Searchlove Conference

Boston - April 30th-May 1st 2015

Join some of the world’s leading thinkers in online marketing for two days of ideas and inspiration. This conference will discuss the latest in search, analytics, content creation, optimising your website, paid promotions and more.

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Features & Benefits

  • All sessions take place in a single room. We organise it this way so that you won't miss any of our carefully chosen speakers.

    Single Track

  • There will be plenty of chances to get to know your industry peers. Enjoy presentations inside the intimate conference room before socialising at our relaxed parties.

    Networking opportunities galore

  • Fantastic food and reliable Wi-Fi are must-haves in our book. The conference is run by our dedicated events team who strive to make every year better than the last.

    Passionate events team

  • Get feedback on your website at our site clinic. Ask questions and share personal experiences with Distilled experts at topic tables.

    Discussions and personalised advice

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Topics & Schedule

Day 1 – Thursday 30th April

  • 09:15
    Mobile Test Results: What Mobile Web 2.0 Will Look Like
    Brian Massey
    Conversion Scientist
    I know some things about your online business. Mobile web traffic is probably one of your fastest growing segments. Your mobile conversion rate is probably much lower than your desktop conversion rate. This is an opportunity. The mobile web today is like the original Web circa 1995 – today we look back at Web 1.0 and giggle. Our tests are telling us that the next version of the mobile web will be no exception. Get a preview of what Mobile Web 2.0 will look like based on tests Brian has completed on live sites. In this session, Brian will cover how responsive designs are suppressing conversion rates, what’s set to make your mobile visitors convert, and which fundamentals are likely to be forgotten.
  • 10:00
    Digging for Analytics Treasure
    Tim Wilson
    Web Analytics Demystified
    You’re capturing all sorts of data which your team of analysts is constantly sifting through. But too often you wind up with results that are described as “interesting but not actionable”. Tim will explain how marketers and analysts alike often trip each other up by communicating at cross purposes, by digging into the data prematurely, and by failing to distinguish the unique nature -- and differences -- between performance measurement and hypothesis validations. Throughout the session, Tim will provide tips and techniques that he has successfully helped numerous large organizations apply and incorporate into their standard operating practices.
  • 11:15
    Shocking: Get Traffic Fast With This One Weird Trick Discovered By Rand Fishkin!
    Bridget Randolph
    Have you got a mobile strategy for Android smart watches? Have you already upgraded your site to the iOS hybrid meta-refresh UA-grid for crawler-friendly Flash pixels? In our industry, it can feel like you have to keep moving faster and faster just to keep up with everyone else. This session will show you how ‘shiny new thing syndrome’ can distract from the big wins you can achieve by focusing on essential principles, and how to stop chasing the pack.
  • 12:00
    Why Social Media and Return on Investment Do Go Hand in Hand
    Jeremy Goldman
    Firebrand Group
    Social campaigns with low ROI are often associated with poor planning. There’s plenty of pre-work needed to ensure you’re successful in the long run. What are the metrics you ought to be focused on for long-term success? How do you determine what types of content work on which social platform? And, how does social media impact your SEO efforts? Jeremy will answer all those questions and more.
  • 13:45
    Mobile Search: You Need to be More than Mobile-Friendly
    Justin Briggs
    The future of search marketing involves mobile, and it will not be limited to optimizing HTML webpages, creating responsive designs, and optimizing UX. Mobile SEO is a world where apps, knowledge graph, and conversational search are front and center. Justin will deliver a detailed look at mobile search beyond building a mobile-friendly site, specifically the intersection of app search, conversational queries, and app indexation.
  • 14:30
    Customer Experience and its Impact on Search
    Casie Gillette
    Of course, search inevitably comes back to the basic elements like keywords, content and links. But how we plan campaigns, create our content, and acquire links is now much more dependent on our customers and those talking about us online. Using real life examples, Casie will explore how the customer experience is impacting search and how businesses can help drive and encourage those conversations.
  • 15:35
    Creating Your Digital Strategy
    Craig Bradford
    Strategy is hard. The word strategy is synonymous with tough decisions, head scratching and late nights, but it doesn't need to be that way. At its core, strategy is about picking A or B and following through with the execution. In this presentation, Craig will describe the exact process he uses to create strategies for Distilled's clients. By the end, you'll have a clear process for defining your own strategy and ensuring the best chance of success.
  • 16:20
    Mad Science of PPC Marketing for Inbound Marketers
    Larry Kim
    Content marketing is a bit like gravity. It just needs a little push to get things started (or to make it go faster). This data-oriented session will cover unusual strategies on how to get way more from your inbound marketing using pay-per-click advertising! We'll cover unusual white hat strategies for link building, converting blog traffic into 3x more leads, content promotion, YouTube SEO and App Store optimization with as little as $50 dollars. You’ll gain insights into key paid offerings in major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Google Display Network and iTunes, and learn how to leverage them to get more from your non-paid marketing efforts.
  • 17:20
    Let's Get Real
    One rule: no tweeting whilst you hear all of our speakers give-up one awesome tip. The only way to see what is shared is to be there.

