Conversion Rate Optimization

People may love your website and spend many happy hours clicking from page to page. But what if they never actually buy your product or ‘convert’ in any way?

At Distilled, our team of consultants will work to remove the barriers that stop people from converting into customers, clearing the way for higher sales.

How we work

Recent increase in sales for a Distilled client

The world isn’t made of cardboard cutouts. We listen to your needs and shape our engagement around them. Our flexible approach based in experience allows us to effectively root out problems. We allow data to drive our decisions—not hunches or assumptions.

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Our Process


Before we even think about what to test, we learn as much as possible about your business. We identify both the positive aspects that encourage website visitors to convert into customers, and the negative ones that can lead people to drop out of the process. This allows us to test ways of more effectively communicating benefits and addressing objections.


Using the data we have gathered, we will start to experiment and run split testing on your website. Our set of nifty testing tools includes Optimizely, CrazyEgg and Qualaroo. In addition, a detailed log of all experiments will be kept to make sure that we’re constantly testing new things and getting the most from our research.


When we have gathered enough data to form solid conclusions, we will identify exactly what has worked. Improvements will then be rolled out across the whole site, paving the way for increased conversion rates.

However, CRO is an ongoing process, and we’re strong advocates of continuing to test, learn and refine things over time. As such, at this stage we’ll make further testing recommendations which you can either implement yourself or have us implement for you in order to try and further improve the conversion rate of your site.

One of our CRO Consultants, Craig Bradford speaking at our recent SearchLove conference

When it comes to appointing an agency, we looked long and hard to find one who genuinely understood both SEO and conversion rate optimization. Distilled talked a good game in the pitch, then backed it up by generating an additional $150K of revenue in their first week after appointment.

Extremely Satisfied Distilled Client, 2010

Client: South African Hotels

Project Type: Conversion Rate Optimisation

Project Goal: Increase number of sales by improving the hotel booking process.

What we did: Using a few pieces of software, we recorded a range of visitors to the website and noted how they were using the booking system. A few trends started to appear that highlighted a problem with the quick quote option. We formed a hypothesis that removing this option would make the booking process easier. We then split tested this hypothesis and found that conversion rate improved drastically for visitors who didn't have the quick quote option.

The results: 
  • 70% increase in sales
  • 290% increase in number of people starting the booking process

This campaign has brought massive uplift in sales and booking conversions on site, thanks to Craig's considered approach to simplifying our checkout process and working to understand our buyers needs from the site. We couldn't be happier with the work and the relationship we've built up with Distilled through this project! They just continue to deliver...

Ryan Mackie, Owner, South African Hotels

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