PPC Management

Richard Cotton, Head of Paid Search at Distilled

Our team of experts can help devise and manage your full advertising campaign across a range of platforms.
In particular, we regularly work with: Adwords (including the Google Display Network), Bing Ads, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other video advertising platforms.

At Distilled, we know managing your campaigns efficently, and profitably, can be difficult and time consuming.

Contact us to discover how we can work with you to improve your PPC activities and results.

We work smarter and more efficiently to deliver results for you.

Why is Distilled smarter?

  • Personalised – We shape our strategies and goals around what will work for your business.
  • We run multi-lingual campaigns – no matter which market you decide to target we can help.
  • We’re completely transparent – we believe the accounts we manage are your intellectual property. As such, you will have administrative access everywhere you are spending your money. We manage your accounts, you own them.
  • Google Adwords Certified PartnerRecognised qualifications – Google AdWords Certified Partner, with 5 AdWords qualified individuals spread among the London, Seattle and New York offices.

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You would have to cut our hands off to stop us working with Rich!

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Do you manage a monthly PPC budget of $20,000 or more? Are you getting the most from your spend? We’ll conduct a complete audit of your accounts and deliver an Executive Summary on our findings, complete with actionable tips and advice on what you can do to improve your PPC activities.

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