Day 2 – Friday 1st May

  • 09:40
    SEO & Web Marketing Trends in 2015
    Rand Fishkin
    Every year in the web world, we experience dramatic changes and upheaval that impacts how web marketers need to do their job. 2015 is no different, and in this presentation, Rand will show off the major trends and shifts from search engines, social platforms, and consumer behavior alongside the strategies and tactics to stay ahead of the curve and earn valuable traffic.
  • 10:30
    Your Brand in 95 Characters
    Dana DiTomaso
    Kick Point
    Start writing ads that stand out after attending this session with Dana. Learn how to find your brand voice and use it to turn your fickle paid audience into customers. You'll also learn the ins and outs of campaign extensions, mobile versus desktop ads, and how to figure out your best performing positions. Walk away a stronger copywriter, ready to use every character that Google "gifts" you.
  • 11:40
    Creating a Framework for Content Marketing Campaigns
    Mark Johnstone, Britt Klontz and Kyra Kuik
    Distilled’s VP of Creative, PR Consultant, and Content Coordinator will show you the necessary steps in the campaign planning process that will ensure your content marketing is relevant to your brand, audience, and target media outlets. Our panel will walk you through their content marketing process--including the trials and tribulations it took to get there. Be sure to bring your own digital marketing questions and stories to share once we open up the floor for discussion.
  • 12:25
    No More Scrambling: Search Leadership Tactics
    Ian Lurie
    Learn the tactics and strategic thinking necessary to get in front of clients and bosses, instead of chasing them from demand to demand. In this session, Ian will teach us a better way to measure search, integrating search with marketing strategy, and how to choose your battles.
  • 14:00
    How to Avoid ‘Top Ten Data’ Syndrome: The Most Undervalued Analytics Reports
    Amanda McGowan
    SEER Interactive
    All too often, many who analyze their site’s analytics evaluate only the most common reports and view just the top layer of data. This leads to an incomplete picture of your audience and their intentions, resulting in poorly planned search strategies. Worse yet, it results in an inaccurate measurement of your search efforts. In this session, Amanda will walk you through the most undervalued reports in Google Analytics, and show you how to dig deeper instead of just regurgitating your ‘top ten’ data. From on-site search to using referral data for an audience analysis, this session will show you how to unlock the analytics data you may be overlooking.
  • 14:45
    Beyond the View Count: Measuring Video Performance
    Craig Hughes
    As investment in social video continues to grow, how can we be sure we're using those budgets as effectively as possible? How do we know that we're engaging our audience in a meaningful way? The video view count alone is deceptive! Craig will share examples of how the very best in video marketing go beyond views in effective KPI setting, benchmarking, measurement and optimization.
  • 15:45
    From Rankings to Full Funnel Ownership
    Eppie Vojt
    Red Ventures
    At Red Ventures, we've developed a culture based on optimizing profitability and have removed a lot of the barriers to success most SEOs face. Eppie will share why they operate with an unlimited SEO budget (and how they made that a reality), why they turn down most client opportunities they are presented, and some of the tools they've created that are essential to success in this entirely different paradigm. This presentation will be heavy on the strategic side of things but will also include tactics that you will be able to execute immediately upon leaving the conference.
  • 16:30
    Brain-Based Conversions! Using Psychology and Neurology to Influence Behavior
    Luke Summerfield
    How does our brain decide what captures our attention? And what then influences us to take action and convert? With advances in psychology and neurology, we are discovering the answers. Luke will reveal the scientifically proven secrets behind how to capture attention and drive human behavior, giving examples of how marketers can dramatically increase their conversions. You will walk away with a powerful list of brain-based conversion tactics which you can take back to the office.

Conference Venue

Joseph B Martin Conference Center

Located within The New Research Building at Harvard Medical School, The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center is the ideal environment for enhancing your learning experience. Rock solid Wi-Fi will keep delegates online while the intimate auditorium is the perfect platform for speakers to share their ideas. 


We have arranged a preferential room rate with the Marriott Courtyard Boston - 777 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA 02139

The room rate we have agreed is $219 per night, plus taxes.

To book a room at this hotel, head to this page:, or please call the Marriott reservations team on 1-888-236-2427, mention the reference: Distilled Inc - Call in Group.

Is this for me?

  • In-house SEOs

    • Meet your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest actionable techniques to use back in the office
    • Widen your field of knowledge on a diverse range of topics
    The whole vibe is amazing! You get the latest trends, tips and cases from speakers who actually want to speak openly about search, and not just show off their success. It is the single most inspirational event I have ever attended. Morten Bergestad.
  • Agency SEOs

    • Be inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn about the latest actionable techniques to use back in the office
    • Get to know your industry peers and compare experiences
    • Widen your field of knowledge across a diverse range of topics
    Relevant topics, fact based analysis, real-life examples and engaging speakers gave sound advice and really reminded me why I love SEO. I'll definitely be back next year. James Bavington, Creare Group.
  • Marketing Managers

    • Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about marketing
    • Learn how to integrate marketing campaigns for optimum effect
    • Hear expert advice on what does and doesn’t work
    • Share experiences and ideas with other people in the industry
    Expect to be entertained, educated and instilled with confidence either that you are doing the right things or knowing exactly what to do to improve.  Katherine Dawson, Owner & Creative Director of Strategy Digital.
  • Business Owners

    • Get to grips with all the latest skills and techniques
    • Be inspired by success stories from a diverse range of companies
    • Meet people who can help you to achieve your aims
    • Ask questions to industry leaders
    Distilled events cut through all of the industry hype to focus on sensible and practical advice that I can use in my business right now. Ade Lewis, Teapot Creative.