk, you’ll learn about marketing’s critical role in measuring, auditing, and optimizing performance to drive greater impact for your business.
  • 11:10
    Hacking Google: what you can learn from ethical vulnerability research
    Tom Anthony
    Tom has long been fascinated with how the web works… and how he could break it. In this presentation, Tom will discuss some of the times that he has discovered security issues in Google, Facebook and Twitter. He will discuss compromising Search Console so that he could look up any penalty in the Manual Action tool, how he took control of tens of thousands of websites, and how he recently discovered a major bug that let him rank brand new sites on the first page with no links at all. Tom will outline how these exploits work, and in doing so share some details about the technical side of the web.
  • 11:50
    The Future of Video is One to One
    Chris Savage
    The way that videos are created is changing at an incredible rate, and very quickly your budgets and strategies for marketing with video will be flipped upside down. It's no longer about going viral; the game is about who can empower and trust their team to get scrappy, creative, and authentic in their video production. In this talk, Chris is going to be walking through the trends, empowering you with tools to change your workflows, and helping you recalibrate how to think about where and how you should be using video in your marketing.
  • 13:30
    Breaking News
    Two of our industry expert speakers will be joining emcee Rob Ousbey and Distilled CEO Will Critchlow on stage for a discussion and debate around the current hot topics in search and digital marketing.
  • 14:10
    The State of Email: Insights from 3,000 Marketers
    Justine Jordan
    With the arrival of GDPR and the ease with which consumers can unsubscribe and report spam, it's more important than ever to treat people like people instead of just leads. To understand how email marketing is changing and to identify opportunities for brands, Litmus surveyed more than 3,000 marketers worldwide. Justine will cover the biggest trends and challenges facing email today and help you put the human back in marketing’s most personal—and effective—marketing channel.
  • 15:20
    Optimizing when Google is your competitor
    Dewi Nawasari
    Google is increasingly trying to have answers to everything in order to make consumers' life easier. Part of these efforts include their expanding rich results, sitting pretty on the top of so many search results pages. This session aims to give some understanding on the challenges as well as tips on working in an industry where Google is also a player.
  • 16:00
    Looking Beyond Keywords: From Visual Search To New Realities
    Jes Scholz
    The world has always been visual, but the web has not. In 2018, this has changed thanks to image recognition, deep learning and comprehensive metadata. Visual marketing is on the rise as can be seen by the growth in visual search, shoppable content and search by camera. With Google, Pinterest, Amazon and other big hitting brands heavily investing into computer vision, it's clear visual marketing is going to be important to future proof your brand. Jes will take you through what all these developments means for marketers and how to leverage visual technologies to take the next step beyond search engines into whole new augmented realities.

Conference venue & accommodation

An all-new venue for 2018

SearchLove Boston 2018 will take place at Revere Hotel Boston Common for the very first time. Located in the vibrant Theatre District, the Revere will be the home of the entire SearchLove experience.

This means you can make the most of the two-day event, with newly-redeveloped luxury accommodation, state-of-the-art conference space exclusively for SearchLove, and a selection of atmospheric dining options all housed under one roof.

Find out more about Revere Hotel

Experience SearchLove in the heart of Boston

The Revere Hotel is home to Boston’s #1-rated rooftop bar, with unparalleled 360 views of one of America’s most historic cities.

There’s plenty of other options to enjoy a relaxed drink or refined dining experience, with the hotel home to a lobby bar and in-house Gastropub. Its central location means there’s also a plethora of restaurant options in easy walking distance from the hotel.

Luxury rooms onsite

With 356 rooms available at The Revere, there’s one to suit every attendee. The legendary hotel introduces a sophisticated interpretation of a multi-layered experience that is equal parts social, intelligent, edgy and engaging.

What’s more, SearchLove attendees can enjoy a special discounted room rate when booking directly through our events page.

You can explore room pricing and availability here

Previous Attendees

  • Adidas
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  • Staples
  • The Home Depot
  • Travelex
  • Tripadvisor
  • U-Haul
  • Zillow

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Features & Benefits

  • All the SearchLove sessions will take place in a single, dedicated room. That means no difficult decisions over which talks to attend; you’ll see them all.

    Single track

  • With some of the best digital-marketing speakers on stage, more time on stage for each speaker means more cutting-edge advice and tactics for you.

    Keynote style sessions

  • Fantastic food, reliable Wi-Fi, and a team of Distillers on hand to help. We also work hard to improve every year, and our code of conduct means a welcoming environment for all.

    Thoughtful planning

Networking Events

After a busy day of learning, unwind at our parties. Meet the people you have been chatting to online, perhaps to discuss a new idea or just enjoy some drinks together.

  • VIP Dinner

    Dine in style with the event speakers at this intimate and exclusive gathering. Small groups will enjoy fine cuisine and drinks at a unique venue while asking the experts for advice and tips. VIP ticket holders only.

