Crazy Egg – The Ultimate Website Analysis System

What is this Crazy Egg? I hear you ask...

Crazy Egg is a new tool that creates tests to figure out what people are doing on your website. Essentially this tool analyses where people are clicking and how much. Imagine that if when people click on a certain link or button on your website (or even in the middle of a blank space) they leave a physical mark making it clear that they have been there. The Crazy Egg system complies this data into a variety of formats. At distilled we seem to be very good at winning prizes, we won a crazy egg login by entering a lucky prize draw at the SMX West 2008 conference we attended, and have been testing the system on the distilled website since.

Heat map

Much like scary images of our rapidly warming planet, this thermal overview literally shows you what is hot and what is not. The hotter (redder) the colour the more clicks that particular area has received. If, on the other side of the colour spectrum, the area is blue then it has not been clicked very often (if at all).

heat map crazy egg


This is my personal favourite, mainly for the fun factor. The page begins with brightly coloured luminous dots spattered all over and then they compile and shoot off into the areas that have been clicked on most. How could you resist?!

confett crazy egg


This option I found quite unclear at first. Again, colours are used to highlight which areas are most popular (warmer colours being the most popular clicking hot spots). Each link has a coloured ‘+’ sign next to it. When you click on these symbols a box pops up to make you aware of the percentage of all clicks on the entire page that have been here. A ‘more’ button also lets you discover what percentage of which referrers pointed traffic to this particular link.

overlay crazy egg


Probably the most useful way the information can be displayed; a very in-depth table detailing where the link is from, the number and percentage of clicks.

list crazy egg

The different display options cater for a whole range of customers. You can look at the data as a brief overview, to merely get a suggestion of which button is clicked on most. Or you can look in ‘more’ at exactly which referrer is bringing exactly what percentage of traffic to your website.

Crazy Egg is also very useful from a marketing perspective. Each click is linked to the referrer, so it is very visible who exactly has been sending the most traffic to your site. This can, for obvious reasons, greatly benefit your company and point out if any of your marketing campaigns are not good value for money. Each referrer is represented by a different colour. There is also the option to view just certain referrers by checking or un-checking a tick box selection panel.

single referer crazy egg

Here is the data with just one referer selected, all the red dots represent the referer the most clicks have come from.

a few referers crazy egg

As you can see, it also possible to view a selection of referers from the entire list.

Once you have purchased the Crazy Egg tool you can apply it to a certain number of pages, depending on the package you purchase. You can also monitor your pages’ progress as often as you want. Bear in mind it may take some time to gather enough data for it to be considerable enough to analyse, depending on the size of your company and the quantity of traffic that visits your site.

Brilliant eh? Soon we will have enough data to be able to test various elements on the Distilled site and will faithfully report our findings in future blog posts.

Sill not convinced? Try it for yourself! You can track up to 4 pages and 5,000 visitors a month absolutely free! Find out more at (I have no affiliation with Crazy Egg- I just love it!)

Leonie Wharton

Leonie Wharton

Leonie is one of the longest standing members at Distilled and was here when the company was just 5 members. Her time is split evenly over client and internal work. Client work focuses on linkbait projects for our clients, working closely with the...   read more

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  1. Crazy Egg is a new tool

    New tool? ;)

    Nice review with some great screenshots. I'm a big fan of crazy egg and have definitely tweaked a few of my designs in the past after realising where people were clicking around.

    reply >
  2. CrazyEgg is highly useful for me and my clients. I have been testing it for almost a year in conjunctions with ClickHeat and other similar products and found CrazyEgg the best.

    The different charting options really drive home the point of what your visitors are doing on a particular page. In fact, I jumped in because of the heatmap charts but have grown to love the confetti now as well.

    The charts display useful info in simple terms without overwhelming you with a thousand different stats at once.

    The installation is a snap also, just insert code into your page.

    My only complaint is the rendering speed of the charting, but that is a small price to pay for such robust and useful behavioral analysis.

    reply >
  3. @Glen: Yeah - not that new! New to our own Distilled site, perhaps...

    I liked the write-up from Leonie and pretty pictures, however...

    reply >
  4. Ian

    I've been using CrazyEgg since they launched. Wonderful, powerful tool.

    reply >
  5. I'm a big fan of their software. Anytime I consult on a website where money is involved (every site) I recommend either a free account or a paid one depending on traffic levels. This ought to be required for every landing page optimizer!

    reply >
  6. Hi everyone, thanks for the comments nice to see people are as excited about crazy egg as me.

    reply >
  7. I use the Overlay feature when I just want to get a sense of which links are being used the most, or if a link I'd like people to click on isn't getting enough attention.

    I think the only trick with Crazy Egg is that the term heat map can be a bit misleading. In the usability field, when we say "heat map" it's based on eye-tracking data and tracks where people are looking. This is really a click map. Still useful, but for slightly different reasons.

    reply >
  8. Crazy Egg is almost as much fun to use as it is useful as a design tool (or a business tool as our manager insists on calling it). We've been using it for a while and while I personally favor the bit map (designer, me) the marketing department is always printing out the list screen-shots for strategy meetings. Crazy Egg, we love you!

    reply >

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