  • Searchlove Party

    Taking place on the evening of SearchLove Boston day one, the networking party gives all the attendees and speakers a chance to get together in a more relaxed setting. There’ll also be a generous bar tab and plenty of food on offer.

  • Industry drinks

    The final chance to take in the SearchLove atmosphere, the industry drinks is a more relaxed occasion. Feel free to invite fellow industry professionals to come along for the evening for a chat before everyone heads home for another year.

Previous sessions

Check out some clips of industry leaders speaking at previous SearchLove conferences.

Will Critchlow
Adria Saracino
Rand Fishkin

Is this for me?

  • In-house SEOs

    • Meet your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest actionable techniques to use back in the office
    • Widen your field of knowledge on a diverse range of topics
    The whole vibe is amazing! You get the latest trends, tips and cases from speakers who actually want to speak openly about search, and not just show off their success. It is the single most inspirational event I have ever attended. Morten Bergestad.
  • Agency SEOs

    • Be inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest actionable techniques to use back in the office
    • Get to know your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Widen your field of knowledge across a diverse range of topics
    Relevant topics, fact based analysis, real-life examples and engaging speakers gave sound advice and really reminded me why I love SEO. I'll definitely be back next year. James Bavington, Creare Group.
  • Marketing Managers

    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn how to integrate marketing campaigns for optimum effect
    • Hear expert advice on what does and doesn’t work
    • Share experiences and ideas with other people in the industry
    Expect to be entertained, educated and instilled with confidence either that you are doing the right things or knowing exactly what to do to improve.  Katherine Dawson, Owner & Creative Director of Strategy Digital.
  • Business Owners

    • Get to grips with all the latest skills and techniques
    • Be inspired by success stories from a diverse range of companies
    • Meet people who can help you to achieve your aims
    • Ask questions to industry leaders
    Distilled events cut through all of the industry hype to focus on sensible and practical advice that I can use in my business right now. Ade Lewis, Teapot Creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay via invoice / purchase order number?
Yes, email us at for full details. The invoice must be paid immediately on receiving the invoice.
Are there any group discounts?
Yes, we offer buy 4 get 1 free, buy 8 get 2 free, and so on. If these aren’t suitable, please get in touch:
Do I need to be an expert to attend the conference?
Not at all, people of all experience levels are welcome. We do pitch our sessions at an advanced level to make sure the content is new and inspiring. However, if there is something that you are unclear on, please come and chat to one of our team or a fellow delegate during the breaks. We’re a friendly bunch!
Will I receive a paper ticket?
No, we don’t issue any paper tickets for our conferences. Instead, you should receive a confirmation email once you have purchased your ticket(s). Then, when you arrive at registration on the morning of the conference, you will need to come to the desk and collect your lanyard.
What are the timings on the day?
On day 1, registration opens at 8am, and the first session starts at 9am. The last session finishes at around 5.30pm followed by our networking party. On day 2, the first session starts at 9.15am, and the last session finishes at around 5pm followed by our industry drinks.
Are refreshments provided?
Very much so! A delicious lunch is provided to all delegates, as well as a light breakfast, plus coffee, tea and snacks throughout the day.
Will I receive the slides after the conference?
Yes, all the slides are linked to from our live page: This is also where you can provide feedback for our events team and our speakers
Are there opportunities to ask the speakers questions?
Yes, there are lots of networking opportunities throughout the two days: during the breaks, at the party and industry drinks, as well as the VIP dinner. We also try to schedule a Q&A with the speaker after each presentation.
Is this event for me? I am in-house / agency / freelance / a business owner.
Yes, it’s for everyone. We cover a wide variety of topics and areas. Read more in the ‘Is this for me?’ section on each conference’s promotional page.
Will the conference be recorded?
Yes, we film all of our conferences and you can purchase a video ticket in the tickets section. Alternatively, if you’re a paid member of DistilledU, you will receive all of our conference videos for free.
Can I pitch to speak at the conferences?
You can submit a pitch to speak at SearchLove here:
What is the Site Clinic?
These sessions are first come first served and are by appointment only – email us at to book a slot. We will respond with a series of questions about your site so that our consultants can prepare for your appointment ahead of time. There are very limited spaces for the clinic, and your appointment will last no longer than ten minutes, so please arrive on time.
VIP Dinner? Tell me more!
For VIP ticket holders only, the dinner is a fantastic chance to spend time with the conference’s expert speakers. We always choose an up-market venue with a private dining room, delicious food and wine. This is a not-to-miss evening!
Topic Tables - what are they?
We host a number of lunchtime discussion groups. These take place on the first day during the lunch break. You can book your place at the morning registration. The tables are a great opportunity to ask questions, offer advice, give feedback and make some new industry contacts.
Future Conferences - can I be kept informed?
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